Kubota M6060 Problems And Their Solutions

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Kubota M6060 Problems

Kubota M6060 Problems And Their Solutions

If you are a big driver, certain parts of the car may bother you. As the ride gets older, trouble can also occur. Today, I will talk about some of the most common problems with Kubota M6060 Problems and how to fix them.

which are as follows: 

(1) Kubota M6060 PTO Problems

(2) Kubota M6060 Regeneration Problems

(3) Kubota M6060 Overheating Problems

(4) Kubota M6060 Loosing Power

(5) kubota M6060 DPF Problems

(6) Kubota M6060 Hard To Start Problem

(7) Lack Of Hydraulic Pressure Problem

(1) Problem 1: Kubota M6060 PTO Problems

The power take-off (PTO) system transfers tractor power to a second equipment, such as a generator, Pallet forks, Disc Cultivator Garden Bedder, etc.

A PTO system could be fitted to tractors ranging in size from 3 horsepower to 250 horsepower. It can operate independently or be integrated into the gearbox of the tractor.

The PTO system on the Kubota M6060 tractor allows the engine to be used to power auxiliary machinery, such as a generator or alternator.

The Kubota M6060 PTO system consists of a clutch, a belt, and a gearbox positioned beneath the tractor seat.

How to Evaluate the PTO

Connecting a 2-speed electric motor to the engine of a tractor is the simplest way to test a Kubota M6060 PTO. An electric motor will start when the ignition key is turned, and the tractor may be operated with an electric motor installed.


When the clutch on the M6060 model is engaged, the PTO shaft will only revolve for a few Kubota owners.

The problem persists as long as the PTO light is illuminated.

The PTO engaging issue appears difficult to resolve; yet, following easy actions might easily resolve the PTO exciting issue on a Kubota M6060.

1. Examine the linkage within the clutch hand lever to check whether it is bent. Because the link is bent, the clutch cannot function. To resolve this issue, repair the damaged or bent linkage.

2. At all times, try to crank the same PTO shaft by hand. This frees up the entire mechanism, making it simple to hang. Move it in a different direction so that it works properly.

(2) Problem 2: Kubota M6060 Regeneration Problems

The term “regeneration” refers to the time after 20 to 40 minutes of Kubota operation when the DPF has to burn off all the particulates.

With 3000 hours of use and 1000 cycles of cleaning, a Diesel Particulate Filter gets clogged and needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

If the owner of a Kubota didn’t clean or maintain this same DPF on time, it would slow down the regeneration cycle. This could cause problems like the tractor’s inability to operate at full power, low fuel efficiency, etc.

To fix the problem with the Kubota M6060’s regeneration, you must clean the DPF and other parts outside the machine.

(3) Problem 3: Kubota M6060 Overheating Problems


Many things can cause your Kubota engine to overheat, such as clogged radiator fins, a stuck radiator cap, not enough coolant, a loose or broken fan belt, or not enough oil.


But unless the Kubota M6060 engine gets too hot, remove the dirty radiator fins and clean them. Make sure the engine is getting enough air, and if the fan belt is broken, replace it. Keep the right amount of oil in the machine.

(4) Problem 4: Kubota M6060 Loosing Power

This is a common problem for Kubota owners whose tractors are getting old or are used frequently. If your Kubota’s power keeps going out, check these parts to fix the problem.


Check for damage to the transmission fluid and the relief valve. Power loss can also be caused by speed control linkage on some Kubota tractors.


Loss of power is one of the problems caused by not having enough transmission fluid. Make sure the transmission fluid is at the right level. If the relief valve is broken, you should get a new one.

If the Kubota M6060 is losing power, check to see whether the speed control connection is in good shape, change its settings, and replace it if necessary.

(5) Problem 5: kubota M6060 DPF Problems

The DPF also called a “Diesel Particulate Filter,” ensures that your tractor doesn’t make any smoke when it runs. It cleans the black soot out of the exhaust gas and ensures you can work at full power without polluting the air.

DPF gives your Kubota more power, makes it a little less noisy, and makes it work better.

If you clean the DPF when you should, you could avoid damaging the filter from too much ash buildup and reduce the lifespan of your tractor.

To fix the problem with the DPF, you ought to clean it often. If you aren’t careful, your DPF will get permanently clogged, making it hard to clean and harder to get the soot out.

(6) Problem 6: Kubota M6060 Hard To Start Problem

The Kubota engine doesn’t always start right away, or it takes a while.


The fuel filter is broken in some way. Air inside the fuel system is another thing that could be causing this problem. The Kubota engine won’t start if there is a leak in the fuel system.


Check to see if the nozzle for injecting fuel is clean. If something gets dirty or clogge with dust or other things, you should clean it.

Replace it if it’s broken. To avoid this problem, service the fuel nozzle once per month. Is if fuel injection pump has been broken, you should replace it so the engine doesn’t refuse to start or is hard to start.

(7) Problem 7: Lack Of Hydraulic Pressure Problem

Sometimes there needs to be more pressure from the hydraulic fluid or a leak inside the system. Strange things can happen because of these.


The main problem is that there needs to be hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid filters could be clogged, a leak in hydraulic piping and the hydraulic pump and cylinder could be broken.


Follow these steps to fix problems with low hydraulic pressure:

First, check the hydraulic fluid level; if it’s low, fill it up. The pump can put enough pressure to move the fluid if the system has enough oil.

