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About Challenger MT565D

The Challenger MT565D is a row-crop tractor with four-wheel drive from the series MT500D. From 2012 to 2014, this tractor was made by AGCO in either Beauvais, France, or Jackson, Minnesota, USA.

The Challenger MT565D has a 6.6 L, 6,595 cm2 (402 cu in) diesel engine and either a 6 power shift transmitting with 24 forward reverse gears or a variable frequency transmission with an infinite number of forward and reverse gears.

The Challenger MT565D tractor was powered by a 6.6 L, 6595 cm2, (402.45 Cuin), 6 turbocharged and dry sump diesel engine with a cylinder bore of 4.25 inches and a piston stroke of 4.72 inches.

The ratio of compression is 17.4:1. At 2,100 rpm, this engine made the most power, which was 202.6 PS (149 kW; 200 HP).

This engine had a turbocharger with an intercooler, an electronic high-pressure common energy system, and a two-stage dry air cleaner.

The Challenger MT565D has hydrostatic steering, hydrodynamic wet disc brakes, hydraulic and pneumatic trailer brakes (optional), an inboard planetary final drive, a cabin with air conditioning (AGCO System 150 or AGCOMMAND was an option), and a 431.5 liter (114 US gal; 94.9 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

Challenger MT565D Price

Challenger MT565D Specs

$152,122 (2013 classic )

$176,842 (2013 deluxe )

$187,152 (2013 deluxe )

Challenger MT565D Horsepower

Challenger MT565D Horsepower: 180 hp or 134.2 kW

Challenger MT565D Years Made

Challenger MT565D Years Made: 2012 To 2014

Challenger MT565D Weight

Challenger MT565D Weight: 17000 lbs or 7711 kg

Challenger MT565D Serial Number

  • Not Available

Challenger MT565D Specifications

Make Challenger
Model MT565D
Company Country United States
Production years From 2012  Until 2014
Tractor type Row Crop tractor
Fuel diesel
Total build

Engine size 402.5 ci or 6.6 L
Number of cylinders 6 cylinders
Horsepower 180 hp or 134.2 kW
Power RPM 2100 (rpm)
Engine torque
Engine torque RPM
Fuel type diesel
Fuel injection system electronic high-pressure common rail
Fuel tank capacity 114 gal or 431.5 L
Compression ratio 17.4:1
Bore stroke 4.252×4.724 inches or (108 x 120 mm)

Transmission system TechStar CVT
Transmission type continuously variable transmission
Transmission gears infinite forward and reverse

Hydraulic system closed center load sensing
Number of valves 2 to 4
SVC flow rate 24.3 GPM or 92.0 Lpm
Hydraulic tank capacity 26.4 gal or 99.9 L
Hydraulic pressure 2900 psi or 200.0 bar
Hydraulic max flow 29 GPM or 109.8 Lpm

PTO claimed power 150 hp or 111.9 kW
PTO real power 171.5 hp or 127.9 kW
PTO clutch system electro-hydraulic
Rear PTO system independent
Rear PTO RPM 540 (rpm)
Front PTO system
PTO fuel consumption 9.6 gal/hour or 36.3 l/hour

AG front tires 420/85R28
AG rear tires 480/80R42
Weight 17000 lbs or 7711 kg
Length 200.2 inches [508 cm]
Height 120.8 inches [306 cm]
Wheelbase 117.8 inches [299 cm]
Ground clearance

Number of batteries 2
Battery voltage 12 V
Battery cold cranking Amps 600
Electric ground force negative
Electric charging system alternator
Electric charging Amps 175 amps
Starter motor electric
Engine starter volts 12 V

Wheel drive 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Final drive system inboard planetary
Steering system hydrostatic power
Braking system hydraulic wet disc
Cabin type Cab standard with air-conditioning
Differential lock electro-hydraulic full locking

Drawbar type Cat
Drawbar real power 137.2 hp or 102.3 kW
Drawbar fuel consumption 8.6 gal/hour or 32.6 l/hour
Max drawbar pull 15310 lbs or 6944 kg

Hitch control system electronic lower link draft control
Rear hitch III
Rear hitch lift 12500 lbs or 5670 kg

Challenger MT565D Review

The Challenger MT565D is a high-horsepower track tractor that is known for its power, performance, and efficiency. It is a popular choice for a wide range of applications, including farming, construction, and mining.

For more details check out the youtube video

Challenger MT565D Attachments

  • Not Available


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