Steiner 440 Tractor Price, Specification, Mileage, Review, Overview

The Steiner 440 4WD tractor is powerful and tough, it is a compact tractor, highly maneuverable, and simply versatile attributes of its predecessor, the Steiner 430 Max lawn tractor.

The Steiner 440 tractor, turning it into a 4wd riding lawnmower. It has the awesome horsepower, more hydraulic power available for work, extra rear attachment capability with an optional category 1 hitch, and heavy-duty axles. Accessible controls are simple to use.

It has a great power-to-weight ratio, and offers more power for smaller, more flexible machine. The Steiner 440 mini tractor is very balanced, so less weight is required to balance front attachments, finishing in less weight on the ground and less compaction.

Steiner 440 Tractor Price, Specifications, Features & Images

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Steiner 440 Tractor Price

Price: $26,995 USD

Steiner 440 Tractor Specifications


440-34KO Kohler® Command Pro CH904, Air-Cooled, 999 cc
440-40KO Kohler® Command Pro CH1000, Air-Cooled, 999 cc
440-25KDL Kubota® D902, Diesel LC, 898 cc
440-32KGL Kubota® WG972, Gas LC, 962 cc


Pump Eaton® Series 26
Total capacity (gpm) 6 gpm @ 3600 RPM
Lift pressure 1500 PSI
Hydraulic oil capacity 5 US Gallons


Drive train Eaton Model 70160, Variable Displacement Piston Pump
Transaxles Peerless 2600 Dual Range
Speeds 0-10.5 MPH forward, High; 0-5.25 MPH reverse, Low
Steering Hydraulic Power Steering
Brakes Dual Disc and Front and Rear Axles


Front PTO clutch Electric Warner® Mag Stop 225 ft. lb w/ Midpole Brake
Hydraulic outlets Quick Couplers-Front


Field Trac 22×12-10
Bar 22×12-10
Turf 22×11-10


Front Steiner Quick-Hitch System, with standard front release control or optional release from a seated position
Back Standard 2″ receiver hitch, with optional category 1 three-point hitch


Armrests Standard
Suspension Radial Bearing Suspension, optional Mechanical Suspension
Adjustment 7″ Fore and Aft


Overall width 44.5″, 50.5″ with 3″ wheel extensions, 66.5″ with dual wheels
Overall length 80.5″ with ROPS up
Overall height 73.25″ with ROPS up; 50″ with ROPS folded
Wheelbase 43.5″
Minimum ground clearance 4.75″
Frame oscillation 8″
Turning radius 44″
Weight With Kohler® engines: 1489 lbsWith Kubota® engines: 1517 lbs


Lighting 200-watt halogen quartz headlights (4-50 each), rear marker running lights
Storage Compartment Standard
Cup Holder Standard
PTO Tension Adjustment Manual
12 Volt Outlet Optional
Adjustable Foot Plate Height Adjustable rear plate positions
Hand Lever Speed Control Optional
Fuel System 8 US Gallon Tank Capacity
Rollover Protective Structure Standard, folds down

 Steiner 440 Tractor Review

The Steiner 440 tractor is a strong and flexible small tractor that’s great for many jobs on a farm, homestead, or small piece of land. It runs on a 44-horsepower Kohler engine and has a hydrostatic transmission for easy and smooth use.

The Steiner 440 also includes four-wheel drive and a Category 1 three-point hitch as standard features, which means you can use various attachments with it.

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Steiner 440 Problems

  1. Engine won’t start or runs poorly – Check the battery and connections, fuel filter, spark plug, and air filter. If the problem persists, take the tractor to a qualified mechanic for further repairs.
  2. Transmission issues – If you experience difficulty shifting gears, check the transmission fluid levels and make sure they are not low. Also, inspect the shift linkage and cables for damage or wear.
  3. Hydraulic system problems – If the hydraulic system is not functioning properly, check for leaks in the lines and hoses. Make sure the hydraulic fluid levels are sufficient and check the condition of the filters. If the problem persists, take it to a qualified mechanic for further repairs.
  4. Mowing issues – If the mower deck does not level, check for loose or damaged parts, such as pulleys, belts, and blades. If adjustments are needed, consult the owner’s manual or contact an authorized dealer.
  5. Steering problems – If the steering is hard or not working properly, check the tie rods, spindles, and ball joints for damage or wear. If the problem persists, take it to a qualified mechanic for further repairs.


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