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Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV

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Because in this article on Commercial Vehicle Info,  you will find details of the New Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV Mini Truck by Maruti Suzuki Company which are sold and available in the Indian four-wheelers market. Ok so Let’s go on our topic friends.

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Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV Key Price List In India

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV interior 5

City Price (ex-showroom)
Ludhiana Rs 4.01 lakh
Ahmedabad Rs 4.03 lakh
Kolkata Rs 4.11 lakh

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV Key Features

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV interior 4

  • Powerful engine: New technology 793 cc turbocharged diesel engine delivering a peak torque of 75nm @ 2000 rpm. 5-speed manual transmission
  • High fuel efficiency: 22.07 km Mileage
  • Superior loading capacity: Loading area of 3.25 sq m with a payload of 740 kgs
  • Better ride & handling: Lighter steering, smooth gear shift, and 4.3 m minimum turning radius
  • Better safety and stability: Chassis built using rust-resistant galvanized steel, front disc-brakes, LSPV braking system for effective braking based on load condition, bigger ORVMs
  • Enhanced comfort: Spacious cabin, flat comfortable seats with thick glass fiber heat shield for better heat insulation, and ergonomically designed pedal for long

 Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV Mini Truck Specifications


Engine 793cc, 2-cylinder Diesel
Max Power 32bhp @ 3,500rpm
Max Torque 75Nm @ 2,000rpm
Transmission 5-speed Manual
Top Speed 80kmph


City Around 20-21kmpl
Highway 22.07kmpl


Length 3,800mm
Width 1,562mm
Height 1,868mm
Wheelbase 2,110mm
Ground Clearance (Unladen) 160mm
Turning Radius 4.3m
Payload Capacity 740kgs
Tyre Size 145R 12LT 8PR
Suspension McPherson sturt
Brakes Front disc brake, LSPV braking system

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV Mileage

The Maruti Suzuki Super Carry mileage is 18 kmpl.

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV Review

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) has gained immense popularity due to its practicality, affordability and dependability in the commercial vehicle segment. Here is a review of this popular LCV that provides insight into its features and performance.

Design: The Super Carry LCV boasts an efficient and compact design. It is built to a robust standard, with ample head and leg room in its spacious cabin for driver and passengers. Furthermore, its loading bay provides efficient cargo transportation.

Engine and Performance: The Super Carry LCV is driven by a 793cc two-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine which offers ample power and torque, suitable for urban as well as rural applications. Furthermore, this fuel efficient engine contributes to lower operating costs.

Handling and Maneuverability: The Super Carry LCV provides excellent maneuverability thanks to its compact dimensions. Navigating narrow city streets or dense urban environments becomes simple thanks to light steering that makes frequent stop-and-go situations much more manageable.

Cargo Capacity: The Super Carry LCV offers an excellent cargo carrying capacity, making efficient transport of goods easier. The loading bay has been specifically designed to accommodate a range of cargo sizes while additional fixtures may also be added as necessary for customization purposes. Nonetheless, payload limits must always be considered to ensure optimal performance.

Comfort and Convenience: While the Super Carry LCV prioritizes functionality, its cabin provides an enjoyable driving experience. Equipped with essential features like air conditioning, adjustable seats and plenty of storage compartments to enhance driver comfort, this vehicle ensures optimal driving experiences.

Reliability and After-Sales Support: Maruti Suzuki has long been known for their strong after-sales support network and service infrastructure, offering owners peace of mind through available spare parts and service centers that ensure convenience and peace.

Final Conclusion

That was all about the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) in India, I hope it is helpful to you, But If you have any queries about this article, then please comment below in the comment box my friends, I will solve your problem as soon as.

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Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV FAQ

Does Suzuki Carry diesel?

Yes the Super Carry is powered 0.8-liter turbo-diesel

What is Super Carry vehicle?

Super Carry vehicle means the vehicle with a powerful engine, packed with 4 cylinders & an all-new 1.2L Petrol & CNG engine variant.

What is the load capacity of super Carry?

The load capacity of super carry is 740 kgs

What is the mileage of super Carry?

The mileage of super carry is 22.07* km/l for the diesel engine

Is Super Carry power steering?

Yes, the super carry has a power steering

Does Suzuki Super Carry have aircon?

Yes the super carry has an Air Conditioner

How much can a Suzuki Carry carry?

the super carry can carry up to 940 kg including passengers

What is the payload capacity of the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV?

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV offers an approximate payload capacity of 750 kilograms (kg), making for efficient transport of goods.

Does the Super Carry LCV come with air conditioning?

Yes, the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV offers an optional air conditioning system to increase comfort for both driver and passengers.

What is the engine power of the Super Carry LCV?

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV comes equipped with a 793cc two-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine which produces approximately 33 HP of power output.

What is the warranty coverage for the Super Carry LCV?

The warranty coverage for the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV may vary depending on the region and specific terms and conditions set by the manufacturer. It’s recommended to check with the nearest Maruti Suzuki dealership for detailed warranty information.

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