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Bobcat CT335

Bobcat CT335 Overview

The Bobcat CT335 is A compact utility tractor with four-wheel drive. It was made by Daedong in Daegu, South Korea, For distributor Bobcat from 2008 to 2013.

The Bobcat CT335 comes with A 1.8 L (109.8 cu*in) three-cylinder Diesel engine And either A hydrostatic transmission with infinite (3-range) forward and infinite reverse gears or a shuttle transmission with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears.

The compact utility tractor Bobcat CT335 used a Daedong 3B183 engine. It Has a 3.43 in cylinder bore and a 4.03 in piston stroke, making it a three-cylinder, 1.8 L, 1,799 cm2 (109.8 cu in), naturally aspirated diesel engine.

Bobcat CT335 Price

Bobcat CT335

CT335 Tractors NEW Price: USD $10,500

Bobcat CT335 Weight

Operating Weight: 3,668 lb

Bobcat CT335 Horsepower

Horsepower: 38 hp

Bobcat CT335 Fuel Capacity

CT335 Tractors Fuel Capacity: 11.9 gal

Bobcat CT335 Lifting Capacity

Operating Capacity: 1,700 lb

Bobcat CT335 Specifications

Key Specs

38 hp
Lift Capacity at 24″ behind Lift Point
1,700 lb
26.5 hp
Transmission Type
63 in
Turning Radius
10′ 6″
5′ 9″


Emissions Tier (EPA)
Interim Tier 4
38 hp
111 in³
Number of Cylinders
Gross HP
38 hp
Engine Model


Operating Weight
3,668 lb
Travel Speed
15.7 mph
Travel Speed – Reverse
10.7 mph
3-Point Hitch
Category 1
3-pt Lift Control Type
Hydraulic Position Control
Lift Capacity at 24″ behind Lift Point
1,700 lb
Rear PTO System
Rear PTO – RPM
26.5 hp


Fuel Tank
11.9 gal

Hydraulic System

Implement Hydraulic Flow
7.9 gal/min
Total Hydraulic Flow
14.5 gal/min
Implement Relief
2,611 psi
Steering Hydraulic Flow
6.6 gal/min

Drive System

Brake Type
Wet Disc
Transmission Type


134.3 in
63 in
93.6 in
Ground Clearance
14.1 in
Turning Radius
10′ 6″
5′ 9″
Front Tire Size
7-16/6 ply
Rear Tire Size
12.2-24/4 ply

Bobcat CT335 Review

The Bobcat CT335 stands out as a compact tractor renowned for its reliability, durability, and exceptional performance. It is propelled by a robust 38-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and boasts features like a hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive capability, and a versatile three-point hitch. The CT335 impressively offers a lift capacity of 2,600 pounds and a PTO horsepower of 28.3.

What sets the CT335 apart and contributes to its widespread popularity is its remarkable versatility. This tractor is well-suited for a broad spectrum of tasks, ranging from mowing and snow removal to landscaping and light construction. Additionally, it is celebrated for its user-friendly design, featuring a comfortable cab with conveniently accessible controls.

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Bobcat CT335 Attachment

Attachment Overview

  • Bobcat 8TL Loader
  • Bobcat 7TB Backhoe
  • Bobcat 8TB Backhoe

Bobcat 8TL Loader

Loader weight 1,262 lbs
572 kg (with bucket)
Height (to pin) 96.15 inches
244 cm
Dump angle 50°
Rollback angle 22°
Breakout force (lift) 2,511 lbs
1138 kg
Lift to full height (at pin) 1,650 lbs
748 kg
Lift to full height (at 500mm) 1,300 lbs
589 kg
Bucket width 54 inches
137 cm

Bobcat 7TB Backhoe

Backhoe type Bobcat 7TB Backhoe
Weight 1,047 lbs
474 kg
Digging depth 90 inches
228 cm
Reach from pivot 117.6 inches
298 cm
Bucket force 2,827 lbs
1282 kg
Dipperstick force 2,022 lbs
917 kg

Bobcat 8TB Backhoe

Backhoe type Bobcat 8TB Backhoe
Weight 1,118 lbs
507 kg
Digging depth 102 inches
259 cm
Reach from pivot 135.13 inches
343 cm
Bucket force 4,156 lbs
1885 kg
Dipperstick force 2,183 lbs
990 kg


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Bobcat CT335 FAQ

Q. How much does a Bobcat ct335 weigh?

Ans. Operating Weight: 3,668 lb

Q. What kind of engine does a bobcat ct335 have?

Ans.  The Bobcat CT335 has a 1.8 L (109.8 cu in) diesel engine with three cylinders and a hydrostatic transmission with three forward speeds.

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