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Kubota Bx1880 Problems

Kubota Bx1880 Problems And How To Fix?

Tractors are expensive pieces of equipment that are difficult to replace, so if something goes wrong, you can worry. But you can save yourself a lot of trouble and headaches if you understand how to fix the most common problems. So, here are some common Kubota Bx1880 Problems.

Which are as follows:

(1)  Engine Stalling Problem

(2)  Transmission Noise Problem

(3)  Hydraulics Overheating

(4)  Overheating Problem

(5) Oil Pressure Problem

(6) Transmission fluid leakage Problem

(1) Problem 1: Kubota Bx1880 Engine Stalling Problem

If your Kubota BX1880’s engine stops working all of a sudden while you’re working, you need to fix this as soon as possible. It’s because it could cause your tractor’s engine to break down sooner.

So, we now know how to solve this problem. See if the fuel injector pump is working. If it doesn’t work and is broken, try cleaning the valves.

(2) Problem 2:Kubota Bx1880 Transmission Noise Problem

This model’s transmission sometimes breaks down, making strange noises when it does. The following things can cause this problem to happen:

Speed Control Linkage is Defective

If this is the case, you will need to buy a new linkage or adjust the one you have.

Transmission Fluid is Dirty or Low

Pour in new fluid or add fluid to the transmission.

Transmission Parts are Worn

Change the parts of the transmission, and the problem will be fixed. But it’s best to change the whole message because that will make it last longer.

(3) Problem 3: Hydraulics Overheating

Sometimes, this unit’s hydraulics get too hot. So you only have to change the fluid. So because the fluid type is occasionally wrong, another reason could be an airlock. So pour out all the oil and put in new oil. Then this problem will continue.

(4) Problem 4: Kubota Bx1880 Overheating Problem

Most of this model of Kubota, the BX1880, has a problem with the engine getting too hot. Even if the engine is running and not performing much work, it can get hot. So, the solution is that you’ll need to check the radiator.

It could be dirty, or the airflow could be blocked. So, wash the radiator and put coolant in it.

It will keep the engine from getting too hot. Also, check to see if any of the pipes in the radiator are leaking. If they are, the coolant level will keep going down.

If the engine is still getting too hot, check the oil level in the machine. If it’s less than what’s needed, you should add more. Also, if the engine keeps letting oil out, check the seals. If you have to, replace them.

(5) Problem 5: Kubota Bx1880 Oil Pressure Problem

This issue is only caused by oil pumps, pipelines, or a lack of oil. Because of this, you have to check all these for this problem.

If the oil pump is broken, it needs to be replaced. The nearest Kubota service center can do this. If pipelines have a problem, use gasoline to clean them all.

If the oil levels are too low, add more of the oil that BX1880 calls for. If the oil level keeps dropping, look for leaks and fix them. If there are no leaks, the engine on your tractor is weak and needs to be replaced.

(6) Problem 6: Transmission fluid leakage Problem

When transmission oil leaks, it could be because:

  • The transmission box is broken because it was hit by something.
  • If so, take it to someone who can weld it.
  • The seals are broken.
  • If the transmission box seals are leaking, it could be because of the wrong fluid or heat. So, go to the nearest service center to get new seals.

Insufficient Hydraulic Oil Pressure

Insufficient hydraulic oil pressure in Kubota mowers usually indicates a faulty pump or leak.

This happens when oil pressure drops below a specific threshold, usually due to a gauge or pump malfunction.


Insufficient hydraulic oil pressure might be caused by the gauge or pump. A blocked filter, low oil level, hydraulic leak, broken pressure relief valve, and high temperature might cause problems.


Insufficient hydraulic oil pressure causes pump power loss, lift arm incapacity, and power steering loss.

How To Fix?

Repair or Replace the Pump

First, there might be something wrong with your pump. The line that draws water from the reservoir to the pump could be clogged.

To determine if this is the problem, you must take the pump off your tractor and clean it well. You’ll have to buy a new pump if this doesn’t fix the problem.

Fill Up the Hydraulics Tank

First, there might need to be more oil in the tractor. If this is the case, add so much oil to your hydraulics tank and see if that fixes the problem. This may also help resolve any issues with the car getting too hot.

Replace the Leaked Tubing Component

The system could have a hole in it. To see if this is the problem, you must take apart your hydraulic system and look for leaks in the tubing. If you find a leak, replace the piece of tubing where the leak is and check again.

You also should check to see if any of the valves or cylinders are broken or leaking. Check hoses for cracks or other signs of wear; if any are found, replace them.

