Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Electric Bicycle Price in India, Specs, Review, Features Overview

Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Electric Bicycle Overview

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Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Review

The Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus is an electric bicycle that is known for its sleek design, comfortable ride, and advanced features. It is a popular choice for commuters and recreational riders alike.

The Wi-Bike Active Plus is powered by a 250-watt mid-drive motor and a 374-watt-hour battery. The motor provides smooth and responsive pedal assistance, and the battery provides a range of up to 62 miles on a single charge.

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Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Price 

Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Price

Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Price: £3,149.00.

Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Electric Bicycle Features

Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Electric Bicycle Features

Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Engine:

  • 250W electric engine is designed and produced by Piaggio in Italy
  • Three levels adjustable from the handlebars: Eco, Tour and Power – you can almost triple the force applied to the pedal, reaching a maximum assisted speed of 25 kp/h.
  • The extremely compact motor is located in the centre, and the battery is behind the seat tube.
  • You can charge your smartphone through a USB port on the display
  • The lithium-ion battery has a life of 120 km in Eco-mode, with favourable road conditions.

Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Anti-theft:

  • Wi-Bike is equipped with an integrated GPS/GSM system that you’ll never lose sight of.
  • It’s connected 24 hours a day.
  • A unique code provides an additional level of security, connecting the display, battery and motor.
  • By removing the display, no one else can use your Wi-Bike.
  • The best technology and security travelling together.
  • The anti-theft features can be used only through the App.
  • The battery must be placed in the appropriate housing and locked with the included key in order not to be removed.

Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus App:

  • The new Wi-Bike app is available for Android and iOS.
  • You can choose between 10 levels of help to optimize battery consumption based on your requirements.
  • It enables you to set 3 different riding modes according to your journey: Standard, City, and Hill.
  • In City Mode, if you stop at traffic lights, the motor will help you restart effortlessly.
  • In Hill mode, the motor adjusts to the gradient, helping you uphill and reducing the assistance level going downhill or on the flat.
  • In Fitness mode, you can monitor your heart rate and view your calorie consumption

Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Specifications

Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Specifications
MANUFACTURER Piaggio & C. S.p.A.
MAKE Piaggio
ASSISTANCE LEVELS Eco, Tour, Power + Off and Walk
SENSORS Integrated: cadence, torque, and accelerometer; External speed sensor
MAKE Piaggio
FEATURES 418 Wh (36V – 11,6 Ah), Lithium-ion
BATTERY LIFE 120 km (Eco-mode with favourable road conditions)
FEATURES Integrated GSM-GPS module.
MAKE AND TYPE Continental, backlit LCD display
FEATURES Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). USB port for smartphone charging. NFC wireless connection between device and display.
FRAME Hydroformed Aluminium AL-6061
MEN’S FRAMES M, L –> 50, 55 cm
BRAKES Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
TYRES Continental puncture protection, 28″ x 1.6″
REAR LIGHT Integrated Supernova E3
GEAR SHIFTER AND TRANSMISSION NuVinci continuously variable transmission with Continental belt final drive
FORK Monoshock
SADDLE In real leather
HANDGRIPS In real leather
TYRES Continental E Contact 28×1.6

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