Login to Geodis Pay Stub: GEODIS is a global leader in transportation and logistics and a division of SNCF Logistics. So, geodis.com hosts the official Geodis Pay Stub portal.

The employee can access their pay stub information, including the Geodis payroll schedule, paycheck records, pay per hour, gross compensation, net salary, deductions, and more, by applying on the self-service portal.

Now, read this study to learn everything there is to know about the Geodis Employee Login Portal.

Geodis Employees Portal – Geodis Portal Login – Guide

  • Firstly, go to the browser & enter https://geodis.com/us/user/login or Click Here to open Geodis Login Account.

  • You’ll be taken to the Geodis Pay Stub Login Portal shortly.

Geodis Pay Stub Login

  • Next, enter the correct “Email and Password” that the Geodis Company has provided.
  • The “Log in” option is now active, allowing you to access your Geodis PayStubs account.

How To Reset My Geodis Pay Stub Login Password?

  • If you don’t remember your Password then click on the Forgot Password? link.

My Geodis Pay Stub Login Forgot Password


  • Enter your email address now and enter the code to solve the captcha.
  • Then click “Submit.”
  • You can reset your password once you’ve finished the previous steps.

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