If the filter for the hydraulic fluid is clogged, you need to clean it. Hydraulic cylinders and broken pipes can be replace with fresh stuff.

Kubota M6060 Review

Kubota’s M6060 is a strong, dependable tractor. Large cab offers operator room to work.

The M6060 has multiple attachments, making it a versatile instrument. An M6060 is great for hard labour or maintaining property.

Kubota m6060 package deal

The Kubota M6060 tractor is available with an impressive assortment of standard features.

This is a fantastic opportunity 2 make significant cost reductions on a premium-quality tractor. This deal includes not just a tractor but also a front-end loader and a rear blade as well. If you are interested in purchasing a new tractor, this is an excellent offer.

Kubota M6060 Hydraulic System Is Too Hot


For the machine to work well, the temperature of the hydraulic fluid should stay within a specific range. A hydraulic system can become extremely hot when you’re using the wrong type of fluid or oil that is dirty.

Air, as in the hydraulic system, is another thing that could be causing this problem.


Use the correct hydraulic fluid, and change the hydraulic oil if it’s dirty. Change the main relief valve to fix problems with air leaks. Most of the time, air bleeding is caus by a broken relief valve.

Kubota Models To Avoid

There are specific models of Kubota that are known to give owners trouble. A Kubota BX23, BX24, BX25, BX2660, and BX2816 are all examples of these types. Each of these models is known to have significant problems that can cost a lot to fix.

The engine, as in Kubota BX23, is known to have trouble. It is easy for the engine to get too hot, and it’s also known to leak oil. It can be costly to fix these engine problems, and they can also cause other issues in the future.

People know that the Kubota BX24 has trouble with its transmission. It has been known for the transmission to slip, as well as to be hard to shift. It can be costly to fix these transmission problems, which can also lead to future issues.

A Kubota BX25 is well-known for having problems with its electrics. An electrical system has already been known to break down, and it can be hard to figure out what’s wrong. It can be costly to fix these electrical problems, and they can also cause other problems in the future.

A Kubota BX2660 has been known to have trouble with its fuel system. A fuel system has already been known to break down, and it can be hard to figure out what’s wrong with it. These problems with the fuel system can be costly to fix, and they may also cause other issues down the road.

A Kubota BX2816 is well-known for having trouble with its hydraulic system. A hydraulic system has faile before, and it can be hard to figure out why. These problems with the hydraulic system can be costly to fix, and they may also lead to future problems.

Kubota M6060 Engine Makes Abnormal Noise

The weight of the Kubota M6060 tractor is 12,540 lbs. It has a diesel engine made by Kubota calle V3307-CR-TE4 that makes 60 horsepower. The M6060 has a PTO and a three-point hitch.

It also has a 60-inch expansive mid-mount mower deck.

Would I buy it again? Thoughts after 5 years and 1,500 hours on the Kubota M6060

Kubota M6060 Weight

The tractor Kubota M6060 weighs 12,540 lbs. A 60-horsepower Kubota V3307-CR-TE4 diesel engine powers it. The M6060 has both a PTO and a three-point hitch.

It also includes a 60-inch expansive mid-mounte mower deck.

Kubota M6060 Problems FAQs


(1) How much does a Kubota M6060 cost?

Kubota M6060 is indee a versatile and durable tractor. This tractor can be use for farming, gardening, and construction. Its Kubota M6060 is an excellent choice for individuals who nee a durable tractor.

What’s a Kubota M6060’s price? The answer depends on the tractor’s age, condition, and location. Newer tractors are more expensive than older ones.

A good-condition tractor will cost more than a poor-condition one. Rural tractors are often less expensive than urban tractors a Kubota M6060 tractor costs around $15,000 and $20,000.

The price range will vary base on the following criteria, so consider them all when calculating the cost of the Kubota M6060 tractor.

(2) How Much Can A Kubota M6060 Lift?

The Kubota M6060 can carry up to 2270kg of weight. The M6060 can lift up to 3,307 pounds.

(3) Can you remove DPF on Kubota tractor?

Kubota tractors are rugged but not invincible. Worn parts must be replaced over time. A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is one.

The Kubota tractor’s DPF is a key exhaust component. It traps soot and other engine pollutants, preventing their discharge into the atmosphere. The DPF will fill with trapped particulates and need cleaning or replacement.

Not recommended: Many Kubota tractor owners remove the DPF. Without a DPF, a tractor will emit more soot and particles. The extra particulates may choke and overheat the tractor’s engine.

Kubota recommends frequently cleaning or replacing the DPF. This will protect the tractor and the environment.

(4) What are the problems with Kubota tractors?

Kubota tractor owners describe several difficulties. Oil leaks, transmission troubles, and electrical faults are expected. Kubota tractor engines often leak.

Engine, filter or cooler can leak oil. Kubota tractors have hydrostatic transmission troubles. Electrical system, fuel injector, and starter difficulties are also frequent on Kubota tractors.

Kubota tractors are reliable, yet they have issues. Be aware of possible issues if you’re considering buying a Kubota tractor.

Final Thoughts

Some Kubota M6060 owners have also said that their tractors have a few common problems. The electrical, fuel, and engine are the parts that break down most often.

Many things can cause these problems, but most of the time, they have been caused by poor maintenance or cheap parts.

These problems can be avoided if Kubota M6060 owners keep their tractors in good shape and only use high-quality replacement parts.

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