Dear Booths UK Survey – Who doesn’t like good food? Isn’t quality food a great way to improve your mood? It is something we are All Looking for.

Most people are familiar with Booths. They offer food, wine, and grocery. The quality of products was one of their most important qualities throughout the years.

Are there Any Areas You would like to see them improve on? Do you have any suggestions? Maybe you have compliments.

Booths have a way to answer all of your questions. Booths have created a feedback survey. You will have a chance of winning a gift voucher.

This article will show you how to complete the Dearbooths customer satisfaction study. Its rules and requirements, as well as the possible reward, contact information, and other details will be covered.

You can complete the survey in five minutes if you read the entire article. It’s that simple, don’t you think? Don’t waste any more time!

Booths Survey

Purpose of the Dear Booths UK Survey

Their customers’ opinions were an inspiration to them. Booths are committed to customer satisfaction and will do everything possible to improve.

Booths want to ensure that customers leave happy. Every customer they deal with is valued equally.

You can rate your overall experience, including quality, quantity, customer service, and problems encountered.

Booths want you to be open and honest with them. ABooths want to hear about your likes, And dislikes, Why you return, How they make you feel, And if you have Any Questions.

Booths Feedback Survey Reward

After you have completed the Dear Booths Feedback Survey you will be entered in a prize draw.

They will notify you once the prize draw is over. Booths will offer £250 as Their Reward. The prize money will be given to You in the form Of Vouchers. Survey Rules and Requirements

  • You must be at least 16 years old to enter the Dear Booths prize draw.
  • Booths employees, executives, and agents of EH Booths Ltd. and their families are not allowed to take the Booths feedback survey.
  • One entry per phone number or email is allowed. Multiple entries will not be accepted.
  • Each user must complete the entire survey. Incompleteness could result in disqualification.
  • The draw will take place Within Ten Working Days of The Closing Date. The winner will be notified within ten more days.
  • The winner must reply to the notification within 14 calendar days or you’ll be disqualified.
  • Booth’s customer satisfaction survey rewards cannot be transferred and should not be taken as such.
  • You cannot buy vouchers in substitution for what you’ll get.
  • To complete the survey, You will need A Device that has A Good Internet Connection.
  • Any violation of these terms And conditions will result in disqualification.

Quicksteps to Win £250 Booths Gift Vouchers

  1. To take part in the Dear Booths Customers Survey, please visit the official website
  2. You Must Ensure that you are Eligible to Participate in the survey. Enter your store name, booth card number, date, time, and any other details.
  3. They will Ask You To Rate Them. Answer them honestly.
  4. Next, choose your gender or age category.
  5. After answering all questions, click ‘Yes’ to receive the winning notification.
  6. Last, please provide Your contact information such as Name and Telephone number.
  7. Complete the Dearbooths survey and click the “Next” button to submit it.

Step by Step Method to Complete the Booths Feedback Survey at

1. Bring your smart device and an internet connection to

Booths Survey

2.For your reference, Please read All Terms and Conditions. You will be bound By All Terms and Conditions if You Complete the Survey.

3. Add details like store name, transaction number, booth card number, date & time, etc. These details are found on the receipt of the last purchase.

4. You will be taken to Dear Booths after you have completed the details.

5. Your last Visit can Be Rated on a scale of 1-10, Where 1 means You Are very Unhappy and 10 means You are Extremely Satisfied.

6. The last question will give you an opportunity to elaborate on the details. Continue to the next question by explaining the answer in a paragraph.

7. These questions are only for Booth cardholders. Answer the questions accordingly if your card is present.

8. Also, ask if you were impressed by any staff members. If yes, you may be allowed to tell the story.

9. You can also choose “Yes” if you want to answer additional questions. After that, enter your personal information such as age and gender.

10. To be notified if your name is included in the prize draw, click on ‘Yes’.

11.Fill in the fields with Your name, Your address,Your phone number, Your email address, and other Your personal information.

12. Submit the Booths Customer Satisfaction Survey and wait for the announcement of the winner.

Dear Booths Customer Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Everybody should have valid contact information. They can only reach you through your details.
  • Keep all receipts from shopping and get amazing rewards by participating in feedback surveys such as this.

About Booths

Booth is a network that includes high-end supermarkets in Northern England. E.H. Booth & Co. Ltd. founded the establishment known as the China House in Blackpool.

They currently have 27 stores across Northern England.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Booths is the “Waitrose” of the North. Booths have emphasized quality over price.

Final Words

We hope you found this Dear Booths customer survey Helpful. Follow the link Below To Access the survey page. If you find this useful, Please share it with Your Family And Friends!

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