Case IH 9120 Combine Specs, Weight, Attachments, Price & Review

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Case IH 9120 Combine Price 

2009 CASE IH 9120 Price: USD $115,000

2010 CASE IH 9120 Price: USD $143,500

2011 CASE IH 9120 Price: USD $128,500

2012 CASE IH 9120 Price: USD $79,000

Case IH 9120 Combine  Weight

Combine  Weight: 35960 lbs (16,311 kg)

Case IH 9120 Combine Horsepower

Combine Horsepower  Power: 420 hp (313 kW)

Case IH 9120 Combine Engine oil capacity

Combine Engine oil capacity:  277 gals (1,048 l)

Case IH 9120 Combine Years Made

Combine Years Made Years from (2009-2012)

Case IH 9120 Combine Specs


Displacement 10.3 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model Class VIII
Power 420 hp (313 kw)
Power Boost Power 43 hp (32 kw)
Power Measured @ 462 rpm

Grain Handling

Grain Tank Capacity 350 bu

Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 277 gal (1,048 l)
Number of Gears 3
Operating Weight w/o Attachment 35960 lbs (16,311 kg)
Transmission Type Power Plus CVT

Case IH 9120 Combine Review

The Case IH 9120 Axial-Flow combine is a high-performance machine that is known for its efficiency, productivity, and grain quality. It is powered by a 420 hp Case IH AFS Connect engine and has a rated capacity of up to 160 tons per hour.

The 9120 is also equipped with a number of features that make it easy to use and operate, such as a hydrostatic drive system and a pilot control system.

Full review YouTube video check here.


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FAQs –  Case IH 9120 Combine 

How much horsepower does a Case IH Axial flow 9120 have?

This powerful Case IH Axial Flow 9120 17.9t machine is Outfitted with a Case IH engine capable of producing 360kW or 482 Horses of Combined Harvester Power. The IH Axial Flow Case


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