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Bobcat T750 Specs, Horsepower, Weight, Reviews, Lift capacity, Oil capacity, Features

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t750 bobcat specs

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Bobcat T750 Compact Track Loader Price

t750 bobcat specs

Bobcat T750 Original Price: $75,000 USD (Approx) 

Bobcat T750 Compact Track Loader Key Facts

  • Rated Operating Capacity (SAE):  3,325 lb
  • Operating Weight: 10515 lb
  • Ground Pressure (Rubber): 4.2 psi
  • Auxiliary Std Flow: 23 gal/min
  • Auxiliary High Flow: 36.6 gal/min
  • Joystick Control: Optional

Bobcat T750 Specs

bobcat t750 ENGINE
Emissions Tier (EPA)  Tier 4
Engine Cooling Liquid
Engine Fuel Diesel
Horsepower 85 hp
Turbocharged Engine Optional


Rated Operating Capacity (SAE) 3,325 lb
Operating Capacity (50% of Tip) 4750 lb
Tipping Load 9500 lb
Operating Weight 10515 lb
Travel Speed 6.6 mph
Travel Speed (2-speed option)
10.7 mph
Ground Pressure (Rubber) 4.2 psi


Fuel Tank 44.4 gal


System Relief @ Quick Couplers 3,500 psi
Auxiliary Std Flow 23 gal/min
Auxiliary High Flow 36.6 gal/min


Length 141.6 in
Length without Attachment 114.3 in
Length with Standard Bucket 141.6 in
Width 78 in
Width (with bucket) 80 in
Height 81.3 in
Height with Operator Cab 81.3 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 132 in
Reach @ Maximum Height 33.6 in
Turning Radius 88 in
Length of track on the ground 63.7 in
Track Width 17.7 in


 Joystick Control Optional
Air Conditioning Optional
Backup Alarm Standard
BICS System (Interlock) Standard
Cab Heater Optional
Operating Lights Standard
Suspension Seat Standard
Two Speed Travel Optional
Deluxe Instrumentation Optional
Engine Shutdown Standard
Hydraulic Bucket Positioning Optional
High Flow Option Optional
Auxiliary Hydraulics Standard
Bob-Tach Attachment System Standard
Power Bob-Tach Optional
ACS (Switchable Controls) Optional
Ride Control Optional
Horn Standard

Bobcat T750 Compact Track Loader Review

The Bobcat T750 compact track loader is a versatile and powerful machine that is well-suited for a variety of tasks, including landscaping, construction, and agriculture. It is powered by a Tier 4-compliant, Bobcat 3.4L diesel engine that produces 85 horsepower. The T750 has a rated operating capacity of 3,325 pounds and a lift height of 12 feet. It is also equipped with two-speed travel, which allows it to reach a top speed of 6.6 mph.

Full review YouTube video check here

Bobcat T750 Problems

Common Problems The Best Possible Solutions
Won’t Start Diagnosing a fuel-related issue
Fuel Starvation Check the fuel pull solenoid
Fuel Pickup Tube Not Working Replace the pickup tube
Lift And Tilt Not Working Change the wire
Poor Running Issues Replace or repair the fuel filter

About Bobcat T750

The Bobcat T750 is a compact track loader that is designed for loading and unloading construction materials such as blocks and bricks. It offers versatility, agility, and toughness. The T750 track loader is powered by a Kubota V3800 diesel engine or Bobcat D34 diesel engine with a rated power of 85 hp (63 kW).

It is equipped with 1-speed or 2-speed hydrostatic transmission, vertical-lift loader boom, solid-mounted undercarriage with 5 triple flange rollers

The Bobcat T750 provides more lifting power and reach in challenging conditions, making it ideal for use in construction, landscaping, and other industries where heavy-duty equipment is required.

Bobcat t750 years made


Bobcat t750 lift capacity

bobcat t750 lift capacity: 4750 lbs.

Bobcat t750 oil capacity

bobcat t750  Engine Oil Capacity: 3.3 gal, 12.5 L.

Bobcat t750 Attachment

  • Grapples: Grapple attachments enable the T750 to handle bulky and irregularly shaped materials such as logs, rocks, and debris. They provide a secure grip and enhanced control during material handling operations.
  • Forks: Fork attachments are useful for lifting and carrying palletized materials or objects such as lumber, pipes, and pallets. Forks offer increased versatility for loading and unloading goods on construction sites or in warehouses.
  • Trenchers: Trenching attachments are designed for creating trenches in the ground for utilities, irrigation systems, and drainage. Trenchers enable efficient excavation and backfilling of trenches in different soil types.
  • Sweepers: Sweeper attachments are useful for cleaning up debris, leaves, and other loose materials from job sites, parking lots, and streets. They help maintain cleanliness and improve the appearance of outdoor areas.
  • Snow Blades and Snow Blowers: Snow attachments are specifically designed for snow removal applications. Snow blades are used for pushing snow, while snow blowers are utilized for throwing and dispersing snow.
  • Brush Cutters: Brush cutter attachments are ideal for clearing dense vegetation, overgrowth, and brush. They enable the T750 to efficiently handle brush and small trees, making them useful for land clearing and maintenance tasks.

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Bobcat T750 FAQs

What motor is in Bobcat T750?

Bobcat T750 is a Bobcat 3.4L diesel engine

What is the lifting capacity of a Bobcat T750?

The Bobcat T750’s lifting capacity is 3,325 lbs

 What is the bobcat t750 lift height ?

The maximum lift height of the Bobcat T750 is approximately 10 feet (3.05 meters).
This allows for efficient loading and unloading of materials and easy dumping into trucks or containers.

What is the tipping load of the Bobcat T750?

The tipping load of the T750 is around 9,425 pounds (4,272 kilograms).
The tipping load represents the weight at which the loader is in danger of tipping over when lifting.

What are the dimensions of the Bobcat T750?

The length of the Bobcat T750 is approximately 133.6 inches (3395 mm), the width is about 78 inches (1981 mm), and the height is around 81.3 inches (2065 mm) with the standard bucket attached.

What is the weight of the Bobcat T750?

The base operating weight of the Bobcat T750 is approximately 10,327 pounds (4,684 kilograms).
This weight includes the loader without any additional attachments or loads.

What control system does the Bobcat T750 have?

The T750 is equipped with Bobcat’s selectable joystick controls (SJC) system, allowing for precise and intuitive control of machine functions.

Is the operator’s cab of the T750 comfortable?

Yes, the T750 features a spacious and comfortable operator’s cab with ergonomic controls, adjustable seat options, and excellent visibility.

What type of tracks does the Bobcat T750 have?

The Bobcat T750 comes with durable rubber tracks that provide excellent traction and minimize ground disturbance, making it suitable for various terrains.

How easy is it to perform maintenance on the Bobcat T750?

The T750 is designed with easy access to maintenance points, such as engine components, filters, and fluid checkpoints.
This simplifies routine inspections and servicing.

Can the Bobcat T750 be equipped with telematics systems?

Yes, optional telematics systems are available for the T750, allowing owners and operators to remotely monitor machine performance, track usage, and optimize maintenance schedules.

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