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Case 1845c Specs, Price, Horsepower, Weight, Oil capacity, Attachment, Problems, Review

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Case 1845c Price

case 1845c specs

Case 1845c Original Price: $17,950 to $27,500

Case 1845Cs have been advertised for sale online on various websites with prices ranging between approximately $17,950 and $27,500 depending on its condition, location, and other specifications.

Case 1845c Specs


Length With Bucket 11.03ft in
Ground Clearance 8in
Height To Top Of Cab 6.7ft in
Wheelbase 3.38ft in
Length W/O Bucket 8.44ft in
Reach At Max Lift And Dump 23in

Case 1845C Engine

Fuel Injection Direct
Number Of Cylinders 4
Engine Make Case
Engine Model 4-390
Gross Power 60hp
Torque 179lb-ft
Net Power 57hp
Power Measured @ 2200rpm
Torque Measured @ 1300rpm
Fuel Type Diesel
Displacement 239.3cu in
Bore 4.1in
Stroke 4.8in


Operational Weight 6186.2lb
Fuel Capacity 21.6gal
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 4.5gal
Engine Oil Fluid Capacity 1.7gal
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 10.6gal
Max Speed 6.1mph
Chain Box Fluid Capacity – Each Side 1.3gal
Tire Size 12.00 x 16.5, 6PR Traction
Operating Voltage 12V
Alternator Supplied Amperage 65amps


Tipping Load 3545.1lb
Operating Load Rating 1750.5lb
Bucket Capacity 0.4yd3
Bucket Width 0.1in


Pump Flow Capacity 16.1gal/min
Relief Valve Pressure 2300psi
Raise Time 4.3sec
Dump Time 2.9sec
Lower Time 1.4sec

About Case 1845c

Case Corporation produces the Case 1845C skid steer loader as part of its construction and agricultural equipment production line. Case skid steer loaders are compact machines with rigid frames and lift arms used for various tasks such as digging, lifting, and transporting materials.

The 1845c case skid steer loader first introduced in the late 1980s has long been a favorite among contractors and construction professionals. It features a 239 (3.9L) Case 4-390 4-cylinder direct injection naturally aspirated liquid-cooled diesel engine capable of producing 60hp (45kW) at 2200rpm.

Case 1845c Horsepower

Horsepower: 57 hp (43 kW)

Case 1845c Weight

Operating Weight: 6186.2 lbs (2,806 kg)

Case 1845c Oil capacity

Engine Oil Fluid Capacity: 21.6 gal (79 l)

Case 1845c Lift capacity

Lift capacity: 1,700 lbs

Case 1845c Hydraulic oil

Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity: 10.6gal

Case 1845c Years made

Case 1845C was manufactured from 1986 to 2000

Case 1845c Review

The Case 1845C stands as a favored choice among professionals for its versatility, dependability, and top-notch performance. It boasts a robust 74-horsepower Cummins diesel engine that provides impressive power, and its hydrostatic transmission ensures smooth and effortless maneuverability.

Full review YouTube video check here.

Case 1845c Attachment

Buckets Pallet forks
Grapple buckets
Harley rakes
Brush cutters
4 in-1 buckets
Stump grinders
Dozer blades
Hydraulic augers

Case 1845c Problems

Hydraulic System Problems:

The hydraulic system is essential for the operation of the skid steer loader. Some users have experienced issues with hydraulic leaks, weak hydraulic power, or unresponsive controls.

These problems may be caused by worn-out seals, damaged hoses, or malfunctioning valves.

Engine Troubles:

Issues with the engine can occur, such as difficulty starting, lack of power, or excessive smoke. These problems could be due to fuel system issues, clogged filters, or problems with the engine components.

Electrical Malfunctions:

Electrical problems can manifest as intermittent or complete failure of certain functions or components, such as lights, gauges, or ignition.

These issues may arise from faulty wiring, blown fuses, or damaged switches.

Transmission and Drive System Problems:

Users have reported issues with the transmission and drive system, including difficulties shifting gears, erratic movement, or loss of power.

These problems could be caused by worn-out clutches, damaged drive chains, or issues with the transmission fluid.

Hydraulic Cylinder Leaks:

Hydraulic cylinder leaks can occur in the lift arms or other hydraulic components. These leaks may result in reduced lifting capacity or loss of hydraulic power.

Damaged seals or worn-out components are often the culprits behind such leaks.

 Final Words

I think it should be enough information about the Case 1845C skid steer loader, I hope that all kinds of information are helpful to you, but if you have any questions about this post then please comment for us, and we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Thank’s. Visit our Website at for additional Details.

Case 1845c FAQ

What is Case 1845c?

Case 1845c is a skid steer loader produced by Case Construction Equipment. It is a versatile machine commonly used in construction, landscaping, and agriculture.

What is the availability of case 1845c for sale?

Yes, case 1845c is available for sale. There are several website listings for Case 1845C skid steers for sale. Here is a summary of the availability: Machinery Pete, Machinery Trader, TractorHouse, Fastline, MarketBook, and Equipment Trader.

What is the difference between case 1845 and 1845c?

The main distinction between Case 1845 and 1845c models lies in their design differences. The 1845c boasts an improved structure with features that include increased lift capacity, an upgraded hydraulic system, and more efficient cooling compared to its counterpart – these upgrades make it stand out.

What size engine is in a CASE 1845C?

Case 1845C has a 4-390 Case 4 cylinder engine with 239.3cu in Displacement, 4.1in the bore, and 4.8in Stroke.

What are the key features of Case 1845c?

Some key features of the Case 1845c include a powerful engine, a comfortable operator’s cab, excellent visibility, easy maintenance, and a wide range of compatible attachments.

What is the maximum travel speed of Case 1845c?

The maximum travel speed of the Case 1845c is approximately 6.1 mph.

What type of fuel does Case 1845c use?

Case 1845c typically runs on diesel fuel.

What is the warranty period for Case 1845c?

The warranty period for Case 1845c may vary, but it is usually covered by a standard manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for a specific period, such as one year or a certain number of operating hours.

Can I finance the purchase of Case 1845c?

Yes, many dealers and financial institutions offer financing options for purchasing a Case 1845c. You can inquire with your local Case dealer or financial institutions for more information.

What maintenance is required for Case 1845c?

Regular maintenance tasks for Case 1845c include checking fluid levels, inspecting and cleaning filters, lubricating moving parts, and performing routine inspections as outlined in the operator’s manual.

Can I rent a Case 1845c instead of purchasing one?

Yes, many equipment rental companies offer Case 1845c for short-term or long-term rentals. You can inquire with local rental companies to check availability and rental terms.

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