Case CX55b Specs

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case cx55b specs

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Case CX55b Engine

Emissions level Tier 4
Engine Model Yanmar 4 TNV 88
Net Power 37.5 hp (28 kw)
Power Measured @ 2400 rpm

Case CX55b Lift System

Bucket Breakout Force 11105.6 lbs (5,038 kg)
Lift over end Max. reach – lbs 1322.8 lbs (600 kg)
Lift over side Max. reach 1080.3 lbs (490 kg)

Case CX55b Operating Specifications

Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 26.4 gal/min (100 l/min)
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure 3336 psi
Operating Weight 11309.8 lbs (5,130 kg)

Case CX55b Undercarriage

Drawbar Pull 12342.1 lbs (5,598 kg)
Max Travel Speed 2.5 mph (4 kph)

Case CX55b Boom

Arm Length 5.6 ft (2 m)
Boom Length 9.4 ft (3 m)

Case CX55b Boom/Stick Excavator Option 1

Max Digging Depth 12.1 ft (4 m)
Max Reach Along Ground 20 ft (6 m)
Max.Dumping Height 14.3 ft (4 m)

Case CX55b Dimensions

Tail Swing Radius 3.1 ft (1 m)

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