Vans for passengers are one of the most economical and secure ways to transport your group from A to B and back.

They can hold up to 15 passengers according to the model and offer an array of features compared to other types of buses.

When it comes to travel the comfort of passengers is top of the list with their wide-opening air conditioning, reclining seats, and armrests that are spacious, legroom as well as cup holders.

Also known as “sprinter vans,” passenger vans are an alternative to minibuses because of their compact design.

While smaller in dimensions they can be used to cover shorter and longer distances, giving an affordable and efficient bus rental.

This guide will provide more information about what factors influence the cost of your van rental for passengers as well as how to pick the best van for your needs, and how to reserve your reservation.

Passenger Van Rental Price

Factors That Might Affect Your Passenger Van Rental Cost

Prior to confirming your rental, it is crucial to take into consideration all possible elements that could impact the cost of your van rental.

Based on the season as well as the distance you travel there are some important considerations to consider prior to making a reservation for your passenger van.

Group Size

A precise headcount of people in your party is the very first step in confirmation of your sprinter van rental.

The number of people in your group will aid you in determining which van to choose for you. Various models, like the Mercedes Benz sprinter van as well as the Chevrolet Express, and the Ford Transit, can help to accommodate various numbers of people.

They are able to accommodate between 8 and 15 passengers depending on the model. If your group needs something a bit larger, minibus rentals are an ideal choice since they can hold up to 21 people.

Pro advice: If you’re not sure about the size of your group it is best to take into account some seats extra and select a bigger sprinter van rental.

The seats can be utilized to store additional bags in the event they’re not in use.

Time of Booking

When booking any type of bus hire, we advise making reservations as early as you can. By doing this, you can get a lower price as it not only guarantees the availability of the vehicle but also prevents last-minute price increases.

A booking made earlier also gives you time to collect all the money required for your company.

Time of Year

The season also has an impact on the final cost of the sprinter van rental. In light of demand and supply, it is recommended to not book your bus during the peak season.

The typical months for charter bus rentals are April the month of May and June are the most expensive months for charter bus rentals because groups are more likely to book transportation for their events in that time frame.

The low seasons typically fall during the Winter months of January through February, but also in the summer months that are more tranquil like July, since there is no competition against school field excursions.

If your event is scheduled to take place during peak times, you should book as soon as you can to ensure that you obtain the car you desire, at the most affordable cost.

Travel Distance and Fuel Prices

The distance you travel and the cost of fuel can affect your estimation. The farther your destination is and the further away you are, the more expensive the rental will be since expenses include fuel.

The cost of fuel fluctuates all through the year, however, without significant dips or spikes, There shouldn’t be major modifications to your sprinter van rental.

Pro tip: Before you book make use of the online booking tool and enter your travel information to get a clear understanding of the distance you’ll be travelling.

Also, a quick search for the route on Google Maps should also do the trick. Be aware of the fact that additional stops are likely to raise the cost.

Driving and On-Duty Time

The bus rental cost is most affected by the total amount of time that the driver is on duty and driving. This includes not only the time spent driving from A to B, but also any breaks the driver takes, any meals they eat, and any nights they spend in a Hotel.

To keep expenses down make your schedule the best way you can and eliminate any pit stops on the way.

If you opt to take the wheel of your rented van yourself, though, you won’t Be charged throughout your time behind the wheel.

Ways to Save Money on a Passenger Van Rental

With a compact engine that is Fuel-efficient, a sprinter van is among the most affordable alternatives for transportation in groups.

There are ways to reduce transportation costs Beyond only saving money, such as using the vehicle for yourself or travelling at off-peak times.

Drive It Yourself

Sprinter van rentals give travellers the chance of driving their vehicles. There are plenty of variables that could raise the price of your rental depending on the season, such as season availability, the length of time travelled, and the driver’s overall time is the primary element when calculating the price of your bus rental.

A standard license is enough for driving a sprinter vehicle in all provinces of Canada however, not Quebec.

In Quebec there is a specific four-year license (called a 4B) is necessary for any vehicle that can carry more than eight passengers.

Be certain to verify your provincial laws, as regulations can differ based on your location.

Pro tip: Divide the amount of time you spend in the car according to the number of people within your group, so that you each can rotate the steering wheel.

This is particularly important in the event that your group plans an extended trip and would like to equally divide the time spent driving.

This ensures that all drivers are able to recharge and replenish their fuel on routes to get to their destination.

Book Your Rental Early

Make sure to reserve your sprinter van rental in advance to ensure availability and get the most affordable price.

In general, groups or individuals are able to rent sprinter vans to provide transportation service in the event of company events, retreats, conferences, weddings, and many other events all throughout the year.

Instead of competing against hundreds of events, reserve your sprinter van when you know an accurate headcount as well as a departure date.

We recommend that you confirm the rental between 6 and 9 months prior to the actual departure date.

Map Out an Itinerary

Planning your itinerary in a simplified manner will not only help you save money but will also provide you with peace of mind when travelling.

Before you book the rental, consider whether your group will make stops along the way, and determine your itinerary in line with this.

Remember that the need to make numerous pit stops will affect the final cost. After your route is planned out, make sure you check the availability of your bus and then hit the road!

Pro advice: If your group will be stopping at various stops, make sure you add 15 minutes for each pit stop.

It can take more time than you expect especially for large groups. This 15-minute time frame will take into account stragglers, traffic, or any other circumstance that could occur.

Passenger Van Rental Price

Finding the Right Passenger Van Rental for you  

There are three kinds of sprinter van rental that each have its individual seating configuration and distinct features. Let’s look more deeply at each passenger van.

Mercedes Sprinter Van

It is the Mercedez Sprinter van is one of the most frequently rented passenger vans. They can accommodate between 8 and 14 people according to the type of van.

It is a comfy choice for smaller parties and is equipped with comfortable seating, individual headrests large legroom, and lumbar support as well as storage for luggage.

Drivers are not usually required to rent this car however Quebec residents should bear in mind that a special license is required for driving the Mercedes Sprinter Van in their province.

This may be the case in other areas too.

Chevrolet Express

The Chevrolet Express is the most extravagant of the three choices and comes with additional features like a WIFI Hot-spot and two AUX outlets as well as a USB port.

An ideal choice for smaller groups travelling further distances, the vehicle is able to comfortably accommodate anywhere between 12 to 15 people as well as being renowned due to its strong engine and large storage space.

Ford Transit

It is the Ford Transit Passenger Van is a sprinter van rental that is ideal to accommodate groups of up to 12.

It is often referred to as” the Ford T-Series, this vehicle comes with the same amenities as other sprinter van rentals which include vehicle-wide air conditioning and sufficient baggage storage.

The transformation it into Ford vehicle included updating the architecture for increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. This includes the addition of Copilot 360 Technology and Ford Telematics to enable increased connectivity and all-wheel drive.

Booking Your Passenger Van Rental

Making a Reservation for a Passenger Van Rental

You are Now able to make a reservation if you are knowledgeable on the most effective Strategies to cut costs and ensure that your Journey is as trouble-free as is Humanly possible.

All you need to do is ensure that you have an accurate headcount for your group, and then select the amenities you want to use.

Once you’ve determined those details, enter all of your trip information into the online booking system.

Within less than two minutes, an estimate for your passenger Van is generated.

This price will be valid for three days, Giving you time to consider your options and collaborate with your team.

If your quote is about to expire, you can get a new one online or call our service staff for assistance.

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