Farmtrac 25G Electronic Tractor Hey there fellow farmers and agriculture lovers! Today we’re taking a dive into the fascinating realm of sustainable farming as well as the amazing technological advancements in agriculture machinery.

We all know that environmental issues are at the top of our agendas and the need to find eco-friendly solutions across all industries which includes agriculture has never been more important. This is the game-changing Farmtrac 25G Electronic Tractor!

This amazing piece of technology for farming is about harnessing the potential of electric power to transform how we work on the field.

farmtrac 25g electric tractor

Say goodbye to fossil-fuelled tractor and welcome more eco-friendly, quieter better-performing future! This article will look at the incredible capabilities of the Farmtrac25G that will benefit both the environment as well as your pockets and how it fits seamlessly into the constantly expanding world that is sustainable agricultural.

So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the exciting realm of Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor! Let’s get started!

About Of Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor

Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor is an environmentally friendly and modern agricultural equipment that marks an important shift towards sustainable agriculture practices.

It’s an advanced electric tractor that is designed to replace traditional tractors powered by fossil fuels with a variety of benefits for both the farmers and the natural environment.

The heart of the Farmtrac 25G is an electric powertrain, which runs with clean and renewable power and produces zero tailpipe emissions.

It also means the machine will not emit harmful pollutants like carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides or particulate matter, which makes it an environmentally friendly option for farmers.

The electric motor of the tractor provides immediate torque and power supply that ensures optimal performance during diverse farming tasks such as plowing or cultivating and even hauling. The quiet and smooth operation reduces noise and creates a peaceful and comfortable farming.

With a powerful battery pack with a robust battery pack, the Farmtrac 25G is a powerful battery that offers plenty of power and an impressive range that allows the farmers to be productive for longer time without having to do frequent recharges.

The tractor can be charged easy and easy, since it can be accomplished by using power outlets that are standard or by using fast-charging options for quick topping-ups during breaks.

Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor Farmtrac 25G Electronic Tractor incorporates modern technology and advanced features. The sensors and the data connection give immediate information about the health of soil as well as weather conditions and crop condition, allowing the use of precision farming practices.

This method of data-driven optimization optimizes resource use which results in higher production, lower waste and improved overall farm efficiency.

Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor specifications

Here is a table of the specifications of the Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor in brief:



Engine Electric motor
Power output 25 hp
Torque 70 Nm
Battery capacity 20 kWh
Charging time 8 hours (standard charger), 2 hours (fast charger)
Top speed 20 km/h
Range 8 hours (standard charger), 4 hours (fast charger)
Weight 900 kg
Dimensions 2.8 m x 1.3 m x 1.8 m

Features Of Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor

Here’s a table highlighting the key features of the Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor:



Power and Performance Robust electric motor for impressive torque and power
Battery Capacity and Range High-capacity battery pack with ample range
Charging Time and Options Fast-charging capability and compatibility with standard outlets
Cutting-Edge Technology Integration of smart sensors and data connectivity
Smart Features Real-time information on soil health, weather, and crops
Noise Level Quiet and smooth operation, reducing noise pollution
Environmental Impact Zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to sustainability
Economic Advantages Lower operating costs compared to diesel tractors
Precision Agriculture Integration Enables data-driven and resource-efficient farming
Safety Features Roll-over protection, seat belts, and emergency shut-off
Certifications Complies with necessary safety and environmental standards
Versatility Suitable for various farming tasks and applications
Durability Sturdy construction and reliability for long-lasting use
Ergonomics Comfortable and user-friendly design for ease of operation
Maintenance Reduced maintenance requirements and downtime

Benefits of the Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor

Here are the advantages from Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor. Farmtrac 25G electric Tractor written in a human-like manner:

Save fuel costs: 

Electric tractors are powered by electricity which is a less expensive fuel than diesel. This means that you’ll save money on fuel every time you utilize your tractor.

Reduce the impact on the environment: 

Electric tractors produce no emissions, which is environmentally friendly. This means that you will assist in reducing the effects of climate change and air pollution through the use of the electric tractor.

You can enjoy a quieter working environment:

Electric tractors are significantly quieter than diesel-powered tractor. This is an advantage to farmers who live near with their neighbours. This means you can utilize your tractor without causing disturbance to your neighbors.

Improve your productivity:

 Electric tractor can run for longer durations without fueling, which could boost your efficiency. This means you’ll accomplish more work during the day with electric tractors.

Reduce the cost of maintenance: 

Electric tractors have less moving parts than diesel tractors this means they need less maintenance. This means you’ll reduce maintenance costs throughout the lifespan that your tractor.

Enjoy a longer-lasting lifespan: 

Electric tractors have an extended lifespan than diesel-powered tractor. This means you will make more use of your tractor prior to it needing replacement.

Comparison with Traditional Tractors

The Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor is a groundbreaking technological advancement in the field of agriculture.

