Lego Customer Feedback Survey – You may Participate in the official Lego UK Customer Feedback Survey at and This survey gives You the chance To Rate the company’s customer service And the calibre of the products you get.

They would like To hear any feedback that is either positive or negative whatever the issue. Visit the Official site and answer Any questions you have on this survey. Lego Feedback Survey.Furthermore, Lego rewards users with amazing Lego set as a reward for your reviews and feedback.

Rules, Regulations, Survey Standards, and Lego UK Incentives are also covered on this page. This post will show you how to complete the Lego UK Customer Feedback Survey using sequential instructions.

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Lego Feedback Survey

Purpose of the Lego Feedback Survey

Lego UK is asking for Your candid comments in the Customer Satisfaction Survey So that they can have the greatest Experience possible. By listening to consumer feedback, We can make our goods and services better for current and potential customers.

To enhance customer experiences honest responses from consumers to survey questions are valuable. Your suggestions will be considered in the process of improvement following a thorough evaluation and the appropriate steps will be taken shortly following that.

Additionally, Your prompt feedback is crucial To improving the quality of their services To provide A better customer experience.

Lego Product Feedback Survey Reward

Lego values its customers’ time by giving them fantastic prizes. When taking the Lego Customer Satisfaction Survey is completed And you have been awarded an entry Into a sweepstakes entry that will allow You to win LEGO sets valued at around $80/EUR60.

Each month, One winner will Be picked from among the 2000 entries. The survey must Be completed once every month. Its “Survey Reward” is entirely reliant on the information contained in your receipt. Examine the information on the receipt.

Lego Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules and Requirements

  • You must be At least 18 years old To participate in the Lego Survey prize draw. Parents may also assist their children in completing the survey.
  • This poll is open To anybody who has a Lego set code and wishes to participate in the Lego questionnaire.
  • The Lego shop workers, their close families, and their agents are ineligible to participate in the poll.
  • The survey may only be completed once per participant. Prior to the drawing for prizes, incomplete entries will be deleted.
  • The monthly contest will randomly select one winner for every 2,000 eligible entries.
  • A valid email address is required to complete the survey and enter the prize.
  • The winners will then be contacted by email between 7 and 14 days after the sweepstakes.
  • Online Lego Survey completion requires an internet-connected computer, laptop, or mobile device.
  • You can participate in the poll in Any of the languages provided in the menu located in the upper right corner.

Quicksteps to Win Lego Sets Worth $80/€60

  1.  Go to To take part in A survey on Lego products.
  2.  It is important that You read these terms and conditions in their entirety. The Lego set code is A series Of four or five numbers.
  3.  Check the box indicating your legal age And country of residence.
  4.  When it comes To Your last appointment, it’s important that you feel that all Of your concerns were addressed and that You left feeling satisfied.
  5.  To enter the Lego Survey Sweepstakes, simply include your name and email address. Afterwards, please fill out this survey.

Complete the Lego Product Feedback Survey at

  1.  The Official Lego Customer Satisfaction Survey website is

Lego Feedback Survey

2. Enter the information you obtained from the Lego kits (the 4 number Lego sets code is on the side or front or back ).

3. Choose the Lego product You purchased from the Lego shop.

4. Please specify whether You are an adult or a youngster.

5. Choose the nation where You visited a Lego store and purchased a Lego product.

6. Provide some data about Your children’s personal information and click the “Next” button.

7. Please rate Your overall level of satisfaction depending on how you felt about Your experience.

8. There are many unanswered issues regarding the most current Lego shop experience. Answer each question on a scale of joyful to dissatisfied.

9. In exchange, You may provide information such as Your gratitude as well as recommendations and suggestions.

10. Then, every month, you’ll be invited to enter the prize draw. Choose “Yes,” then enter Your Name And e-mail Address.

11. Take the time to finish your survey by selecting “Next,” and you’ve entered the Lego prize draw for feedback surveys to win $80/EUR60 Lego kits.

Lego Feedback Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Everyone who participates should have a valid email address. Because they can only reach you via the Email Address You provided during the survey At
  • Save any invoices And bills you receive while shopping in this manner, and you can earn fantastic incentives simply by spending five minutes leaving comments.

About Lego

1932 saw the invention of Lego. Ole Kirk Christiansen founded it. Toys are made in Billund by the Lego Group, a Danish manufacturing firm.

The Lego Group creates toys under the Lego brand using interlocking pieces (plastic). They Are also the creators Of various theme parks All around the world, Many of which go By the name Of Legoland and feature a range of retail establishments.

Why should the history of Lego worry you? For youngsters and adults alike, Lego is and will always be a popular toy. You can now find Legos to purchase all throughout the UK thanks to Lego Shop UK. Building and creating are constant themes in Lego.

According To Lego Shop, Anybody can now build their own Star Wars spacecraft Out Of Legos. There’s A good Reason why America produces approximately A quarter Of All Legos. Simply said, There are A lot of other people in the United States who share our passion for Legos.

That’s why American stores are popular and can target a certain audience. The Lego Shop UK contains everything you need if you love Lego toys or want to try them for the first time. Find particular Lego sets or repair components of an existing set. Everything is at the Lego Shop Britain.

Final Words

Please visit Or To complete the LEGO Survey. Hopefully, We have provided You with some useful information. It will Take two minutes To complete the survey in its entirety, but the results will help the business determine more details and raise the calibre of its goods.

For more details visit the


What is the LEGO Product Feedback Survey?

The LEGO Product Feedback Survey is an opportunity for users to provide feedback about their experiences using LEGO products.

Where can I find the LEGO Product Feedback Survey?

You can locate this LEGO Product Feedback Survey by entering the URL located on the reverse page of LEGO Construction Instructions.

What is the purpose of the LEGO Product Feedback Survey?

The goal behind this LEGO Product Feedback Survey is in order to gather feedback from consumers to enhance overall quality and value of LEGO products and services.

How long does it take to complete the LEGO Product Feedback Survey?

The time needed for you to finish to complete the LEGO Product Feedback Survey is different in the end, but typically it lasts between 5 and 10 minutes.

What kind of questions are asked in the LEGO Product Feedback Survey?

The LEGO Product Feedback Survey asks questions regarding your experience in using LEGO products, including quality and design and packaging.

How do I enter the LEGO Product Feedback Survey Sweepstakes?

To participate in into the LEGO Product Feedback Survey Sweepstakes you must fill out your questionnaire and provide the required contact details.

What are the official rules for the LEGO Product Feedback Survey Sweepstakes?

Official rules of the LEGO Product Feedback Survey Sweepstakes can be located in the Medallia website.

Can I provide feedback on a specific LEGO set?

Yes there is a way that can provide feedback about the specific LEGO set by filling out your LEGO Product Feedback Survey.

Is the LEGO Product Feedback Survey available in languages other than English?

The LEGO Product Feedback Survey is available in a variety of languages, based the location you are in.

Can I provide feedback on LEGO services, such as customer support?

Yes you can provide feedback about LEGO services including customer support, by filling out your LEGO Product Feedback Survey.

Can I provide feedback anonymously in the Lego feedback survey?

It is possible that the Lego feedback survey might offer the option of anonymous feedback. You can look over the survey’s instructions to determine whether it is the option for you to provide feedback anonymously without disclosing your personal information.

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