John Deere 1590 Drill: The No-Till Drilling technique has changed throughout the past 50 years because the method has been traced back to a farmer in North Carolina in 1962.

This John Deere 1590 No-Till Drill is the best illustration of this development. No-till planters are highly effective erosion control and measures to conserve moisture This John Deere product assists farmers in putting seeds directly into the soil by utilizing the leftovers of the previous crop – without the need for plowing or disking.

John Deere 1590 Drill

John Deere 1590 Drill Price


John Deere 1590 Drill Features

  • Grain/Fertilizer Box Capacity: 1.4 bu./ft., 2 bu./ft.
  • Grain Box Capacity: 3.5 bu./ft.
  • Allover Width: 10 ft., 15 ft., 20 ft.

John Deere 1590 Drill Specification

Working width 4.57 m
15 ft
Total weight empty 3837.4 kg
8460 lb
Capacities Plain grain
1850.1 L
52.5 bu
2026.2 L
57.5 bu
Opener assembly Spacing
19.1/38.1/50.8 cm
7.5/15/20 in.


Working width 4.57 m
15 ft
Transport width 4.65 m
15.25 ft, in.
Transport height 2.08 m
6.83 ft, in.
Overall length With wheels – 6.1 m
20 ft
Total weight empty 3837.4 kg
8460 lb
Hitch weight empty 1406.1 kg
3100 lb
Hitch weight full 2041.2 kg
4500 lb
Clearance Road opener – 20.3 cm
8 in.


Plain grain 1850.1 L
52.5 bu
Grain/Fertilizer 2026.2 L
57.5 bu


Type Fluted-feed

Opener assembly

Number of openers 18 or 24
Spacing 19.1/38.1/50.8 cm
7.5/15/20 in.
Down pressure Active hydraulic down pressure per opener – 75 to 204 kg
165 to 450 lb
Disk At a 7-degree angle – 45.7 cm
18 in.
Gauge wheels 11.4 x 40.6 cm
4.5 x 16 in.
Press wheels 2.54 x 25.4 cm
1 x 10 in.
Closing wheels 2.54 x 30.5 cm
1 x 12 in.

Tractor requirements

Hydraulic requirements One selective control valve (SCV)
Electrical requirements Seven-pin connection


A long internal smooth seed tube, with an elbow molded into it, is held at the support of the seed tube. From there, it’s joined to a constrained seed tube that allows the products to flow easily into the openers, and allows for flex.

The tube bends in order to prevent cutting and crimping, ensuring a steady flow of seed. It is constructed of non-corrosive nylon for longevity.

Long tubes measure 55.4 centimeters (21.8 inches.) and short tubes measure 10.8 millimeters (4.25 in. ).

Elbow at a distance of meters to angle the seed tube straight towards the openers.

The smooth inner diameter ensures seamless seed flow from meters up to openings for the furrows.

The combination grain/fertilizer drill that has 19.3 cm (7.5-in.) row spacing is equipped with an unconstrained tube that guides fertilizer from the discharge hole up to on top of the seed tube made of steel at the boot for the seed.

After that, a specially designed adapter Y lets fertilizer and seed mix before being inserted into the furrow.

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