E-Rickshaw: Terra Y4 Alfa Information

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E-Rickshaw Terra Y4 Alfa Price Specs Overview


E-Rickshaw Terra Y4 Alfa 1

Hello, Guys! Do you Know about the E-Rickshaw Terra Y4 Alfa? And are you interested in this new Three wheeler Vehicle information such as price list, key features, mileage, horsepower, Cubic capacity etc.? Then you are at the perfect place, here in this post, I am talking about this new E-Rickshaw Terra Y4 Alfa, and I hope it is very useful to you to buy or sells this model Rickshaw. Ok, friends Let’s move on our topic.


E-Rickshaw Terra Y4 Alfa Price


E-Rickshaw Terra Y4 Alfa 2

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E-Rickshaw Terra Y4 Alfa Features


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Chasis + Frame Built Quality:

Terra Motors company has analysed all possible ways of splitting the weight implemented on the vehicles and have come out with the solid chassis in the E-Rickshaw market for India.

Component Quality:

Terra Motors company takes a lot of attention while choosing the parts or the companies joined with us in producing E-Rickshaw.


Terra Motors E-rickshaw y4 Alfa provides one year warranty to Mechanical and Electrical components.


E-Rickshaw Terra Y4 Alfa Specifications

E-Rickshaw Terra Y4 Alfa 4

Length 2,800mm
Width 940mm
Height 1,795mm
Total Weight 320kg
Battery Weight 112kg
Loading 1+4 380kg
Max Speed 25km
Suspension Front: Telescopic
Rear: Leaf
Motor Rating Output 1000w
Battery Terra Battery(48V 100Ah)
Battery Specs 48V100Ah
Charging Time(0-100%) 80% recovered by 5 hours/ 100% recovered by 7 hours
Charger Input : 220V 50Hz
Output : DC48V
Driver & Axle Rear Axle Drive 1 : 10 gear ratio


Final Words

I think it should be enough information to you for buy or sell this E-Rickshaw Terra Y4 Alfa. I hope you like this article, but if you have any kind of question in your mind regarding this article, then please comment in the comment box, I will solve your problem solution as soon. Thanks for visiting our site. And stay tuned with me for more stuff like this.


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