Husqvarna 125b Reviews, Specification & Price 2022

Husqvarna’s 125B leaf blower is lightweight and easy to use. Husqvarna is well-known for its powerful backpack blowers and zero-turn mowers. The 125B shows off Husqvarna’s soft side.

For large areas of land, hand-held blowers will not work. These blowers are designed for homeowners like you who just want to clean their driveway or back porch. 

Although it may seem unassuming, the Husqvarna 125B blower packs a punch. It also comes with all the great features that you would expect from a Husqvarna blower.

Husqvarna 125b


Husqvarna 125b Overview

The Husqvarna handheld leaf blower 125B is powerful and ready to tackle your next yard maintenance job.

The blower’s lightweight frame and specially engineered fan reduce stress while still delivering huge wind power.

The blower also has a cruise control function, which maintains a steady fan speed. This allows you to easily tackle tasks such as raking or sweeping.

This blower is ideal for yard cleanup and general use.

About Husqvarna products

Husqvarna makes chainsaws and leaf blowers, mowers, trimming, snow blowers, edgers, and pressure washers.

Their bright orange color scheme makes them stand out. There are high chances that you have seen many of their products while out on a drive.

Husqvarna is a leading supplier of commercial lawn care products, including for government agencies and public agencies.

Have you ever wondered how large areas of grass in parks are trimmed? This is a Husqvarna product.

Husqvarna 125b Review

Pros and cons of handheld gas blower

  • PRO These cars are generally stronger (170 mph)
  • PRO: They typically have a longer duration of run time
  • PRO: Gas blowers that are handheld will last for a long time
  • The benefit is that you don’t have to worry about charging it.
  • CON Maintenance and blending of oil/gas
  • CON A: The levels of noise are more pronounced
  • CON: The time to start is longer

Pros and cons of electric blowers

  • PRO: Extremely easy to use, and requires no upkeep
  • PRO: Generally less heavy
  • The battery can be utilized in other tools.
  • Con: Life of batteries may run out
  • CON: Less powerful on average
  • Con: Blowers with cords need extended cords
Feature Husqvarna 125B Electric blower
Difficulty to use More difficult to start and store Easier to start
Durability Much more durable Avg. durability
Maintenance Average maintenance No maintenance
Value High value Low to medium value
For lots <10,000 sq. ft Highly recommended Highly recommended
For lots <1 acre Highly recommended Less recommended
For lots >1 acre Not recommended Less recommended

Husqvarna 125B Features

There are many things you will love about the Husqvarna 125B. Let’s start by looking at the key things to consider when choosing the right blower for you.


Okay, so I did start this review by testing handheld blowers and let you know that they didn’t have a lot of power. The backpack blowers have more power than the handheld blowers.

Husqvarna 125B price and value

Amazon sells the Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower for $170. This is a great value. This blower is actually less expensive than other electric blowers, but it provides more power, lasts longer, and comes with the Husqvarna guarantee.

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Husqvarna 125b Specification


Cylinder displacement 1.7 cu.inch
Power output 1.1 hp
Maximum power speed 8,000 rpm
Fuel tank volume 16.91 fl oz
Idling speed 3,000 rpm
Electrode gap 0.024 in
Fuel consumption 575 g/kWh
Engine Family CARB *PWES.0284BQ


Air flow in housing 470 cfm
Air flow in pipe 425 cfm
Airspeed 170 mph
Air speed (flat nozzle) 170 mph
Air speed (round nozzle) 130 mph
Blowing Force 12.5 N


Weight 9.4 lbs
Product size length 14.9 in
Product size width 8.1 in
Product size height 13.4 in
Tube diameter 0 in


Vacuum Kit No
Harness Not included
Nozzle type Round+ Flat


This machine can quickly clear large or medium-sized yards up to an entire acre. This tool is a great choice for quick cleanups.