Husqvarna yt42dxl Reviews, Specification & Price 2022

Husqvarna’s YT42DXL lawn tractor is a two-wheel drive. This model was produced between 2017 and 2022. 

Husqvarna YT42DXL drivetrain components: Kohler KT725 7000Serie 4-cycle twin-cylinder, air-cooled, vertical shaft gasoline engine.

Tuff Torq K46 BT belt driven hydrostatic transaxle. Foot-controlled variable speed drive.

A 44.2 (725cc) engine has an 83mm cylinder bore, a piston stroke of 2.64″ (67mm), and a maximum power output of 22 hp (16.3kW). 

Maximum speed forward/reverse: 5.5 mph (8.8km/h), 2.4 mph (3.8 km/h), and 22 hp (16.3 kW).

Husqvarna YT42DXL tractor features a manual steering system and pneumatic wheels. It also has 15×6.00-6 front tires and 20×8.00-8 back tires. 

This lawn tractor can be used with a 42-inch mid-mount 2-blade side-discharge mower deck with cutting heights of 1.5-4.0 inches (38-101mm), 7 cut positions, and a mechanical lifting system.

Husqvarna yt42dxl

Husqvarna yt42dxl Overview

Husqvarna yard tractors are high-quality and deliver premium performance. They are compact and easy to move, so they take up less storage space. 

These tractors are easy to use thanks to features such as the adjustable seat, fender-mounted cutting height adjustment, and ergonomic steering wheel. 

For smooth, variable forward speed and reverse, hydrostatic transmission. ClearCut(TM), a fabricated cutting deck, allows you to mow more efficiently.

It not only has rock-solid durability but also offers industry-leading performance and cut quality. All models are available with a variety of accessories and a mulch kit to enhance lawn fertilization.

Husqvarna yt42dxl Features

Powerful 22HP Kohler KT725 7000 Series V-Twin 4 Cycle Engine

  • Cooler, cleaner, and quieter
  • Increases power and fuel consumption
  • Full pressure lubrication system, with spin-on oil filter

Pedal-Operated Tuff Torq K46 Hydrostatic Transmission

  • Adds extra ground-gripping traction to all your yard chores
  • Smooth, variable forward and back speed
  • Ideal for tight yards, a 16-inch turning radius is ideal

42-Inch Fabricated (Welded) Steel ClearCut Deck

  • Design in rusty 10-gauge welded stainless steel with a 10-year warranty
  • 2 anti-scalp tires to stop scalping on uneven terrain
  • 2 mower blades, greaseable mandrels, and washout port
  • For added safety and convenience, use an electric blade to engage
  • The reverse operation system safely disconnects blades when in reverse

Tube Bumper

  • Welded steel construction for heavy-duty use
  • Protects engine and frame from damage

Air Induction Mowing Technology

  • Air is drawn from the deck of the mower.
  • Great cutting and collection of grass and leaves
  • The improved airflow decreases rowing and clumping and evens out clipping discharge

Comfortable Operation

  • A 15-Inch high back and ergonomic steering wheel
  • For easy access, you can locate the throttle, throttle, and ignition all in one place
  • Cup holder, headlights, and hour meter included. Cruise control also included

Husqvarna yt42dxl Specification

Compression 9.1:1
Fuel System Type Carburetor
Carburetor Type Fixed main jet
Fuel Pump Pulse type
Governor Mechanical
Lubrication Full pressure
Oil filter Full-flow type
Air Cleaner Replaceable, paper element
Spark Plug Type Champion RC12YC or NGK CS6
Spark Plug Gap, in (mm) 0.030 (0.76)
Module Air Gap, in (mm) 0.008-0.012 (0.203-0.305)
Intake Valve Clearance (Cold), in (mm) 0.004-0.006 (0.10-0.15)
Exhaust Valve Clearance (Cold), in (mm) 0.004-0.006 (0.10-0.15)
Fuel Tank Capacity, gal (L) 3.5 (13.5)
Oil Capacity, qts (L) 2.0 (1.9)


Electrical System Rating, Volts 12
Charging System Alternator 15A
Starter Type Electric
Number of Batteries 1
Battery Voltage, Volts 12
Battery, AH 28
Electric Ground Negative


PTO Operational Type Independent
PTO Clutch Electric
PTO Speed, rpm 3000


Transmission Model Tuff Torq K46 BT
Transmission Type Belt-driven hydrostatic
Number of Forwarding Gears Infinite
Number of Reverse Gears Infinite
Drive Train Transaxle with foot-controlled variable speed drive
Axle Shaft Size, in (mm) 0.75 (19.1)
Maximum Forward Speed, mph (kph) 5.5 (8.8)
Maximum Reverse Speed, mph (kph) 2.4 (3.8)


Drive Wheels 2WD 4×2
Front Axle Cast iron
Steering Configuration Front steer
Steering System Manual
Tire Type Pneumatic wheels
Front Tire Size 15×6.00-6
Rear Tire Size 20×8.00-8


Wheelbase, in (mm) 48 (1220)
Length, in (mm) 69.2 (1750)
Height, in (mm) 41.5 (1050)
Overall Width (Max), in (mm) 49.5 (1255)
Overall Width (Min), in (mm) 43.5 (1105)
Weight, lb (kg) 435 (197)


Mower Deck Type Mid-mount
Mower Deck Construction Welded
Mower Deck Material 10-Gauge steel
Cutting Methods Side discharge, bag, mulch
Number of Blades 2
Blade Engagement Electric
Cutting Width, in (mm) 42 (1070)
Cutting Height, in (mm) 1.5-4.0 (38-101)
Spindle Material Ductile cast iron
Cut Positions 7
Anti-Scalp Wheels 2
Deck Drive Belt
Lift System Mechanical, hand operated


I’m not able to recommend the initial generation Husqvarna yt42dxl in your opinion. There are a lot of complaints about the durability and reliability of the.

There are issues with the start-up process in humid conditions and with carburetors that are not working.

The more recent model Husqvarna yt42dxl seems to be an improvement in this regard and isn’t plagued by the same issues.