Husqvarna 372 Xp Specs, Price, Parts & Review 2023

Husqvarna 372 Xp Specs, Price Parts & Review 2023

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husqvarna 372 xp

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Husqvarna 372 Xp Overview

A real professional seen in the larger mid-size class that was made for very tough jobs. The engine can endure high speeds and large loads thanks to the extra-hard-duty materials used to construct the crankcase and crankshaft and the carburetor’s vibration dampening system.

The saw is lightweight, powerful, and goes swiftly. It is also simple to operate. Both the handles and the carburetor on the XP G model are heated.

Husqvarna 372 Xp Prices

Price- $1,129.99

Husqvarna 372xp HP

horsepower-5.5 hp

Husqvarna  372xp chain size

chain size-20 inch, 3/8″ Pitch

Husqvarna 372xp Max Bar and Chain

Max bar lenth appeox –  40 cm &  Chain-20 in

Husqvarna 372xp production years

production years-2000

Husqvarna 372xp discontinued

discontinued Approx-2018 Year

Husqvarna 372 Xp Rating

Husqvarna 372 Xp

Husqvarna 372xp specs


Art no: 965 70 26‑18 Art no: 965 70 26‑94 Art no: 970 47 24‑18
Cylinder displacement 70.7 cm³ 70.7 cm³ 70.7 cm³
Power output 3.9 kW 3.9 kW 3.9 kW


Recommended bar length, min 38 cm 38 cm 38 cm
Recommended bar length, max 70 cm 70 cm 70 cm
Pitch 3/8″ 3/8″ 3/8″
Chain type H42 H42 H42
Bar length 45 cm 60 cm 45 cm
Bar length (inch) 18 in 24 in 18 in


Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 6.3 kg 6.3 kg 6.3 kg

Sound and Noise

Sound pressure level at the operator’s ear 103 dB(A) 103 dB(A) 103 dB(A)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 115 dB(A) 115 dB(A) 115 dB(A)


Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front handle 5.7 m/s² 5.7 m/s² 5.7 m/s²
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle 8 m/s² 8 m/s² 8 m/s²

Husqvarna 372 Xp Manuals

Husqvarna 372 Xp Review 

The Husqvarna 372 XP is a chainsaw built for professional and heavy-duty use. It’s a powerful and tough saw suitable for various tasks like cutting down trees, preparing firewood, and clearing brush.

For more details check out the Youtube video

Husqvarna 372 XP Features

  • The husky centrifugal air cleaning system
  • X-Torq engine with fewer emissions and more power
  • Adjustable oil pump which is good for different climates
  • Easy-release filter cover and filter for quick maintenance
  • Magnesium crankcase – tougher than plastic!
  • Durable 3-piece crankshaft
  • Husqvarna LowVib reduces vibration levels
  • SmartStart – starts quickly with little effort
  • Great front handle ergonomics
  • Inertia-activated chain brake

Husqvarna 372xp problems

Difficulty Starting: If the chainsaw is difficult to start or won’t start at all, it may be due to a clogged air filter, a dirty spark plug, or a fuel supply issue. Try cleaning or replacing the air filter, checking and cleaning the spark plug, and ensuring that the fuel lines and carburetor are free from blockages.

Poor Performance: If the chainsaw is running poorly or not performing up to standard, it may be due to a dull chain, a clogged air filter, or a dirty carburetor. Try sharpening or replacing the chain, cleaning or replacing the air filter, and cleaning the carburetor to improve performance.

Overheated: A filthy air filter, a clogged muffler, or a lack of oil may be to blame for an overheated chainsaw.Try cleaning or replacing the air filter, cleaning the muffler, and ensuring that the bar and chain are properly lubricated.

Chain Comes Off: If the chain keeps coming off the bar, it may be due to a loose or damaged bar, a worn sprocket, or an improperly tensioned chain. Try tightening the bar nuts, replacing the bar or sprocket, and adjusting the chain tension to ensure proper alignment.

Leaking Oil: If the chainsaw is leaking oil, it may be due to a damaged oil tank, a loose oil cap, or a faulty oil pump. Try inspecting the oil tank and cap for damage or wear, and ensuring that the oil pump is properly lubricating the bar and chain.

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Husqvarna 372 XP– FAQs

Is the Husqvarna 372 a pro saw?

A real professional seen in the larger mid-size class that was made for very tough jobs. Equipped with an X-TORQ engine that uses less fuel and puts out less pollution.

What saw replaced the Husqvarna 372XP?

As Husqvarna’s new top-of-the-line professional felling saw, the 572XP replaces both the 70.7cc 372XP and the 73.5cc 576XP in the US.

How good is the 372XP?

The Husqvarna 372 XP is a real professional saw with enough power to use longer bars. It is ready for the toughest jobs. The crankcase and crankshaft are built to survive, and the carburetor’s vibration dampening can withstand high speeds and a lot of effort.

What is the engine size of the Husqvarna 372 XP?

The Husqvarna 372 XP is equipped with a 70.7cc two-stroke engine.

What is the weight of the Husqvarna 372 XP?

The weight of the Husqvarna 372 XP without the cutting equipment is approximately 6.6 kg (14.6 lbs).

What is the bar length of the Husqvarna 372 XP?

The Husqvarna 372 XP can be equipped with bar lengths ranging from 13 inches to 28 inches.

Does the Husqvarna 372 XP come with an adjustable oiler?

Yes, the Husqvarna 372 XP comes with an adjustable oiler that allows you to control the flow of oil to the chain and bar.

What type of air filtration system does the Husqvarna 372 XP have?

The Husqvarna 372 XP is equipped with a centrifugal air cleaning system that removes large debris particles and dust before reaching the air filter.

Can the Husqvarna 372 XP be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, the Husqvarna 372 XP is a professional-grade chainsaw that is designed for commercial use.

Does the Husqvarna 372 XP have an anti-vibration system?

Yes, the Husqvarna 372 XP features an effective anti-vibration system that reduces operator fatigue and makes it more comfortable to use for extended periods.

Is the Husqvarna 372 XP easy to start?

Yes, the Husqvarna 372 XP features an air purge system that removes air from the carburetor and fuel system, making it easier to start.

What type of chain brake does the Husqvarna 372 XP have?

The Husqvarna 372 XP is equipped with a side-mounted chain brake that can be activated manually or by inertia in case of kickback.