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About CaseIH Farmall DX55

The CaseIH Farmall DX55 is a compact utility tractor from the DX series that can have two or four wheels drive. From 2004 to 2008, this tractor was made in Japan by Shibaura for CaseIH.

The Case IH DX55 has a 2.2 L (135.3 cu in) four-cylinder diesel engine and either a synchronized shuttle transmitting with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears or even a power shuttle transmitting with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears.

The Shibaura engine was in the Farmall DX55 small utility tractor. It has a 2.2 L, 2,217 cm2, 135.3 Cuin, four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with a cylinder bore of 3.31 inches and a piston stroke of 3.94 inches.

The ratio of compression is 22.4:1. At 2,700 rpm, this engine put out 55.8 PS (41.0 kW; 55.0 HP) of power.

The CaseIH Farmall DX55 has hydrostatic steering, independent robotic wet disc brakes, a two-post foldable ROPS, and a 51.1-liter (13.5 US gal; 11.2 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Price

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Specs

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Price: USD $15,600.00

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Horsepower

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Horsepower: 55 hp 41.0 kW

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Fuel Tank capacity

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Fuel tank capacity: 51.1 liters (13.5 US gal.; 11.2 Imp. gal)

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Years Made

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Years Made: 2004 To 2008

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Weight

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Weight: 2,205 kg (4,861 lbs)

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Serial Number

  • Not Available

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Specifications

Make CaseIH
Model Farmall DX55
Company Country United States
Production years From 2004  – 2008
Tractor type Compact Utility tractor
Fuel diesel
Total build

Engine size 135.3 ci or 2.2 L
Number of cylinders 4 cylinders
Horsepower 55 hp or 41.0 kW
Power RPM 2700 (rpm)
Engine torque
Engine torque RPM
Fuel type diesel
Fuel tank capacity 13.5 gal or 51.1 L
Compression ratio 22.4:1
Bore stroke 3.307×3.937 inches or (84 x 100 mm)

Transmission type power shuttle
Transmission gears 12 forward and reverse

Hydraulic max flow 17.12 GPM or 64.8 lpm

Hitch control system
Rear hitch I/II
Rear hitch lift 3,465 lbs or 1571 kg

Weight 4,860 lbs or 2204 kg
Wheelbase 74.8 inches [189 cm]
Ground clearance

Number of batteries 1
Battery voltage 12 V
Electric ground force negative
Engine starter volts 12 V

Wheel drive 4×2 2WD
Steering system hydrostatic power
Braking system independent mechanical wet disc
Cabin type Two-post foldable ROPS

PTO claimed power 47 hp or 35.0 kW
PTO real power 47.80 hp or 35.6 kW
PTO clutch system
Rear PTO system
Rear PTO RPM 540 (rpm)
Front PTO system
PTO fuel consumption 3.7 gal/hour or 14.0 l/hour

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Review

The Case IH Farmall DX55 is a 55-horsepower utility tractor that was produced from 1987 to 1999. It is a popular tractor among farmers and ranchers for its reliability and affordability.

The DX55 is powered by a four-cylinder, 3.9-liter diesel engine. It has a four-wheel drive system and a manual transmission. The DX55 also has a three-point hitch and a mid-PTO, which allows it to be used with a variety of implements.

For more details check out the video

CaseIH Farmall DX55 Attachments

Attachment overview
Front-end loader

CaseIH LX188 Loader

Height (to pin): 112 inches
284 cm
Breakout force (at pin): 5,000 lbs
2268 kg
Breakout force (at 500mm): 3,114 lbs
1412 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 2,500 lbs
1134 kg
Lift to full height (at 500mm): 1,830 lbs
830 kg

CaseIH BHX1102 Backhoe

Backhoe type: CaseIH BHX1102 Backhoe
Digging depth: 102 inches
259 cm
Bucket force: 3,550 lbs
1610 kg
Dipperstick force: 2,225 lbs
1009 kg

CaseIH BHX190 Backhoe

Backhoe type: CaseIH BHX190 Backhoe
Digging depth: 90 inches
228 cm
Bucket force: 2,712 lbs
1230 kg
Dipperstick force: 1,950 lbs
884 kg

CaseIH BHX1114 Backhoe

Backhoe type: CaseIH BHX1114 Backhoe
Weight: 146 lbs
66 kg
Transport height: 95 inches
241 cm
Digging depth: 114 inches
289 cm
Reach from pivot: 149 inches
378 cm
Loading height: 92 inches
233 cm
Bucket Rotation: 180
Swing Arc: 180
Bucket force: 4400 lbs
1995 kg
Dipperstick force: 2800 lbs
1270 kg


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