 In comparison to conventional tractors, the Farmtrac 25G has a number of advantages that make it a popular alternative for farmers looking to adopt sustainable and environmentally green methods of farming.Here are the main distinctions between these tractors: Farmtrac 25G Electronic Tractor as well as the traditional tractors:

Energy Source: Its Farmtrac 25G Electronic Tractor runs on a lithium-ion 72V battery, whereas traditional tractors operate on diesel engines.

emission: The Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor emits no emissions of exhaust, whereas traditional tractor models emit harmful pollution.

Noise and Vibration :The motor that is electric in the Farmtrac 25G is quiet and vibration, which makes it perfect for residential areas. Traditional tractors on the contrary, can be noisy and noisy.

Energie Efficiency: This Farmtrac 25G electric Tractor is extremely energy efficient this means that it is able to run for longer durations without having to be recharged. This is an advantage over traditional tractors that require frequent refills.

Price: The Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor is more costly than traditional tractors. However, the benefits in the long run and potential costs savings makes it a viable option to ensure the sustainability of agriculture.

Integration of Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is a rapidly growing field that uses advanced technologies as well as data analysis to increase yields and manage resources.

This is referred to as precision agriculture. It is especially effective in combating the loss of fertilizer, which is a major concern for farmers since nitrogen fertilizer is among their largest expenses.

 It’s also a significant factor in water pollution as well as climate change.

Through the analysis of data from tractors, sensors, and satellites, farmers today can monitor their crops’ health, make plant-specific decisions and determine the best fertilizer to use to increase the efficiency of their operations unlike ever before.

Precision agriculture is revolutionizing modern agriculture through the use of modern technology to make data-driven choices to improve crop management.

Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor is an excellent illustration that shows how precise agriculture can be incorporated into farming methods. 

It produces zero emissions, low vibration and noise, high efficiency in energy use, and low operating costs in rural areas.

Farmtrac 25G And Sustainable Farming

Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor is revolutionizing farming through its eco-friendly principles.

 Its advanced features and technology aid in precision agriculture, which makes use of technology and data analytics to improve yields in agriculture and manage resources. Important factors relating with Farmtrac 25G and sustainable farming

Zero emissions

Farmtrac 25G Electronic Tractor has been renowned as it emits no emissions which makes it an environmentally sustainable option for farmers. Eliminating exhaust emissions helps reduce pollution of the air and helps to improve the quality of life for all.

Low Vibration and Noise

This electric tractor is ideal for use at home or for delicate tasks due to its quiet and low vibration. It keeps the farmers and surrounding communities quiet by reducing the amount of noise.

Energie Efficiency

Farmtrac 25G Electronic Tractor is energy efficient. The battery is lithium-ion and has a 72V voltage. 15 kW motor will last up to 6-7 hours when fully charged. This energy efficiency helps reduce energy consumption and operating expenses for farmers.

Precision agriculture

The Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor’s ability to produce precision agricultural crops increase its long-term sustainability. Precision farming improves the management of crops by utilizing advanced technology and data-driven decision making.

Farmers can track the health of their crops as well as plant smartly and optimize fertilizer usage by using sensors, tractor, and satellite information. 

This reduces waste and increases productivity of the resource, increasing the yield of agricultural crops and also helping the environment.

Sustainability Farming Solutions

The Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor helps sustainable agriculture. It is the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is a proponent of precision agriculture and works with food producers to purchase sustainable agricultural products.

Precision farming and electric tractors such as the Farmtrac 25G could aid farmers in creating a more robust and sustainable system for agriculture.

Limitations And Challenges 

Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor comes with numerous advantages, but the acceptance of it must outweigh its disadvantages. There are a few important limitations and obstacles:

Weight and size: Battery weight and size are important when powering agricultural equipment, like tractor. The weight of batteries can make electric tractors heavier than fossil fuel ones, which can affect performance and the ability to maneuver.

The reduction in size and weight of batteries without compromising power storage capacities is an ongoing problem.

Energy requirements: During planting and harvesting times, farmers work for long hours. Electric tractor must have enough capacity for batteries to run from dawn until nightfall and are therefore challenging to power. 

Create better battery technology or ingenious charging techniques to get around this problem.

Infrastructure and charging : Electric tractor are also restricted in terms of charging. Tractors that are traditional can be recharged rapidly, while electric tractors require charging stations or constant energy. 

The expansion of rural charging infrastructures and establishing fast-charging options is essential to the adoption of electric tractor.

Cost: Electric tractor prices might be more expensive than standard tractor prices. This price difference could be a challenge for farmers, especially those who have limited funds. Electric tractor prices are expected to fall as technology advances as economies of scale are realized.

Precision and Autonomy: Technology has enabled the development of autonomous and precise agriculture solutions, however the integration of them into electric tractors isn’t easy.

It is essential to conduct research and develop to ensure reliable and precise automated operation, and seamlessly implement precision farming technology.

Future of Electric Tractors in Agriculture

Electric tractor in the agricultural sector is very promising since they have numerous advantages over traditional tractor models. Here are some important points regarding the electric tractor’s future:

Sustainability: Electric tractors are more sustainable than diesel tractors. Zero emissions increase the quality of air and reduce carbon footprint.

Agriculture and farmers are becoming increasingly attracted to electric tractor due to environmental awareness and the need for sustainable solutions grow.

