Massey Ferguson 2605H Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤️

Massey Ferguson 2605H Specs, Hp, Oil Capacity, Weight, Price & Review

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Massey Ferguson 2605H

Massey Ferguson 2605H Price

Massey Ferguson 2605H price is $20,336 (2017 )

Massey Ferguson 2605h hp

Massey Ferguson 2605H engine produces a 55 hp (41 kW)

Massey Ferguson 2605h Oil Capacity

Massey Ferguson 2605H oil capacity is 14.6 gal

Massey Ferguson 2605h Weight With Loader

Massey Ferguson 2605H weight is 4894 to 5394 pounds

Massey Ferguson 2605H Specs


Engine Brand Name  Simpson
Cylinders  3
Horsepower  55 / 41
Fuel Type  Diesel
Carburetion Type  Fuel Injected


Transmission Type  Synchro-Shift
Clutch Type  Dry

Hydraulics System

Pump Capacity  15.7 / 59.5
Implement Pump Output  10.6 / 40.1
Rear 3-Point Hitch Category  Category 1 / 2
Rear 3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity  2755 / 1250


PTO Type  Independent
PTO Horsepower  46 / 33.8

Technical Specification

Length  11.58
Width  66.5 / 1689
Height  91.3 / 2320
Wheelbase  81.5 / 2070


Front Brake Type  Wet Disc
Rear Brake Type  Wet Disc

Massey Ferguson 2605H Attachments

Massey Ferguson L135E Loader

Height (to pin) 110.2 inches
279 cm
Breakout force (lift) 2870 lbs
1301 kg
Lift to full height (at pin) 2430 lbs
1102 kg
Lift to full height (at 500mm) 1770 lbs
802 kg
Lift to 1.5m (at 800mm) 2320 lbs
1052 kg

Massey Ferguson 911X Loader

Height (to pin) 115 inches
292 cm
Breakout force (lift) 2755 lbs
1249 kg
Lift to full height (at pin) 2480 lbs
1124 kg
Lift to full height (at 800mm) 1510 lbs
684 kg
Lift to 1.5m (at 800mm) 2170 lbs
984 kg

Massey Ferguson 2605h Reviews

The Massey Ferguson 2605H is a compact utility tractor celebrated for its dependable performance, robust build, and user-friendly operation. This tractor enjoys popularity among farmers, ranchers, and landowners, thanks to its versatility in handling a wide range of tasks, from mowing and baling to snow removal and more.

For a full review, please check this YouTube video.

Massey Ferguson 2605h Problems

Massey Ferguson 2605H Engine Troubleshooting

The engine is hard to start or doesn’t start

Fuel filter element clogging. Take care of the filter. There’s air in the gas lines. Leak test the fuel lines. injection nozzles that are broken or dirty.

Check the injectors and replace them if necessary. The fuel injection pump doesn’t work. Rebuild the injection pump or put in a new one.

The engine stops running suddenly

The timing of the fuel injection pump was set wrong. Fix the timing of the fuel pump. The fuel filter was plugged in. Filters need to be taken care of.

The engine has not reached the right temperature. Start the car’s engine.

Diesel starts but then stops

Clogged fuel filter element Take care of the filter. The fuel pump is broken. Replace or fix the pump that injects fuel. The air cleaner is not plugged in. The air filter needs to be taken care of.

Massey Ferguson 2605H Transmission Troubleshooting

The gear shift is hard

The linkage for changing gears is rusty or worn. The shift linkage needs to be changed. Misaligned or worn clutch. Adjustment or replacement of the clutch is needed.

Shift forks are broken or worn down. Shift forks should be changed. The gearshift mechanism is broken. Find the broken parts and replace them.

Low transmission oil pressure

Not enough oil. Put oil in the transmission. The filter for the transmission fluid is full. Service or change the filter for the transmission fluid. Defective relief valve. Change the relief valve.

Transmission oil leaks

Seals or gaskets that are worn out. Replace seals or gaskets that are worn. The level of transmission fluid is too high. Too much liquid needs to be drained.

Massey Ferguson 2605H Hydraulic System Troubleshooting

The hydraulic system is overheated

Type of hydraulic oil that wasn’t right. Choose the right kind of oil. Hydraulic oil that was tainted. Change hydraulic oil. Air in hydraulic lines.

Bleed hydraulic lines. Faulty main relief valve. The relief valve should be changed.

Jerky lowering or lifting of the hitch

The hydraulic fluid is dirty. Replace the hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic pump is broken. Replace or fix the hydraulic oil pump.

There was air in the hydraulics. Air bleeding. The control valve for hydraulics is broken. Fix or replace the hydraulic valve. Defective hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder should be repaired or replaced.

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Massey Ferguson 2605H FAQ

How many horsepower is a Massey Ferguson 2605H?

Massey Ferguson 2605H engine produces a 55 hp (41 kW)

How much does a Massey Ferguson 2605H weigh?

Massey Ferguson 2605H weight is 4894 to 5394 pounds