Primark UK Feedback Survey – A UK-based retailer, is certainly worried regarding thelevel of customer service they’ve provided to those who shop at their retail store.

And hence, the retail company has introduced a customer satisfaction survey as the Tell Primark feedback survey at, which allows visitors to share their Feedback.

This particular article serves as a reference for sharing your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback during the TellPrimark Customer Survey for Feedback.

We’ll take an all-encompassing stroll along the path of the TellPrimark survey of customer satisfaction on this glorious day.

From survey information and details regarding The Primark store to details about the prize, how to complete it and much more We will discuss all aspects of this survey in detail.


Purpose of TellPrimark UK Survey

Consumer feedback has an enormous impact and meaning. In the TellPrimark Customer Loyalty Report, TellPrimark asks its faithful customers to provide their valuable feedback.

It’s definitely an excellent chance for customers to express their thoughts and ideas. Through this survey, everything you submit is valuable for the company.

Primark Survey Reward

Tell Primark Survey offers visitors the chance to take part in the prize draw that will award 1,000 or £500 cash prizes and take them home.

If you’ve been to the shop, try your luck at winning the prizes by submitting feedback from customers at

There are two chances for anyone to take home the prize:

Daily Prize Daily Prize: One (1) daily prize that is £1000, £1000 Euros, USD$1000, USD$1000, or CAD$1000, and DKK 8000. Only for Web (and postal) entry only.

Weekly Prizes Weekly Prizes (3) prizes each week Each prize is one of the following: £500, £500, USD$500 500 CAD, DKK4000. Survey Rules and Requirements

  • The shop requires at least a legitimate receipt from the client or visitor.
  • A device (mobile, laptop, PC) with an internet connection, email ID or telephone number, and an understanding of the English/Spanish/French language must participate in the survey.
  • A purchase Or payment is Not Required to be Necessary to take part In The Prize Draw.
  • The survey is open only to legal citizens of the United Kingdom and Eire, Participants must be 18 years old or have reached legal maturity.

  • You must fill out an online survey for entries into the prize draw on the internet.
  • Employees, representatives officers, directors, or employees of the Primark retail chain as well as relatives of their immediate household members aren’t qualified to take part in the prize drawing event.

Quicksteps to Win £1,500 Cash Through Primark UK Survey 

  1. Go to TellPrimark Survey Portal online at
  2. Enter the Primark Survey code and go to the Feedback Page.
  3. Then, rate Primark customer feedback issues, and then answer customer service questions.
  4. Fill in Your Personal Identification information on the following page.
  5. Click Next, and you’ll receive an automatic entry into this prize draw.

How to do the Tell Primark Survey at – Detailed Guide

As promised, here’s the step-by-step overview of the procedure for participating in the Tell Primark customer feedback survey…

1. Go to Tell Primark Survey homepage


2. The users will be informed about the privacy statement and then prompted to click next.

3. Select the language you prefer and then begin the questionnaire.

4. Enter the 13 digits of the Primark Survey Code and then click the ENTER button to continue.

5. Tell us about your experience with the Covid security measures and select Next to begin the survey.

6. Give details about the place as well as The Time And Date of Your Visit.

7. After that, the participant will appear at the top of their feedback pages. You can then answer or rate the issues/questions you’ve experienced in the store in all honest opinions.

8. Input Your Gender as well as Your age to determine Your Gender And Age.

9. After you have answered all survey questions, give your email address in order to complete this Primark UK Feedback Survey.

10. If you click Next, you will receive a message that reads “Thank thank you” for the feedback .”

TellPrimark Survey Mail Entry

If you don’t have access to a receipt for a sale or invoice from Primark but you still have the option to send the entry form to Primark by mail.

We’ll help you or guide you through each step one at a time until you’ll understand what you need to do to send an entry that is valid to Primark by mail for this Primark Survey sweepstakes. Here you go :

  • Start by taking a piece of paper first.
  • In order to participate in the weekly sweepstakes contest, write down the following sentence:
  • “In exchange for a chance to get awesome prizes, please include my name in the Empathica Weekly Sweepstakes.”
  • If you participate in sweepstakes that are daily Write down the following sentences:
  • “In exchange for a chance to win one daily prize, please include my name in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes.”
  • Print now Your first name And Last name And also Your Telephone Number.
  • Be sure to not forget To Include the Complete Address as well as the E-mail Address.
  • Now you can mail the envelope to any of the three addresses provided below to you:
    1. First postal address: One, located in the Victoria Square
      Birmingham in the UK
      B1, 1DB
    2. The second postal address is:
      511 Avenue of the Americas, #40
      New York, NY
    3. Third postal address:
      2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200
    4. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
      L5N 2X4

Primark Customer Feedback Survey – Helpful Tips

  • It is always recommended to fill in personal information cautiously and in a correct manner.
  • The retail store customers who cannot share Primark Feedback online at the tell Primark Survey Portal or are unable to enter the Tell Primark Survey Prize Draw can share their issues below.

About Primark

Its Primark store is a place that is loved by people who are not only fashion-conscious but also those who value.

The store is focused on clothes and textiles and supplies customers with the latest styles at reasonable costs.

In simple terms, the Primark Store is a place that offers amazing clothing and textiles as well as homeware and beauty products at affordable costs.

It is the Primark store is a globally recognized brand. It is certainly respectful of all types of cultures, clothing styles, and fashion values.

From western fashions to vintage styles it is possible to get everything you are looking for in Primark.

Primark is a great place to shop for clothes. Primark store also sells cosmetics and household essentials at the most affordable cost.

The Primark store has definitely become more than just a name. In 1969, the Primark retailer opened the first of its stores in Dublin under an alternative name, Penneys.

Nowadays, there are over 370 Primark stores operating in 12 countries all over Europe and throughout North America.

Official Website:

Final Words

The customer feedback survey they’re conducting right now can be, to a significant degree, beneficial to patrons who shop at Primark Stores and outlets.

Yes, Primark Stores and Outlets Primark Stores and outlets do have an opportunity to improve their facilities better, but to admit it, which one is enjoying the results of the improvement, or the advantages of the effort? … customers only can benefit from these efforts, since it is their input and suggestions which are taken into consideration and considered.

It’s their complaints that are being addressed.

So, if you’re a Primark Stores and Outlets Customer What is the reason you are still there?

Go to Right now and win your chance to get £1,000 Daily & £1,500 Weekly!

So, hurry up!

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