Savings on costs: Electrictractors can save money for farmers. They cost less than diesel-powered tractors since they use fewer moving parts, and require less maintenance.

In the long run Electric tractors reduce the cost of fuel by a significant amount.

The flexibility: Electric tractors are simple to use and maneuver. They are more quiet and less abrasive which makes them suitable to be used in household or sensitive applications.

Simple controls and less maintenance makes electric tractors more convenient to use.

Technology advancements: Electric tractors may encourage innovation in agriculture. Electric tractors can be linked with automated and precision agriculture technologies to improve the management of crops and resources as technology improves. This increases efficiency, yields and also the sustainability of the land.

Customized solutions: Electronic tractors are customized to various techniques of agriculture. Orchards and vineyards are using tiny electric tractors that can be used for green farming that doesn’t cause noise or polluting.
Farmers can customize their tractor to pick the ideal electric tractor that meets their specific needs.

Maintenance Tips for Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor

Here are some helpful maintenance tips to follow for your Farmtrac 25G electric tractor based upon the results of the search:

  • Learn the Manual: The Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor comes with a guide that contains useful tips on tractor maintenance. It is essential to study and comprehend the manual in order to ensure the correct care of the tractor.
  • Check the hydraulic oil and filter: It is recommended to take off the hydraulic oil, and then change the filter every few months. When you have dropped the oil look for any metal parts in the oil that could signal an issue on the tractor.
  • Cleansing the tractor regularly: Regular maintenance of your tractor’s equipment is necessary for maintaining its performance and long-term durability. The accumulation of dirt and debris on the tractor and can result in damage to components as time passes. Regularly cleaning the tractor will prevent this from happening.
  • Battery Maintenance: It is The Farmtrac 25G electric Tractor operates on the basis of a lithium-ion 72V battery. It is essential to properly maintain the battery for its long-term use. This means charging the battery while avoiding overcharging and keeping it in an air-tight, dry location.
  • Routine Inspection: A regular inspection on the tractor is crucial to detect any issues before they escalate into major issues. Examine the tractor for indications to wear or tear, loose bolts or damaged parts.

Farmtrac 25G Electronic Tractor Review

The Farmtrac 25G Electronic Tractor stands as the first commercially accessible all-electric tractor in the UK. It operates using a 21 kWh lithium-ion battery, offering up to 6 hours of runtime on a single charge. This tractor is equipped with a 25 hp electric motor, delivering instantaneous torque and ensuring seamless operation.

Full review YouTube video check here.


The Farmtrac 25G electric tractor is a significant step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for farming. With zero emissions, quiet operation, and energy efficiency, this tractor is a game-changer in the industry.

Although the price may be a drawback, the long-term benefits of reducing carbon footprint and fuel costs make it a worthwhile investment.

As more farmers adopt electric tractors, we can expect to see a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a cleaner environment. The future of farming is electric, and the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor is leading the way.

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What is the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor?

The Farmtrac 25G electric tractor is the first commercially available all-electric tractor in the UK. It brings zero-emissions, quiet operation, and energy efficiency to the countryside.

How long can the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor work?

The Farmtrac 25G electric tractor can work for 6-7 hours, which is equivalent to the working time of a diesel tractor. After that, it needs to be recharged overnight.

What are the benefits of the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor?

The benefits of the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor include zero emissions, quiet operation, and energy efficiency. It helps reduce carbon footprint and fuel costs for farmers.

Is the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor easy to operate?

Yes, according to Robert Llewellyn from Fully Charged, who tested the tractor at Bemborough Farm in Gloucestershire, the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor is quite easy to operate.

Is the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor suitable for larger farming machinery?

Yes, the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor is considered a brilliant first step towards electrifying bigger and more powerful farming machinery. It sets the stage for a future where larger electric tractors can be used.

What is the price of the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor?

The Farmtrac 25G electric tractor is priced around two times higher than its diesel equivalent. However, as it is the first battery electric vehicle (BEV) model, it is expected that the price difference will decrease over time.

Can the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor be powered by renewable energy?

Yes, the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor can be powered by renewable energy sources such as wind or solar energy generated on the farm. This helps further reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.

Has the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor been tested by farmers?

Yes, farmers have tested the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor. Ron Holmes of Holmes Farm in Sherman County and Adam Henson’s Bemborough Farm in Gloucestershire are among the locations where the tractor has been tested.

Is the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor featured on any TV shows?

Yes, the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor was featured on BBC Countryfile, showcasing its capabilities. This indicates that it has garnered attention and interest in the farming community.

What is the battery capacity of the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor?

The Farmtrac 25G electric tractor has a battery capacity of roughly 21 kWh. This provides sufficient power for its operations.

Does the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor have all-wheel drive?

Yes, the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor is equipped with all-wheel drive, which enhances its performance and traction on various terrains.

Can the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor be fast-charged?

No, the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor does not have a fast charge option. It needs to be recharged overnight.

Is the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor available for purchase in the UK?

Yes, the Farmtrac 25G electric tractor is the first commercially available all-electric tractor in the UK. It is available for purchase.

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