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Bobcat T140

Bobcat T140 Overview

When it comes to Excavators, The Bobcat T140 tops the charts as a strong and adaptable option. This Excavator is ideal for homeowners, landscapers, And owners of small businesses due to its robust Diesel engine and wide selection of implement’s.

The Bobcat T140’s tiny size is one of its outstanding features. With a width of only 73 inches, It can effortlessly enter narrow places and maneuver around obstructions. Despite its little size, The T140 is loaded with capabilities that make it a powerful machine.

The T140 is equipped with a highly efficient diesel engine that not only provides enough power but also achieves excellent fuel efficiency. You can adapt the Excavators to your needs thank’s to their many Attachments, Which include a backhoe, cultivator, And Snowblower.

Bobcat T140 Key Features

  • Rated Operating Capacity: (ISO) 1,400 lb.
  • Operating Weight: 6424 lb.
  • Ground Pressure (Rubber): 5.2 psi.
  • Auxiliary Std Flow: 16.9 gal/min. 16.9 gal/min. 16.9 gal/min.
  • Joystick Control.

Bobcat T140 Price New

Price: $28,900 USD to $36,000 USD

Bobcat T140 Weight

Operating Weight: 6660 lbs (3,021 kg)

Bobcat T140 Horsepower

T140 diesel engine that produces: 49 HP

Bobcat T140 Specifications

Name T140 Compact Track Loader T140 Compact Track Loader T140 Compact Track Loader

T140 Key Specifications

Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 1,400 lb 1,400 lb 1,400 lb
Operating Weight 6424 lb 6660 lb 6660 lb
Ground Pressure (Rubber) 5.2 psi
Auxiliary Std Flow 16.9 gal/min 16.9 gal/min 16.9 gal/min
Joystick Control N/A N/A N/A


Engine Cooling Liquid Liquid  Liquid
Engine Fuel Diesel Diesel  Diesel
Horsepower 46 hp 49 hp 46 hp
Turbocharged Engine N/A N/A N/A
Emissions Tier (EPA) Interim Tier 4  Tier 2 


Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 1,400 lb 1,400 lb 1,400 lb
Operating Capacity (50% of Tip) 2067 lb 2022 lb 2022 lb
Tipping Load 4134 lb 4044 lb 4044 lb
Operating Weight 6424 lb 6660 lb 6660 lb
Travel Speed 7.3 mph 7.3 mph 7.3 mph
Ground Pressure (Rubber) 5.2 psi


Fuel Tank 15.4 gal 15.4 gal 15.4 gal

Hydraulic System

System Relief @ Quick Couplers
2,650 psi 2,700 psi 2,650 psi
Auxiliary Std Flow 16.9 gal/min 16.9 gal/min 16.9 gal/min


Length 124.1 in 95.8 in 95.8 in
Length without Attachment 95.8 in 95.8 in 95.8 in
Length with Standard Bucket 124.1 in 124.1 in 124.1 in
Width 55 in 55 in 55 in
Width (with bucket) 56 in 56 in 56 in
Height 77.4 in 77.4 in 77.4 in
Height with Operator Cab 77.4 in 77.4 in 77.4 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 109.6 in 109.6 in 109.6 in
Reach @ Maximum Height 25.6 in 25.6 in 25.6 in
Turning Radius 77.2 in 77.2 in 77.2 in
Length of track on ground 48.4 in 48.4 in 48.4 in
Track Width 11.8 in 11.8 in 11.8 in


Joystick Control N/A N/A N/A
Air Conditioning N/A N/A N/A
BICS System (Interlock) Standard  Standard  Standard 
Cab Heater Optional  Optional  Optional 
Operating Lights Standard  Standard  Standard 
Suspension Seat Standard  Standard  Standard 
Two Speed Travel N/A N/A N/A
Deluxe Instrumentation Optional  Optional  Optional 
Engine Shutdown Standard  Standard  Standard 
Hydraulic Bucket Positioning Optional  Optional  Optional 
High Flow Option N/A N/A N/A
Auxiliary Hydraulics Standard  Standard  Standard 
Bob-Tach Attachment System Standard  Standard  Standard 
Power Bob-Tach Optional  Optional  Optional 
Ride Control N/A N/A N/A
Power Qtach Optional  Optional  Optional 
Backup Alarm Standard 
ACS (Switchable Controls) Optional 
Horn Standard 

Bobcat T140 Attachments

Our various excavator attachments include the following:

  • Bucket
  • Pallet Fork
  • Auger
  • HD Box Blade
  • Trencher
  • Grapple
  • Stump Grinder

Bobcat T140 Review

The Bobcat T140 is a small machine that moves on tracks, and people like it because it can do many different jobs. It’s good at handling tasks like building, gardening, and farming, and it’s easy to control.

For more detail check out the YouTube video


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FAQs – Bobcat T140

Bobcat T140

Q.1 How much can a Bobcat T140 lift?

49 horsepower is generat by the Bobcat T140’s engine (vs. 41.8 HP in the T110) You may also transport loads weighing up to 1,400 lbs.

Q.2 How much weight can a Bobcat T180 lift?

The newest small track loader in the Bobcat lineup is the model T180, which has radius-path lift arms and a 56 horsepower direct injection Kubota engine. It has a height of 114.5 inches and can support up to 1.800 pounds at a time.

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