When it comes to car insurance for members of the US military, there are specialized considerations and choices designed to meet their unique requirements.

Knowing about these options can assist military personnel and their families in making well-informed choices when it comes to selecting insurance coverage for their vehicles.

Here’s a detailed overview of US Military Auto Insurance, highlighting major providers and the discounts they offer.

What Is Military Car Insurance?

Military car insurance provides the same coverage options as traditional auto insurance. However, it also includes features tailored to military members and their eligible family members, such as offering worldwide coverage if you bring your vehicle with you when you’re deployed.

How Do You Get Military Auto Insurance?

As a member of the military, purchasing a car insurance policy follows the same process as buying a standard policy.

You can either speak to an agent or visit the insurer’s website to provide information about yourself (including your military service), your driving history, and details about the vehicle you want to insure.

Following this, the provider will typically offer you a quote, giving you the option to purchase your policy online or to call one of its licensed insurance agents to finalize the details.

Who Qualifies for Military Car Insurance?

Each insurance company sets its own criteria for who qualifies for military car insurance and associated discounts. Here are some examples of eligibility guidelines:

  • Enlisted in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, or National Guard.
  • Active or retired Department of Defense employee.
  • Student in one of the service academies or an officer candidate within two years of commissioning.
  • Honorably discharged or retired veteran.
  • Qualifying family member, including spouse, children (biological, adopted, or step), widows, widowers, or former spouses who haven’t remarried.

Additionally, some providers like Armed Forces Insurance extend coverage to retired, former, or active commissioned officers of the U.S. Public Health Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Factors That Affect Military Car Insurance Rates

When calculating your military car insurance rates, providers consider many of the same factors as they would for regular insurance:

  • Your driving record.
  • Where you park your car overnight.
  • The type of vehicle you own.
  • Coverage options you choose.
  • Your credit score (in some states).
  • Driving habits such as annual mileage and whether you use your car for business purposes.

Best Military Car Insurance Companies

USAA and Geico are recognized as top car insurance providers for service members. They stand out because they offer more than just a standard military discount; they provide specialized savings and coverage options tailored to military personnel.

Additionally, both companies offer auto insurance coverage in select countries and U.S. territories. This ensures that if you take your vehicle with you when deployed, you’ll have the necessary financial protection.

USAA: Best for Military Members

USAA stands out for offering the nation’s most affordable auto insurance rates on average. Their coverage is exclusively available to active or retired military members and their spouses and children. The company consistently earns high marks for customer satisfaction, often surpassing competitors in J.D. Power studies and our 2022 consumer survey.

Furthermore, USAA members can enjoy up to a 15% discount on their comprehensive coverage by garaging their cars on military installations during deployments. Additionally, USAA offers a telematics insurance program called USAA Safepilot, which can further assist customers in saving money on their premiums.

Geico Auto Insurance

Geico is another excellent choice for military personnel, offering discounts of up to 15% for eligible active-duty and former service members. Additionally, Geico provides further discounts for emergency deployment situations and membership in military organizations.

By leveraging these discounts alongside Geico DriveEasy, military members can optimize their savings on premiums. Moreover, Geico’s Military Deployment Center offers valuable tools to aid service members and their families in preparing for deployments.

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