Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems And Their Solutions

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Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems

Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems And Their Solutions

Here is a list of Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems and how to fix them. Which are as follows.

Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems Solutions
(1) Poor engine performance
  • Replace them with fresh ones.
(2) Regularly noisy front axle
  • Installation of New Gears, Fit New Bearings.
(3) Motor is difficult to start
  • Check and replace.
(4) Sudden differential lock failure
  • Diaphragm repair or friction disc is required.
 (5) Steering not working
  • Make sure to check and Repair the Hydraulic steering Cylinder.

Above we have briefly seen some problems and their solutions, now let us understand them in detail.

(1) Problem 1: Poor engine performance

The engine of the Massey Ferguson begins and then shuts down abruptly. The engine’s performance is affected until it is fully warmed up. A lot of malfunctioning codes.

A variety of error codes connected with your fuel system were detected in the engine.

There are times when white smoke is released from the engine. The Massey’s engine can be noisy also.


Valve rings, pistons, or rings might have been damaged or worn out. Replace the rings and valves with a new set.

An incorrect angle of advance to the injection of fuel. Set the angle for the injection. Adjust the angle of advance to the correct degree.

When you notice white smoke in the exhaust pipe, it’s time to replace the rings on your piston. If you start the engine after cold, let it warm up before you check the thermostat.

(2) Problem 2: Regularly noisy front axle

It is known that the MF 4610’s front axle often produces a loud sound. If the unit is damaged and stops producing any drive, and creates a loud, annoying sound that is a pounding out of the bell’s casing.


Crumbling of gear teeth could be an explanation, but if this is the case, new gears should be put in place.

The worn-out roller bearings can also be the reason for this problem. Look for worn roller bearings, and then replace the bearings.

(3) Problem 3: Motor is difficult to start

As the fuel cools, it becomes too heavy for use. 4610 tractor engines malfunction. Diesel engines can struggle to start.

The gasoline line may be blocked with particles. A defect or failure in the piston rings could cause start-up problems.


If the cleaner or air filter is blocked, clean it or replace it to resolve the problem. Make the necessary adjustments to the timing of the valve. Lift compression levels. Wear on the bores of cylinders is feasible.

Make sure the bores are repaired. The leak must be fixed if there is an air leak between the valve seat and the valve.

(4) Problem 4: Sudden differential lock failure

The rear differential could sometimes fail or cause issues. The turning process can be challenging when you have a locked differential, possibly damaging the turf or grinding the wheel in front of the ground.

The lever’s location seems to need help to achieve something. It’s in its state. However, the move-up doesn’t appear as if anything is moving inside.


A worn-out friction clutch or damaged diaphragm could be responsible for the issue. Fixing it could solve the issue.

(5) Problem 5: Steering not working

The gaskets on the side of the tractor tend to leak, and it can cause difficulty in driving.

If you’re experiencing trouble turning the wheel, it could be an issue related to the electric steering.

The inability to respond to steering can result from various causes, including the worn steering rack, steering gear, and tie rods.

There could be an issue with the steering gear of the tractor if it is inclined to pull towards one side.

If you turn the steering wheel, but nothing happens, your power steering pump, its pulley, or any other component could fail.


The lower levels of oil may be the cause of this problem. The power steering oil has an extremely high viscosity, making it highly thick. Replace it with the correct oil. If you notice a leak from the connector for hydraulics, Fix it.

If the pump for power steering has failed, replace the new one in the correct position. Check for a power steering issue. Replace it.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The 4610 Massey Ferguson has advantages and disadvantages. I found various opinions when I looked at people’s opinions on different forums.

One of the customers, Gary Shelton, stated, This tractor isn’t old enough to warrant an exhaustive evaluation. He thinks that the design and fit are top-quality. In terms of price, it’s comparable with other HP utilitarian tractors He compared.

After buying this tractor, a user on Tractorbynet said they had encountered no issues. His dealer helped repair it, but, at last, he quit.

The issues are important, but the issue that makes him mad is trying to repair the tractor each winter when it is frozen.

This tractor was a significant source of frustration and financial loss for the owner.
Many are unhappy with its gearbox, engine as well as steering issues.

Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems FAQs


(1) How many horsepower is a Massey Ferguson 4610?

  • 100 horsepower engine
  • 95 horsepower (net) engine
  • 80 horsepower PTO (claimed)

(2) How much does a 4610 tractor weigh?

Ans. 4806 lbs 2180 kg

(3) How heavy is the Massey Ferguson 4610?

Ans. 6944.6 lbs.

(4) When was the 4610 tractor made?

Ans. Years Made: 1982-1989

(5) What harm will the MF4610 sustain if its engine generates white smoke?

Ans. If you see white smoke coming from the pipe that exhausts, replace the piston rings. Check the thermostat for cold-running engines.

Final Words

When you know what’s wrong with the Massey Ferguson 4610, fixing it will be easy. Be aware that routine maintenance is vital to ensure the best performance.

The information provided in this article will help you when you have a Massey Ferguson tractor and are having problems.

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