Case IH 8120 Combine Specs, Weight, Attachments, Price & Review

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Case Ih 8120 Combine Specs

About Case Ih 8120 Combine

Case IH 8120 We were out in the field today using an 8120 combine located in South East South Dakota. The corn was at 31 per cent moisture and yield in the range of 200 Bushels per acre. We took a few minutes to install the machine to work in the wet conditions. The 8120 has large wire concaves as well as skip-wire grates. It comes with a 1 5/8 inch corn chaffer Sieve and a 1/5/8″ shoe sieve. We did place 4 straight bars to the back of the rotor,and left the spike bars of 8 in the center of the rotor. We moved the rear four vanes into the slow position.

We created an impromptu death stall in our field to ensure that the corn was loaded evenly on both sides of the active pan and sieves. (We made a 10mm adjustment to the concaves to provide an equal load). The rotor was running at 380 RPM with 18-20 mm of travel with concave settings.

Case IH 8120 Combine Price New

2008 CASE IH 8120 $89,900

2010 CASE IH 8120 $90,000

2011 CASE IH 8120 $94,900

Case IH 8120 Combine  Weight

Case IH 8120 Combine Weight 35080 lbs (15,912 kg)

Case IH 8120 Combine Horsepower

Case IH 8120 Combine Horsepower 360 hp (268 kw)

Case IH 8120 Combine Engine oi l capacity

Case IH 8120 Combine Fuel Capacity, 277 gal (1,048 l)

Case Ih 8120 Combine Years Made

Years from 2008 to 2011

Case IH 8120 Combine Specs

Cleaning System

Self Leveling? Self Leveling


Wheelbase 148 ft (45 m)
Width Over Tires 152 ft (46 m)


Displacement 30 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model Class VII
Power 360 hp (268 kw)
Power Boost Power 30 hp (22 kw)
Power Measured @ 415 rpm

Grain Handling

Grain Tank Capacity 750 bu

Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 277 gal (1,048 l)
Number of Gears 3
Operating Weight w/o Attachment 35080 lbs (15,912 kg


Rotor Diameter 3 in (8 cm)
Rotor Length 3 in (8 cm)

Case IH 8120 Combine Review

The Case IH 8120 combine is a popular choice for farmers who need a reliable and efficient machine for harvesting a variety of crops. It is known for its simple design, easy operation, and good performance in a wide range of conditions.

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 Case IH 8120 Combine Problems

Harvesting is among the most vital actions in agriculture. Furthermore, it is one of the time-consuming methods. In the past was when people had to accomplish this task by using labourers, which was very costly and time-consuming. Usually, harvesting using labour would take months, however, following the arrival of combines, it was diminished from months to a few days. Today, a lot of businesses around the globe produce combine machines.

FAQs –  Case IH 8120 Combine  

What engine is in a Case IH combine?

This product range features engines ranging from 6.7 L to 8.7 L, each of which has been certified to meet the emissions regulations for Tier 4 B/Final. These engines can produce up to 325 horsepower thanks to their 2100 RPM motors. This provides you with the power and performance you want to take on challenging tasks with ease, especially those that demand a capacity of up to 300 bu.

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