Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems And Their Solutions

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Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems

Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems And Their Solutions

Here is a list of Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems and how to fix them. Which are as follows.

Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems Solutions
(1) Poor engine performance
  • Replace them with fresh ones.
(2) Regularly noisy front axle
  • Installation of New Gears, Fit New Bearings.
(3) Motor is difficult to start
  • Check and replace.
(4) Sudden differential lock failure
  • Diaphragm repair or friction disc is required.
 (5) Steering not working
  • Make sure to check and Repair the Hydraulic steering Cylinder.

Above we have briefly seen some problems and their solutions, now let us understand them in detail.

(1) Problem 1: Poor engine performance

Massey Ferguson engines start and stop suddenly. The engine performs poorly until completely warmed. Many broken codes. The engine recognized many fuel system trouble codes. Engines may emit white smoke. Massey engines are very loud.


Piston rings and valve rings may be damaged. New rings and valves. Misaligned fuel injection. Injection angle. Correct the advancing angle. White smoke in the exhaust stream indicates piston ring replacement. Check the thermostat when the engine warms up.

(2) Problem 2: Regularly noisy front axle

The front axle of the MF 4610 is notorious for making plenty of noise. If the unit is broken, it will stop providing drive and will instead make a deafening hammering noise similar to a bell being struck within its housing.


Crumbling gear teeth might be the cause, however if this is the case, new gears should be installed. This issue might potentially be caused by worn-out roller bearings. Search for worn roller bearings and replace them.

(3) Problem 3: Motor is difficult to start

As the fuel cools, it becomes too heavy for use. 4610 tractor engines malfunction. Diesel engines can struggle to start. The gasoline line may be blocked with particles. A defect or failure in the piston rings could cause start-up problems.


If the cleaner or air filter becomes clogged, clean or replace it to cure the issue. Make any required modifications to the valve’s timing. Increase compression levels. Wear on cylinder bores is possible. Ensure that the bores are fixed. If there is an air leak between the valve seat and the valve, it must be repaired.

(4) Problem 4: Sudden differential lock failure

Sometimes, The rear differential might fail or cause problems. When the differential is locked, turning can be difficult and may cause damage to the grass or grinding of the wheel on the ground.


A worn friction clutch or a damaged diaphragm might be the cause of the problem Repairing it might resolve the problem.

(5) Problem 5: Steering not working

There is a leak in one of the tractor’s side gaskets, which makes driving it tricky. Difficulty maneuvering the vehicle might be due to a malfunction in the electric steering system.

Lack of steering system responsiveness can be caused by worn steering parts such racks, gears, and tie rods. If the tractor is just pulling one way, there can be an issue with the steering gear. A faulty power steering pump, pulley, or another component may be at blame if the steering wheel spins but the wheels do not move in tandem.


Oil scarcity Possibly the cause. Extreme viscosity Thickens the power steering oil. Use the proper oil to repair it. Fix hydraulic connection leaks Immediately. If the power steering pump has failed, replace it in the precise location. Check for issues with the power steering. Change it.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

There are pros and cons To using a Massey Ferguson 4610, as indicated by the wide range of viewpoints On various online discussion boards.

  • One customer, Gary Shelton, praised its top-quality design and fit, and noted that its price is comparable to other HP utilitarian tractors.
  • Another user on Tractorbynet reported no issues after purchasing the tractor, but had trouble repairing it during winter due to freezing.
  • However, others have experienced significant frustration and financial loss due to gearbox, engine, and steering problems.

Final Words

It will be simple to repair the Massey Ferguson 4610 once you know what’s wrong. Recognize that regular upkeep is necessary to guarantee the greatest performance. You may solve your difficulties with a Massey Ferguson tractor by using the advice in this page.

Massey Ferguson 4610 Problems FAQs


(1) How many horsepower is a Massey Ferguson 4610?

  • 100 horsepower engine
  • 95 horsepower (net) engine
  • 80 horsepower PTO (claimed)

(2) How much does a 4610 tractor weigh?

Ans. 4806 lbs 2180 kg

(3) How heavy is the Massey Ferguson 4610?

Ans. 6944.6 lbs.

(4) When was the 4610 tractor made?

Ans. Years Made: 1982-1989