Panda Express Kalispell Menu: Panda Express in Kalispell offers various delicious choices from its extensive menu.

Although specific information regarding the Kalispell location isn’t readily accessible, the results of a search indicate there is evidence that Panda Express offers a range of popular dishes throughout its various locations.

The top 10 dishes that are low in carbs that are served at Panda Express include String Bean Chicken Breast and black pepper Angus steak Kung Pao Chicken, Mushroom Chicken along with Super Greens.

It is essential to stay clear of foods high in carbs like noodles, rice, and sweet sauces when you order at Panda Express.

If you’re taking a keto diet or a lower-carb lifestyle, Panda Express can provide you with a wide range of tasty choices that will satisfy your appetite.

Panda Express Kalispell Menu

Panda Express Kalispell Menu

Items Price

Best Sellers

Family Meal $43.75
The Original Orange Chicken $6.50


Bowl $10.40


Plate $12.25

Bigger Plate

Bigger Plate $14.15

Family Meal

Family Meal $43.75

Panda Cub Meal

Orange Chicken Panda Cub Meal $8.25
Broccoli Beef Panda Cub Meal $8.25
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Panda Cub Meal $8.25

A la Carte

The original orange chicken $6.50
Honey Walnut Shrimp $8.10
Broccoli Beef $6.50
Honey Sesame Chicken Breast $6.50
Mushroom Chicken $6.50
String Bean Chicken Breast $6.50
Chow Mein $5.50
White Steamed Rice $5.50
Black Pepper Angus Steak $8.10
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken $6.50
Kung Pao Chicken $6.50
Beijing Beef $6.50
SweetFire Chicken Breast $6.50
Super Greens $5.50
Fried Rice $5.50
Brown Steamed Rice $5.50

Appetizer and more

Chicken egg roll $2.50
Veggie Spring Roll $2.50


Dr Pepper $2.90
Diet Coke $2.90
Sprite $2.90
Fanta Strawberry $2.90
Passion Mango Black Tea $2.90
Dasani $2.90
Coca Cola $3.00
Bai Coco Fusion $3.40
Coca Cola $2.90
Fanta Orange $2.90
Coca Cola Cherry $2.90
Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea $2.90
Sweet Tea $2.90
Powerade Berry Blast $3.40
Coke Mexico $3.75
Sanzo Lychee Sparkling Water $3.40


Party Size Side $20.00
12-16 person Party Bundle $135.00
26-30 person Party Bundle $242.00
Party Size Entree $20.00
18-22 person Party Bundle $192.00

Panda Express Delivery

If you’re looking to get Panda Express delivery, there are a variety of options available:

  1. Panda Express Website Visit the Panda Express website and use their “Order Ahead” feature to place an order to be picked up or delivered.
  2. DoorDash: DoorDash is an online food delivery service that is partnered in partnership with Panda Express. You can search for Panda Express on the DoorDash website or via the app. You can also make an order for delivery or takeaway.
  3. Uber Eats: Uber Eats is another food delivery service that may provide Chinese food delivery services in your local area. While it doesn’t specifically offer Panda Express, you can search to see Chinese food delivery services on the Uber Eats website or app.
  4. Local Delivery Service Based on the area you live in there could be local delivery services that can provide Panda Express delivery. It is worth looking into whether there are local delivery services within your region that work in conjunction with Panda Express.

If you would prefer to take delivery of your food on your own you can make an online order through Panda Express. Panda Express website and choose the option of picking up your order from the restaurant.

Panda Express App

Panda Express has an app that you can download free from Google Play or the App Store, or Google Play. The app is named Panda Express and it allows users to purchase their most-loved Panda Express dishes for dine-in delivery, takeout, or delivery.

You can get Panda Points when you order through the app, or scan the QR code in-store or at the drive-through. The app allows users to store and reorder their favorite items with a single click on their account. You can also enjoy surprises and rewards.

You can also utilize the app to search for Panda Express locations near you and also browse through the menu. The app is available on iPhone and iPad through the App Store, as well as on Android through Google Play.

Panda Express Customer Care

    1. Phone Contact Panda Express customer service at (800) (877) 8988.
  1. Email You can send your email to Panda Express customer service using the contact form available that is available on their website.
  2. Live Chat You can use the live chat option on the GetHuman website to talk to one of the Panda Express customer service representatives.
  3. Contact Form Feedback Form: You can send comments or ask questions via the form available on Panda Restaurant Group’s website. Panda Restaurant Group website.
  4. Mail Send mail to Panda Express headquarters at 1683 Walnut Grove Avenue Rosemead, California, U.S., CA 91770.

Whichever method you decide to use, Panda Express customer care is here to help with any queries or questions that you may have.


Panda Express in Kalispell, Montana serves a wide selection of Chinese American dishes available for takeaway, dine-in, and delivery.

Customers can select from a wide selection of choices that include The Original Orange Chicken, Black Pepper Angus Steak along with Sizzling Shrimp.

The restaurant also serves Panda Cub Meals to children with options such as Orange Chicken and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken.

Customers can make orders from Panda Express in Kalispell through different delivery options like DoorDash and Grubhub or via their website.

With its wide selection of menu items and easy ordering options, Panda Express is a great option for those seeking an easy and delicious meal in Kalispell.

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Panda Express Kalispell Menu FAQ

What is the address of Panda Express in Kalispell, MT?

The address of Panda Express in Kalispell is 150 Hutton Ranch Rd.

What are the hours of operation for Panda Express in Kalispell?

The specific hours of operation may vary, so it’s best to check with the restaurant directly for their current hours.

Does Panda Express in Kalispell offer dine-in service?

Yes, Panda Express in Kalispell offers dine-in service.

Can I order takeout from Panda Express in Kalispell?

Yes, you can order takeout from Panda Express in Kalispell.

Does Panda Express in Kalispell offer delivery?

Yes, Panda Express in Kalispell offers delivery. You can order online through delivery services like Grubhub and Seamless.

What are some popular menu items at Panda Express in Kalispell?

Some popular menu items at Panda Express in Kalispell include the Original Orange Chicken, Black Pepper Angus Steak, and Sizzling Shrimp.

Does Panda Express in Kalispell have vegetarian options?

Yes, Panda Express in Kalispell offers vegetarian options. Some examples include the Eggplant Tofu and the Vegetable Spring Rolls.

Are there gluten-free options available at Panda Express in Kalispell?

While Panda Express does not have a dedicated gluten-free menu, they do offer some gluten-free options. It’s best to check with the restaurant or consult their online menu for specific options.

Does Panda Express in Kalispell have a kids’ menu?

Yes, Panda Express in Kalispell has a kids’ menu called Panda Cub Meals. It includes options like Orange Chicken and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken.

Can I customize my order at Panda Express in Kalispell?

Yes, you can customize your order at Panda Express in Kalispell. They offer options to modify certain dishes or create your own combination.

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