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Case Ih 885

About Case Ih 885

The CaseIH 885 is An 85 Utility Series utility Tractor. It May Either have 2WD or 4WD. This Tractor was Manufactured Between 1985 and 1990 At the CaseIH facility in Doncaster, England.

The Case International D268 Engine powered the CaseIH 885 utility tractor. It is a four-cylinder, 4.4 L, 4,392 cm2, 268.0 Cuin’ diesel engine with natural aspiration. The piston stroke is 5.51 inches and the Cylinder bore is 3.94 inches.

The Compression Ratio is 15.1:1. At 2,400 rpm, Its engine produced 85.1 PS (62.6 kW; 84.0 HP). The Case IH 885 has power steering and independent Hydraulic wet disc brakes, As well as a Fuel capacity of 75.7 litres (20 US gal.; 16.7 Imp. gal.).

Case Ih 885 Price

 NEW Case IH 885 Price is $25,700 (1990 )

Case IH 885 Engine

 885 has a Case International 4.4L 4-cyl diesel engine

Case 885 Hp

The engine produces an 84 hp 62.6 kW

Case Ih 885 Serial Number

1985 15000
1986 18000
1987 19138
1988 22668
1989 27254
1990 30427

CaseIH 885 Specs


Engine Model Case International D268
Engine Type 4-stroke, direct-injection diesel
Number of Cylinders 4
Displacement, cu in (L) 268 (4,37)
Engine Bore, in (mm) 3,94 (100,0)
Engine Stroke, in (mm) 5,50 (139,7)
Aspiration Natural
Rated Engine Power, hp (kW) 79,0 (58,9)
Rated Engine Speed, rpm 2400
Maximum Torque, Nm (ft-lbs) 296 (219,1)
Torque Speed, rpm 1300
Idle Speed, rpm 650-2650
Compression 15.1:1
Fuel Tank Capacity, gal (L) 20,0 (75,7)
Oil Capacity, qts (L) 9,0 (8,5)
Coolant Capacity, qts (L) 14,5 (13,7)
Electrical System Rating, Volts 12
Charging System Alternator
Alternator Rating, Amps 65

Power Take Off

PTO Operational Type Independent
PTO Horsepower, hp (kW) 72,0 (53,7)
PTO Speeds, rpm 540/1000

Standard Transmission

Transmission Type Synchronized
Gearbox Type 8F/4R
Number of Forward Gears 8
Number of Reverse Gears 4
Maximum Forward Speed, mph (kph) 21,1 (34,0)
Maximum Reverse Speed, mph (kph) 10,8 (17,4)

Optional Transmission

Transmission Type Partial powershift
Gearbox Type 16F/8R
Number of Forward Gears 16
Number of Reverse Gears 8
Maximum Forward Speed, mph (kph) 21,1 (34,0)
Maximum Reverse Speed, mph (kph) 10,8 (17,4)

Optional Transmission

Transmission Type Shuttle
Gearbox Type 8F/4R
Number of Forward Gears 8
Number of Reverse Gears 4
Maximum Forward Speed, mph (kph) 22,4 (36,0)
Maximum Reverse Speed, mph (kph) 10,8 (17,4)

Wheels And Tires

Drive Wheels 2WD/4WD
Steering Configuration Front Steer
Steering System Hydrostatic power
Service Brake Independent hydraulic wet disc
Front Tire Size (2WD) 7.50-18 F2
Rear Tire Size (2WD) 18.4-30 R1
Front Tire Size (4WD) 11.2-24 R1
Rear Tire Size (4WD) 18.4-30 R1

Hydraulics System

Hydraulic System Type Open Center
Implement Pump Type Gear
Implement Pump Flow, GPM (Lpm) 15,8 (59,8)
Steering Pump Flow, GPM (Lpm) 2,5 (9,6)
Hydraulic Pressure, Bar (psi) 173,0 (2500)
Hydraulic Capacity, gal (L) 9,7 (36,5)
Number of Standard Remote Valves 1/3
3-Point Hitch Category 2
Standard Lift Capacity at 24-in (610 mm) ahead pin, lb (kg) 3260 (1480)

Dimensions And Weight

Wheel Base (2WD), in (mm) 88 (2230)
Wheel Base (4WD), in (mm) 85,2 (2160)
Length (2WD), in (mm) 142 (3600)
Length (4WD), in (mm) 148 (3750)
Overall Width (2WD), in (mm) 73,2 (1850)
Overall Width (4WD), in (mm) 78 (1980)
Height, in (mm) 97,4 (2470)
Clearance, in (mm) 18,2 (460)
Turning radius (2WD), in (mm) 154 (3900)
Turning radius (4WD), in (mm) 174 (4400)
Weight (Operating, 2WD), lb (kg) 7370 (3340)
Weight (Operating, 4WD), lb (kg) 7850 (3560)

CaseIH 885 Review

The Case IH 885 is a medium-sized tractor that was introduced in 1984 and discontinued in 1996. It was a popular choice for farmers and ranchers who needed a reliable and versatile tractor for a variety of tasks.

For more details check out youtube video

Case IH 885 Problems

1. Diesel Motor Not Cranking

A common issue with the Case IH 885 is that the diesel engine Refuses to start. A lot of factors might cause this to occur. If the improper sort of gasoline was used, The user might be at Fault. Whatever the case may be, You’ll need to do a Physical inspection and any Necessary repairs on the Tractor’s diesel engine.

2. Engine Not Performing At Full Capacity

The Case IH 885’s engine doesn’t Function As Well as it Should. The Crankcase should be Checked first when you Encounter this issue. The Engine won’t function As well if you Add more oil than is Advised.

Another Component of the Engine that Might impact its Performance is the turbocharger. Be Certain that it is not damaged in any way. If you can’t locate any indicators, You should seek expert Assistance.

3. Diesel Engine Constantly Misses While Running

During operation, The Case IH 885 diesel engine has occasional shutdowns. It is advised to inspect the fuel for the presence of water, Since this might be the cause. If water is discovered, It must be entirely removed before the fuel is replaced with high-quality oil.

4. Steering Wheel Spinning Too Easily

The Case IH 885’s Wheel is too simple to spin. That is Troublesome and irritating for the user. Adding oil is the Remedy for this issue. If that fails, The steering cylinder must be Repaired. Inspect the Steering pump as well.


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Case Ih 885 – FAQ

Q. What Horsepower is an 885 Case Ih?

Ans. A Case IH 885 Engine generates 62.6 kW or 84 Horsepower.

Q. What Engine is in case Ih 885?

Ans. A Case International 4.4L 4-cyl diesel Engine powers the Case IH 885.

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