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About Cub Cadet 124

The 1X4/1X5 series includes the Cub Cadet 124, which is a two-wheel-drive garden tractor. From 1967 to 1969, this tractor was made by Cub Cadet, which is part of International Harvester, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

The Cub Cadet 124 has a 0.5 L single-cylinder gasoline engine and a shaft-driven gear type transmission with a dry disc clutch and 3 forward and 1 reverse gear or a creeper with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears.

The Kohler K301AS engine was in the Cub Cadet 124 garden tractor. It is a 0.5 L, 476 cm2, 29 Cuin, single-cylinder gasoline engine with a cylinder bore of 85.7 mm (3.37 in) and a piston stroke of 82.6 mm (3.25 in).

At 3,600 rpm, this engine made the most power, which was 12.1 PS (8.9 kW; 12.0 HP).

The Cub Cadet 124 has a manual wheel, dry disc brakes, an open operator station, and a 7.6-liter (2 US gal; 1.7 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

Cub Cadet 124 Price

Cub Cadet 124 Specs

Cub Cadet 124 Original Price: NA

Cub Cadet 124 Horsepower

Cub Cadet 124 Horsepower: 12 hp 8.9 kW

Cub Cadet 124 Years Made

Cub Cadet 124 Years Made: 1967 To 1969

Cub Cadet 124 Weight

Cub Cadet 124 Weight: 630 lbs [285 kg]

Cub Cadet 124 Serial Number

1967 218010
1968 225056
1969 280840
Final 306085

The Cub Cadet 124 garden tractor features:

  • At 3,600 rpm, the gasoline engine in the Kohler K301AS makes 12.1 PS (8.9 kW; 12.0 HP).
  • Steering by hand
  • Wet brake pads
  • Open operator station
  • Three-point hitch for Cub Cadet
  • The front PTO is independent and has a mechanical clutch with 3,600 rpm.
  • 525 rpm rear PTO transmission

Cub Cadet 124 Specifications

Make Cub Cadet
Model 124
Company Country United States
Production years From 1967  Until 1969
Tractor type
Total build

Lawn front tires 4.80×4.00-8
Lawn rear tires 23×8.50-12
Weight 630 lbs 285 kg
Length 64 inches 162 cm
Width 36 inches 91 cm
Wheelbase 43 inches 109 cm
Ground clearance 6 inches 15 cm
Rear tread size 27 inches

Engine size 479 cc or 29.25 ci
Number of cylinders 1 cylinder
Power RPM 3600 (rpm)
Engine torque
Engine torque RPM
Fuel type
Fuel tank capacity 2 gal 7.6 L
Bore stroke 3.385×3.25 inches 86 x 83 mm
Oil tank capacity 1.5 Qts 1.4 L
Oil change frequency 30 h

Number of batteries 1
Battery voltage 12 V
Electric ground force negative
Electric charging system generator
Electric charging Amps 15 amps
Engine starter volts 12 V

Transmission type creeper
Transmission gears 6 forward and 2 reverse
Clutch system 4.5-inch dry disc
Oil tank capacity 3.5 Qts 3.3 L

PTO claimed power
PTO clutch system mechanical
Rear PTO system transmission
Rear PTO RPM 525 (rpm)
Front PTO system independent
Front PTO RPM 3600 (rpm)
PTO fuel consumption

Wheel drive 4×2 2WD
Steering system manual
Braking system dry disc
Cabin type Open operator station with vinyl-padded fiberglass seat

Hitch control system
Rear hitch
Rear hitch lift

Cub Cadet 124 Review 

The Cub Cadet 124 is a classic garden tractor that made its debut in 1964. It held a prominent position as one of the most favored garden tractors of its era and continues to enjoy high regard from enthusiasts today.

The 124 is celebrated for its reputation of reliability, durability, and versatility. Furthermore, it is relatively straightforward to maintain and repair, adding to its enduring appeal.

For a full review, please check this YouTube video.

Cub Cadet 124 Attachments

38″ Mower deck

42″ Mower deck

48″ Mower deck

Cub Cadet 38QA
Cub Cadet 42QA
Cub Cadet 48QA
38 inches
96 cm
42 inches
106 cm
48 inches
121 cm
manual lift
manual lift
manual lift
Cut height: 1 to 4 inch
2 to 10 cm
Cut height: 1 to 4 inch
2 to 10 cm
Cut height: 1 to 4 inch
2 to 10 cm

42″ Blade

Cub Cadet
42 inches width
106 cm
16 inches height
40 cm

36″ Snowblower

42″ Snowblower

Cub Cadet
Cub Cadet
36 inches width
91 cm
42 inches width
106 cm

Cub Cadet 124 Problems

The Cub Cadet 124, while generally reliable, can experience several common problems, including:

  • Starting Problems: Issues starting the tractor can arise from factors like a weak battery, a faulty ignition switch, or problems with the starter generator.
  • Transmission Problems: Over time, the transmission may exhibit symptoms such as slipping or grinding, especially if the tractor isn’t adequately maintained.
  • Mowing Deck Problems: Wear and tear on the mowing deck can lead to damage or deterioration, resulting in uneven cutting or difficulties in cutting grass effectively.
  • Electrical Problems: Electrical system problems can surface due to factors like corrosion or damaged wires.
  • Fuel System Problems: The fuel system may become clogged or contaminated, leading to performance issues or potential engine failure.


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