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Branson 3520H

About Branson 3520H

The Branson 3520H is a small tractor with four-wheel drive that Branson has been making since 2014.

The Branson 3520H has a diesel engine with three cylinders that are 1.7 L (104.6 cu in) and a hydrostatic transmission with three forward and three reverse gears.

The Kukje A1700N2 engine was used in the Branson 3520H small utility tractor. It is a 1.7 L, 1,714 cm2, (104.6 cuin), three-cylinder diesel engine with natural aspiration.

The cylinder bore is 3.46 inches and the piston stroke is 3.7 inches. At 2,600 rpm, this engine put out 35.5 PS (26.1 kW; 35.0 HP) of power.

The Branson 3520H has power steering, a two-post foldable ROPS, and a fuel tank that holds 35.2 liters (9.3 US gal; 7.7 Imp. gal).

Branson 3520H Tractor Price

Branson 3520H price is $29,500

Branson 3520h Oil Capacity

Branson 3520H oil capacity is 9.3 gal

Branson 3520h Features

Front Axle

The front axle has a 62-degree lockout angle and a 10-degree camber. Most tractors this size can only turn 56 degrees without changing the camber.

This makes the Branson 20R units one of the tractors that can turn the tightest in the industry.

Hydrostatic Steering

It gives you more control if the tire hits something, and there are no moving parts to wear out. All tractors with a lot of horsepowers use hydrostatic steering.

Only tractors from China, Japan, and India that are less expensive use mechanical power steering.

Dual Hydraulic Pumps

The hydrostatic steering and front-end loader both operate much more smoothly since each has a separate set of specialized pumps. Most cheap tractor models only have one pump, which makes them cheaper to make.

Fully Synchronized Transmission And Shuttle

This transmission is much more expensive to make, but the most important thing is that it lets the driver change gears without having to stop the tractor.

Wet Disc Brakes

Wet disc brakes are standard on all high-end vehicles; dry brakes are limited to budget versions. The main benefit of a wet disc brake is that it is in a safe place and the brake discs run in hydraulic fluid.

Branson 3520h Specs


Engine Model A1700N2
Aspiration Natural
Emissions Standards Tier 4
Engine Gross Power 35 hp (26.0 kW)
PTO Power 29.6 hp (22 kW)
No. of Cylinders 3
Displacement 104.5 (1,714 cc)
Rated Revolution 2500 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity 11.8 gal (45 L)
Air Cleaner Dry Element
Alternator – 12 Volt amp 50


Transmission HST
Forward/Reverse Method HST
4 Wheel Drive 2WD/4WD
No. of Traveling Speeds 4F / 4R
(4 Range)
Forward Traveling Speed @ 2600 19.5 mph (31.4 km/h)
Reverse Traveling Speed @ 2600 19.5 mph (31.4 km/h)
Clutch No
Brake Wet, Multi-disc
Differential Lock Standard
Cruise Control Standard


Steering Hydrostatic Power Steering
Total Hydraulic Flow (POWER STEERING + Implement) 12.3
(4.3+8) /
46.8 (16.4+30.4) lpm
Lift Control Type Position
Joystick Valve Standard
Rear Remote (Port) Optional (Up to 4)

3 Point Hitch

3 Point Hitch CAT I
Lift capacity at lift link ends 3,306 lbs (1,500 kg)
3Point Hitch Lift Capacity @24″ behind lift point 2,425 lbs (1,100 kg)


Rear (Mid) PTO Speed 584 / 791 RPM
Rear PTO Type Independent
Clutch Wet, Multi-disc


AG Front 9.5 – 16
AG Rear 12.4 – 28
Turf Front 27 x 8.5-15/
29 x 12.5-15
AG Rear 41 x 14-20/
44 x 18-20
Ind. Front 10 x 16.5
AG Rear 420/70×24


Wheelbase 71.1 in (1,806 mm)
Overall Length (W/ 3PT) 127.4 in (3,236 mm)
Min. Overall Width 64.9 in (1,650 mm)
Overall Height (W/ ROPS) 98.4 in (2,500 mm)
Ground Clearance (4WD) 15.5 in (394 mm)
Min. Turning Radius (W/ Brake) 9.18 ift (2.8 m)
Weight (W/O Front Weights) 3,754 lbs (1,703 kg)

Branson 3520h Review

The Branson 3520H is a 35-horsepower compact tractor that is known for its durability, versatility, and affordability. It is a popular choice for farmers, ranchers, and homeowners alike.

The 3520H is powered by a 3-cylinder, 1.5-liter Kubota D1505-E4B-DI diesel engine. It has a hydrostatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system. The 3520H also has a maximum lift capacity of 2,700 pounds at three points and a tipping load of 3,600 pounds.

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Branson 3520h Attachments

Branson BH760 Backhoe

Backhoe type Branson BH760 Backhoe
Weight 1340 lbs*
607 kg
Transport height 85.2 inches
216 cm
Digging depth 91.2 inches
231 cm
Reach from pivot 123.6 inches
313 cm
Loading height 90 inches
228 cm
Bucket Rotation 149°
Swing Arc 180°
Bucket force 4554 lbs
2065 kg
Dipperstick force 2530 lbs
1147 kg

Branson BH860 Backhoe

Backhoe type Branson BH860 Backhoe
Weight 1500 lbs*
680 kg
Transport height 91.2 inches
231 cm
Digging depth 103.2 inches
262 cm
Reach from pivot 134.4 inches
341 cm
Loading height 92.4 inches
234 cm
Bucket Rotation 151°
Swing Arc 180°
Bucket force 4435 lbs
2011 kg
Dipperstick force 2694 lbs
1221 kg

Branson K710 Backhoe

Backhoe type Branson K710 Backhoe
Weight 1230 lbs*
557 kg
Transport height 85.2 inches
216 cm
Digging depth 94 inches
238 cm
Reach from pivot 127 inches
322 cm
Loading height 51 inches
129 cm
Bucket Rotation 175°
Swing Arc 180°
Bucket force 3190 lbs
1446 kg
Dipperstick force 1980 lbs
898 kg


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Branson 3520h FAQ

How much does a Branson 3520h weigh?

Branson 3520H weight is 3582 lbs 

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