Dunkinrunsonyou: If you have ever been To Dunkin Donuts, You must already be aware Of what I’m referring to. They put A lot of attention into their doughnuts and make amazing ones that taste terrific.

You should fill out the Dunkin Donuts Customer Satisfaction survey if you want more of their doughnuts. This Poll seeks responses from visitors To Dunkin Donuts Restaurants.

DunkinRunsOnYou – Welcome To Dunkin Donuts Survey 2022

DunkinRunsOnYou Survey – Win Free Classic Donuts

Dunkin’ restaurants cherish Their customers And want To ensure that they receive what is owed. They wish To comprehend their customers’ desires in order to make them a reality.

In The Dunkin’ Donuts customer Survey Please Rate The quality Of The Food And Services As honestly as Possible.

Survey Coupon: Free Donuts On Your Next Visit

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What Is the Dunkin Donuts Survey

Dunkin’ Donuts’ customer satisfaction survey lets consumers rate their recent visits. www.telldunkin.com hosts the survey.

The poll requires an 18-digit survey code from a recent Dunkin’ Donuts transaction. Spanish and English surveys are available.

The poll asks about food and beverage quality, store cleanliness, employee friendliness, and general happiness. Participants can score their experience from extremely satisfied to highly dissatisfied and provide comments in a text box.

After the poll, respondents receive a validation code for a free item at Dunkin’ Donuts. Thank you for your comment! Dunkin’ Donuts uses consumer feedback to enhance their goods and services.

Dunkinrunsonyou Survey Requirements

  • An internet-connected gadget is necessary.
  • A Working phone number And email address are required to access the telldunkin donuts guest survey.
  • A Dunkin Donuts purchase receipt is required and recommended.
  • The Dunkin’ Donuts runs on your survey and takes a few minutes to complete.
  • You have to complete www.telldunkin.com within 3 days.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts survey receipt
  • Either English or Spanish reading and writing proficiency is required.

Dunkin Runs On You Survey Rules

  • A Person must be At least 18 Years old To participate in the Dunkin Donuts customer survey.
  • You must be A US citizen in good standing.
  • To participate in the Dunkin Donuts customer survey, You must have A purchase receipt.
  • It is not possible To transfer Or trade the survey reward for cash.
  • No one connected to a Dunkin Donuts restaurant may participate in the survey.
  • You must be willing to provide the survey with your personal contact information.
  • You can only have three days’ worth of receipts.
  • Both English and Spanish versions of the survey are offered.
  • Each receipt allows for one entry per individual.
  • Your coupon code must be used within 180 days.

Dunkinrunsonyou Survey Questions

  • How pleased were you with the drive-thru’s speed of service?
  • Did you receive a timely and kind welcome from the drive-through staff?
  • When you got your order at the drive-thru, was it accurate and complete?
  • How pleased were you with the caliber of the meals and drinks you got at the drive-through?
  • Was the drive-through area kept up-to-date and clean?
  • Do you have any more suggestions or remarks on your drive-through encounter?

Dunkin Donuts Survey Code

The Dunkin Donuts Survey Code varies by every receipt and is used to enter the survey

After purchase, you get a receipt that prints this survey code.

Below is a demo image of your receipt with the survey code

dunkin donuts survey

How To Participate In DunkinRunsOnYou.Com Survey?

You can only enter the Dunkin Donuts consumer survey online Therefore, it’s essential to have A receipt From the establishment.

 The webpage for the www.dunkinrunsonyou.com survey is seen in the image below.

DunkinRunsOnYou – Welcome To Dunkin Donuts Survey 2022

  • online entry with a survey code
  • Online entry without requiring a survey code

Here, I discuss both survey approaches.

Online Entry With Survey Code

  • First, go to www.dunkinrunsonyou.com to access the survey’s official website.
  • Enter the dunkindonuts.com survey code into the relevant field after taking the receipt.
  • Locating the 18-digit extended survey code is simple.
  • Choose Start.
  • After that, start answering the survey’s questions. Provide thorough responses to all the queries as well as your honest thoughts.
  • Based on your most recent visit to the Dunkin Donuts café, be sure to base your comments.
  • Answer The Questions Carefully in the Order they were Asked. Before you Can move on, you have to answer all of the questions on one page.
  • You will then get the validation code. You may get a free doughnut by mentioning it on your purchase receipt and bringing it to the Dunkin Donuts shop.

Online Entry With Store Number

  • To begin, go to www.dunkinrunsonyou.com, the survey’s official website.
  • The receipt you just purchased should have a shop number.
  • Fill in the relevant field with the shop number next.
  • Secondly, don’t forget to specify the day and hour of your visit.
  • Choose Next.
  • After that, you’ll see the survey’s questions. Describe each question honestly and include your opinion on the restaurant in each response.
  • Next, After entering certain information such as your contact information including your name, phone number, and email address, press the “Get Started” button.
  • Following that, you’ll receive the validation code. Just note it on your purchase receipt and bring it to the Dunkin Donuts shop to claim your free donuts.

Dunkin survey not working

  1. Check your internet connection: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection to access the Dunkin’ Survey website or app.
  2. Clear your browser cache
  3. Try a different device or browser
  4. Check survey eligibility: Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria for the Dunkin’ survey, such as being a recent customer and having a valid receipt or survey code.
  5. Contact Dunkin’ customer service

Dunkin Donuts survey without receipt

  1. Visit the Dunkin’ Donuts website or app: Go to the official Dunkin’ Donuts website or app and look for information about their survey. They may have options for taking the survey without a receipt.
  2. Check for alternative entry methods: Some surveys may allow you to enter without a receipt by providing other information, such as the store location, date of visit, or transaction details. Look for any alternative entry methods or contact Dunkin’ customer service for more information.
  3. Participate in other promotions or contests: Dunkin’ Donuts may have other promotions or contests that do not require a receipt.
  4. Contact Dunkin’ customer service: If you are unable to find information about taking the survey without a receipt, you can contact Dunkin’ customer service for assistance. They may be able to provide you with further instructions or alternatives for participating in their survey.

dunkinrunsonyou customer service

Customer Contact Number: 800-859-5339

Contact email: [email protected]

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


My guess is that you completed the Dunkin’ Donuts customer satisfaction survey with flying colors. Dublin Donuts has a fantastic survey for customers, and as a thank you, they throw in a few dozen doughnuts.

I hope I was able To answer all Of Your questions about Dunkin’ Donuts. Nonetheless, feel free To make A remark or ask A question if anything is unclear. If you haven’t already, Please take the Dunkin’ Donuts consumer survey At www.dunkinrunonyou.com.

Dunkin Donuts Survey FAQ

What is the Dunkin’ Donuts survey?

Customers may provide feedback to the firm through the Dunkin’ Donuts survey by sharing their thoughts and experiences.

How long does the Dunkin’ Donuts survey take to complete?

The survey takes 5-10 minutes.

Are there any rewards for completing the Dunkin’ Donuts survey?

After finishing the survey, you will receive a validation code good for a free beverage or pastry at your local Dunkin’ Donuts.

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