Battery Cannot Be Charged

When you can’t charge the Kubota bx1880 battery, it means that when you plug a charging lead into the tractor battery, there is no charging current going into the storm. Here are the signs, what causes them, and how to treat them.


There are a few reasons why the Kubota bx1880 battery won’t charge. One could be a broken alternator or a loose wire connection.

The alternator belt could also slip or stop turning, preventing the engine from getting power.

Corrosion just on battery terminals also can make the relationship between the two parts of the battery weak.

Lastly, the battery might not charge because the voltage regulator needs to be fixed. There’s also a chance that the battery is broken and can’t hold a charge.


When using a specific tool, the first sign that a battery is dead or can’t be charged is that it loses power. If using your chainsaw drains far too much power, your battery has likely lost its ability to hold and store energy.

The motor starts slowly, which is another sign of a bad storm.

How To Fix?

Retighten or Replace the Alternator Belt

Check to see if the alternator belt is too tight or too worn. If the belt is close enough, fast enough, and handled, the alternator will get enough power to charge the tractor’s battery properly.

If you need to, replace the belt. After two years of use, changing the alternator belt is always a good idea.

Remove Rust and Corrosion

If rust and corrosion make it hard for your battery to charge, you should clean the terminals.

The battery should have a red wire and a black wire. You can loosen the nuts around them with an adjustable wrench to take them off.

Afterwards, use a wire brush to clean the battery terminals and tighten them back up. Do not use liquid cleaners of any kind.

Replace the Voltage Regulator

The Kubota bx1880 has a built-in voltage regulator with both a high and a low charge rate. The high charge rate is only used when the battery has no power left and needs to be fully charged.

And the low charge rate is the standard mode for capturing whenever the tractor is not running.

You can check if your voltage regulator works by using jumper cables from some other car to charge your battery at a high charge rate. If your battery charges up, you need to replace the voltage regulator.

Engine Won’t Start or Hard to Start

Some Kubota BX machines could be hard to start in cold weather or after being stored for a long time. Check if the Kubota BX1880 engine started quickly when it was warm but won’t start when it’s cold (or vice versa).


Several things can make it hard to start the engine on a Kubota BX machine when it is cold or stored for a long time.

One of the most common reasons is that the gas tank is almost empty. If there isn’t enough gas in the tank, the engine might not be able to start.

The fuel system getting clogged up is another common cause. If the tank, lines, filters, and injectors are clogged, the engine might need the right fuel to start. Another problem can be a lack of compression.

If there isn’t enough compression in one or more cylinders, the engine might not start.


When a Kubota BX machine has trouble starting, it is common for the engine to turn over slowly or not, for the engine to be slow to start, or for the machine to not turn over at all.

How To Fix?

Fill the Fuel Tank with Clean Diesel

If warming up doesn’t fix the problem, you should fill the Kubota bx1880 with clean Diesel to get it running again. Please make sure the air filter is clean by checking it. Check the fuel system for clogs with a scope or a camera. If you find it, use a soft brush to clean it.

Next, do a compression test to see if each cylinder has enough pressure. The last step is to put clean diesel fuel in the fuel tank. Avoid overfilling. After filling up, put the fuel tank cap back on and tighten it.

Allow for Warm-Up

Before going on to other steps, you should first try this. When it’s cold outside, it’s common for these machines to start only after sitting still all night. Before trying to create, give yourself up to ten minutes to warm up.

Replace Faulty Fuel Filter

If the refill doesn’t fix the problem, it’s probably because your fuel filter or compression system is broken. In that case, you might need to replace the whole fuel filter.

This will charge about $7 for a single unit and will only take a few minutes. Most large hardware stores sell replacement units.

 Steering Wheel is Difficult to Turn

The steering wheel on the Kubota bx1880 often gets stiff and hard to turn, which is one of the main things its owners don’t like about it.

Most of the time, this is caused by a worn-out bushing on the steering shaft. Those of you who still need to do this are in luck! But don’t worry if you have. It’s pretty easy to fix.


Most of the time, a loose pivot bolt in the steering shaft bushing is what makes a Kubota bx1880 steering wheel stick.

But this problem worsens when the tractor has a problem with its power steering. The power steering pump may need more fluid, leak, or have a clogged filter.

In some cases, there may also be air bubbles in the system, which would make the steering lose power.


This problem is easy to spot: when you try to turn the steering wheel, it feels stuck and moves slowly.

If the problem inside is terrible enough, you might be unable to move it, let alone speed up.

How To Fix?

Use a High-Quality Power Steering Fluid

The second thing you can do is check the fluid in the power steering of your Kubota bx1880 tractor.

