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John Deere 160 lc

John Deere 160 lc Key Fact

  • Net Power: 90 kW (122 hp)
  • Max. Digging Depth: 6.49 m (21 ft. 4 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 17 945 kg (39,526 lb.)

John Deere 160 lc Features


The EPA FT4/EU Stage IV engine uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR), easy-to-maintain high-uptime exhaust filters, and field-proven cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) (SCR)

The diesel particulate filter’s (DPF) ash-service intervals are condition-based, and the machine will alert the operator when maintenance is necessary.


Short-throw pilot levers that are ergonomically sound offer smooth, predictable fingertip control with less movement and effort.

Auxiliary hydraulic flow can be controlled predictably by pushing buttons in the correct lever to operate attachments. Proportional speed control is offered by an optional sliding switch.


You have three productivity modes to select the best digging technique for the task:

Greater power and quicker hydraulic response are delivered by high productivity to move more material. For everyday use, power offers a blend of strength, speed, and fuel efficiency. The economy lowers the top speed and contributes to fuel efficiency.


Optimal visibility is provided by the hood design, increased front and side glass, narrow front cab posts, overhead glass, and numerous mirrors.

John Deere 160 lc Specs

Boom/Stick Excavator Option 1

Max Cutting Height 28.7 ft (9 m)
Max Digging Depth 19.2 ft (6 m)
Max Loading Height 20.7 ft (6 m)
Max Reach Along Ground 28.2 ft (9 m)
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth 16.5 ft (5 m)
Shipping Height of Unit 9.5 ft (3 m)
Shipping Length of Unit 28 ft (9 m)

Boom/Stick Excavator Option 2

Max Cutting Height 29.5 ft (9 m)
Max Digging Depth 20.9 ft (6 m)
Max Loading Height 21.5 ft (6 m)
Max Reach Along Ground 29.7 ft (9 m)
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth 18.3 ft (5 m)
Shipping Height of Unit 9.5 ft (3 m)
Shipping Length of Unit 28.1 ft (9 m)


Maximum Bucket Capacity 1.8 cu yds (1 m)
Minimum Bucket Capacity 0.7 cu yds (0 m)
Reference Bucket Capacity 1.1 cu yds (1 m)


Digging Depth 19 ft (6 m)
Digging Reach 19 ft (6 m)
Ground Clearance 1.6 ft (0 m)
Height – Top of Cab 9.5 ft (3 m)
Length of Track on Ground 10.2 ft (3 m)
Removal Counterweight Clearance 3.3 ft (1 m)
Tail Swing Radius 8.1 ft (2 m)
Width to Outside of Tracks 8.5 ft (2 m)


Aspiration Turbocharger and air-to-air charge air cooler
Displacement 276 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model 4045H
Max Torque 302 lbs/ft
Net Power 109 hp (81 kw)
Power Measured @ 2300 rpm
Torque Measured @ 1400 rpm

Operating Specifications

Alternator Supplied Amperage 45 A
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 7.1 gal (27 l)
Engine Oil Capacity 3.7 gal (11 l)
Fuel Capacity 74 gal (280 l)
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 78.2 gal/min (295 l/min)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 44.9 gal (167 l)
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure 4980 psi
Operating Voltage 24 V
Operating Weight 35620 lbs (16,157 kg)
Swing Drive Fluid Capacity 1.2 gal (4 l)

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed 13.6 rpm


Drawbar Pull 33670 lbs (15,273 kg)
Ground Pressure 5.5 psi
Max Travel Speed 3.3 mph (5 kph)
Number of Carrier Rollers per Side 2
Number of Shoes per Side 43
Number of Track Rollers per Side 7
Shoe Size 23.7 in (58 cm)

John Deere 160 lc – FAQ

How much does a John Deere 160 LC weight?

John Deere 160 LC weight is 39,526 lb.

How many horsepowers does a John Deere 160G LC excavator have?

John Deere 160 LC engine produces a 121 HP

How long is a 1998 Deere 160 LC?

10,720 miles, enclosed cab, heat, 1998 Deere 160 LC new set of driving sprockets are included. Request shipping prices Request financing

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