Branson 1905 HST Garden Tractor Price, Specs & Features


Branson 1905 HST Tractor Price in India 2023, Specs, Review, Features

Hello, grower! Today we are here to talk about the new release latest mode of the Branson Tractor – Branson 1905 HST garden tractor with loader. We will discuss all detailed information about this Branson 1905 HST including Branson 1905 HST price, Branson 1905 HST specs, Branson 1905 HST review, Branson 1905 HST overview, Branson 1905 HST specification, and features, Branson 1905 HST engine details, Branson 1905 HST parts, Branson 1905 HST photos and also see Branson 1905 HST attachments.

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Branson 1905 HST Garden Tractor Price, Specs & Features

Price: $ 10,495.00 USD

The price of the Branson 1905 HST Tractor is 10,495.00 USD

Branson 1905 HST Tractor Key Features & Quick Specs

Learn the list of all Quick Specs of the 1905 HST tractor of Branson Tractors

  • 19 hp Yanmar Diesel Engine
  • HST Transmission (2 – range)
  • Standard 3-pt Hitch with Cat. I capabilities
  • 4 x 4 with Turf Tires
  • R4 Industrial Tires optional
  • Mid and Rear PTO
  • One-touch PTO switch
  • Hydrostatic Steering
  • Branson BL90 Front-end Loader
  • Mid-mount Mower available
  • Open Operator’s Station
  • Easy to open the hood
  • Hydrostatic (HST) power steering
  • Independent PTO (13.4 hp @ working)
  • Folding ROPS  for easy maintenance & storage

Branson 1905 HST Tractor Specification & Engine Details

Learn the full Specification list of the Branson 1905 HST garden tractor in detail:

Engine Details
Model 3TNV74F
Type Not Available
Combustion System Not Available
Aspiration Natural
HP 19 HP (14.2 kW)
RPMs 3,000 RPM
No. of Cylinders 3 Cylinders
Cooling System Liquid Cooled Cooling System
Fuel system Indirect injection
Bore x Stroke Not Available
Displacement 993 cc
Compression Ratio Not Available
Air Cleaner Type Single Dry
Fuel Type Diesel
Lift Capacity 1100 lbs (500 kg)
Drive 4 WD
Fuel Capacity 6.6 gal (25 LTR)
Oil capacity 2.1 QTS [2.0 L]
Coolant capacity 3.7 QTS [3.5 L]
Transmission Details
Type HST (2 Speed)
Gear Shifting Front & Rear
Travel Speed (Front & Rear) 7.8 mile / hour (13 km / hr)
Drive System Details
Steering Hydrostatic (HST) power steering
Clutch Electro-hydraulic clutch
Rear RPM 540 (1.375)
Battery 12 V Battery
Brake Wet Disc brakes
Hydraulic System Details
Type Single Gear Pump with Flow Divider
3 – Point Hitch Category 1 / Position
Control Position control
Lift Capacity 1100 lbs – At 24″ inches (679 lbs)
Steering Pump Flow 2.11 G PM
Main Pump Flow 4.17 G P M
Rear lift (at ends) 1100 lbs [498 kg]
Rear lift (at 24″ / 610 mm) 679 lbs [307 kg]
Capacity 3.6 gals [13.6 L]
Pump flow 4.17 GPM [15.8 lpm]
Total flow 6.97 GPM [26.4 lpm]
Steering flow 2.11 GPM [8.0 lpm]
PTO (Power Take-Off)
Type Independent PTO (Power Take Off)
Speed / Power 13.4 hp @ working
Mid RPM 2500
Rear RPM 540 (1.375)
PTO Switch One-touch PTO switch
Tractor Dimensions Details
Overall Length 94.2 in
Overall Width 44.5 in
Height with ROPS 86.6 in
Wheelbase 53.1 in
Ground Clearance 8.3 in
Total Tractor Weight 1433 lbs
Tractor Tires Details
Front Tread 16 x 7.50 – 8
Rear Tread 16 x 12.00 – 12
Branson 1905 HST Attachments Details – Branson BL90 Specification
Maximum Lift Height 71.3 in [181 cm]
Branson BL90 total Weight 419 lbs [190 kg]
Clearance with Attachment Level 64.8 in [165 cm]
Clearance with Attachment Dumped 53.9 in [136.9 cm]
Reach at Maximum Height 28.3 in [71.8 cm]
Reach with Attachment on Ground 48 in [121.9 cm]
Maximum Dump Angle 40 degrees
Attachment Rollback Angle 26 degrees
Digging Depth Below Grade 3.9 in [10 cm]
Overall Height in carrying Position 42 in [106.6 cm]
Depth of Attachment (to back of inner shelf) Not Available
Height of Attachment Not Available
Depth of Attachment (to pivot pin) 1235 lbs [560 kg]
Lift Capacity to Full Height 617 lbs [279 kg]
Breakout Force Not Available
Relief Valve Setting (loader control valve) Not Available
Lift Cylinders Not Available
Bucket Cylinder Not Available
54″ Mower deck type mid-mount Branson  (3 – blade)
Cutting width 54 inches [137 cm]

Branson 1905 HST Tractor Specification, Features & Reviews

Branson 1905 HST tractor Specs

The Branson tractors have been built as the perfect tractor for those who are hobby farmers or are weekend warriors for garden care. Branson 1905 HST sub-compact tractor is supposed to be the Ultimate Choice for Ground Care. Why is it so? Here is the answer…

Branson 1905 HST sub-compact tractor is featured with a front-end loader along with mid-mounted mower options. So, that one can make this sub-compact garden tractor more and more versatile on the basis of needs for work requirements.

Branson 1905 HST tractor engine

3TNV74F 19hp Yanmar Diesel Engine powers Branson 1905 HST. This class’s the most fuel-efficient and durable.

The hood opens easily. Its ROPS folds for storage and maintenance. Custom 19-hp Yanmar Diesel Engine. Hydrostatic transmission with two ranges for comfortable agricultural working.

Branson 1905 HST Tractor Attachments

Branson 1905 HST Attachments is Branson BL90 Front-end Loader. With a 3-point Hitch facility having Cat. I capability. For lifting up to 500 kg material with it. It has 4 x 4 Turf Tires with R4 Industrial Tires (optional) for easy and soft movements.

It is featured Hydrostatic power Steering along with Open Operator’s Station and Mid-mount Mower facility. So, that growers can drive comfortably without putting extra energy into tractor movements.

Branson 1905 HST Tractor Price

19 hp from a 3TNV74F Branson 1905 HST’s Yanmar Diesel Engine. which in its class has the best lifespan and fuel economy.

It has a Hood that is simple to open. For easier storage and maintenance, it incorporates a folding ROPS. Custom Yanmar Diesel Engine with 19 horsepower. For enjoyable agricultural field work, use the HST (Hydrostatic) Transmission with two ranges.

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