It might be hard to turn the steering wheel if there isn’t enough fluid or if the liquid is old and thick. You must put new, high-quality juice in your power steering system.

Tighten the Pivot Bolt

First, tighten a pivot bolt and see if that fixes the problem with the steering. To accomplish this:

  1. Drive your machine to a flat surface and park it there.
  2. Stop the engine, raise the front of the tractor, and use blocks or jack stands to hold it up.
  3. With an inch-pound torque wrench or a torque wrench adapter, loosen the nut on the pivot bolt as well as tighten it to 90 pounds-foot torque.

Remove Air Bubbles from the Steering System

If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can check for leaks in the system, which could cause you to lose power steering fluid, and air bubbles, which could make turning hard.

To do this, slightly open the bleed valve and try to shift the steering wheel from “lock” to “lock.”

Then put in new power steering fluid when no more air is in the system. Before you drive, turn the wheel and ensure enough juice.

Engine Overheats

Because Kubota bx1880 engines are small and don’t have enough cooling systems, they can overheat anytime.

For example, you will overheat if you use your tools on a hot day or leave your engine running all the time (like when cutting hay or even other crops).


There are many reasons why an engine might get too hot. A broken thermostat is the most dangerous. On the other hand, the most common problem is a radiator cap that doesn’t seal properly.

If the coolant level is low or the coolant is dirty, it can also cause the engine to get too hot.

Air in the cooling system is another common cause. The engine can get too hot if the radiator is clogged or leaks.

Lastly, the machine can get hot if the coolant temperature sensor isn’t working right.


There are just a few signs that an engine is getting too hot. The most obvious one is that steam is coming out of the machine.

Most of the time, this means that a hose on your radiator has broken, and the coolant is leaking out.

Another sign is that your car’s temperature gauge is reading hot. And if the coolant reservoir and the radiator are leaking and empty, this is yet another sign that your engine has been overheating.

How To Fix?

Replace the Damaged Thermostat

During most breakdowns, the thermostat stays closed. Coolant will leak from the thermostat housing when the engine gets too hot. To fix this problem, you can only replace the thermostat.

Evacuate the Reservoir

The air inside the cooling system can lead to hot spots, which can cause the engine to overheat.

Before you use your car again after a long time, you should ensure no air in the cooling system.

If you wish to do this yourself, you can empty it, clean it well, and then vacuum this with your home vacuum.

Seal/Replace the Radiator Cap

This is an easy choice. Check the cap on the radiator to make sure it’s sealed well.

Ensure There’s Sufficient Coolant

The third option is ensuring enough coolant in the system to cool the engine while running. If there isn’t enough coolant, add extra to see if that fixes the problem.

Kubota Bx1880 Problems FAQs

(1) When I try to start my tractor, I hear a grinding noise, and then nothing happens. What to do?

It could be a loose belt or a clutch that won’t move. Pull on the grip and remove the belt to see whether it moves freely. If it doesn’t, get a new one.

(2) What do I do when the backhoe loader doesn’t start, even after replacing the starter and fuel filter?

If you’re having this problem, it’s likely because the key doesn’t fit into the ignition switch. This can be fixed by filing down the key and ensuring it works in the controller.

(3) Why my tractor hitch won’t drop or drop slowly?

Most likely, it’s because the gear pump is broken. A gear pump can take a while to get going when it’s cold. Try waiting a little bit before using the tractor.

When it’s hot, a gear pump will get too hot and need to be cooled down. Let your tractor cool off for a while in the shade. Check the oil level as well.

(4) What can I do to make my Kubota BX1880 engine last longer?

A: You can do a few simple things to make your Kubota BX1880 last longer. First, every 50 hours, change the oil.

Second, make sure that your tractor is running on good diesel fuel. Third, don’t use the parking brake when you’re not using the tractor.

(5) What to do when the backhoe loader’s brakes keep squeaking no matter how many times I oil them?

To fix the above, jack up your vehicle and remove the left-side wheel and wheel bearing. After replacing the wheel bearing, ensure the tyres are still balanced before putting them back on.

(6) Why is my tractor pulling to right or left?

A: It’s probably because either the front axle needs to be adjusted or one of your tyres is flat.

Final Thoughts

👉 This article should have helped you understand how to fix some of the most common Kubota BX1880 problems.

👉 Most problems can be set at home if you know a little about mechanics and have good tools and shop equipment.

👉If not, we hope you’ll take your tractor to a nearby repair shop, where they can get it going again quickly and without charging you an arm and a leg.

👉Leave a comment if you have more questions, and we’ll get back to you.

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