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Makeyourmands.co.uk Survey Marks and Spencer is a British international retailer known for its care and concern for its customers.

M&S Feedback Survey at www.Makeyourmands.co.uk or www.Tellmands.co.uk is the right way to provide your reviews and feedback.

Have you been to Marks and Spencer? Have you visited the Marks and Spencer store recently? Are you a regular customer of Marks and Spencer? If so, why should you wait? Do the Tellmands Survey here, complete it and stand the chance to take home either a £50 gift card or a £50 gift card. 

After having completed the survey participants will receive free entry to the Marks and Spencer Survey Prize Draw.

Every M&S clients and M&S customers are able to provide feedback and participate in for the draw to win the prizes.

You must accept the terms of service and satisfy the requirements. Follow the guidelines below to provide feedback and be eligible to participate in the draw to win the M&S gift voucher.


Purpose of the Makeyourmands Survey

In actuality, the primary goal of this survey is to gather authentic feedback about customers. It can be challenging for businesses to get customers to sign up and receive honest feedback from them regarding their shopping experience. 

That is the primary reason why businesses provide feedback surveys that can get exciting prizes in exchange for honest and honest feedback.

This time to get authentic feedback Marks and Spencer is offering £50 M&S gift vouchers to customers who are willing to share their thoughts on how they shop.

If you’re eager to stand a chance to be the winner of this £50 Marks and Spencer gift card There’s no need to wait any longer. 

Simply write about your shopping experience at Marks and Spencer at www.tellmands.co.uk.

Makeyourmands Survey Reward 

There’s a chance to take home any of 10 lucky winners each month. If you are the lucky winner, Marks and Spencer are offering a £50 M&S gift card (EUR50 for those who are from ROI). you’re from the RIO)for your honest and honest feedback in every month’s draw for prizes.

The Marks and Spencer survey was rewarded after successful successfully completing the Customer Feedback Survey.

You must answer all survey questions, and comply with the following rules and guidelines. If you don’t, you’ll be disqualified from entering the Tellm&s Monthly sweepstakes.

The cash rewards will come in a form like a check It is not exchangeable and non-transferable.

Makeyourm&s.co.uk Survey Rules and Requirements 

In order to participate at the customer Experience Survey conducted by Marks and Spencer To be eligible to participate in the Customer Experience Survey conducted by Marks and Spencer, you must be able to meet the following requirements:

  • In order to participate to take part in this Makeyourmands survey, it’s not required to possess a valid receipt from the purchase.
  • A device (mobile or computer tab) with internet connectivity email address, phone number, and a basic ability to comprehend the English language are required to participate in the survey.
  • Only clients who shop at Marks and Spencer store chains who reside permanently in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, can provide feedback to the store and participate in the prize draw.
  • Participants must be at minimum 16 years old in order to be eligible to participate in Marks and Spencer Feedback, and at least 18 years older to participate in the prize draw.
  • You need to complete the Marks and Spencer Survey at www.makeyourm&s.co.uk to enter the prize draw event online.
  • Employees or representatives officers, directors, or employees from the Marks and Spencer retail store chain Marks and Spencer retail store chain, or their immediate family members are not eligible to be entered into the sweepstakes.
  • Participants in the survey are allowed to submit one survey entry per email address each month. Multiple entries will be removed prior to the draw.
  • Only one prize from a survey per entry is allowed.
  • The winners will receive announcement via e-mail or phone within 15 days of the month’s end and must claim their prize no longer than 14 days following receiving the announcement.
  • If a winner is unable to take the award within stipulated days, a new winner will be selected through draw again.

Quicksteps to Win £50/€50 M&S Gift Voucher

  1. Visit the Make Your Marks Survey Portal online at www.makeyourmands.co.uk or www.Tellmands.co.uk.
  2. Fill in the date, time, and M&S Survey Code, and then enter them on the survey review page.
  3. You can then rate Marks and Spencer, and answer their questions. Feedback concerns and address the customer experience questions.
  4. Select ‘Yes’ If you want to be entered into the £50 prize draw. £50 prizes draw.
  5. Input the details of your Personal Identification Number on the following page.
  6. Hit the Next button and you’ll be given an instant entry into the sweepstakes.

The Tellmands survey participant will need to wait until the survey prize draws the winners’ announcement. Lucky winners will be informed via email or other means and will receive the £50 gift card.

How to Participate in the Makeyourmands Survey at www.Makeyourmands.co.uk – Detailed Guide

Below are the steps you must follow to ensure your successful taking part in M&S’s Customer Satisfaction Survey carried out by M&S:

1. Firstly, you have to go to the website www.makeyourmands.co.uk or www.tellmands.co.uk, where you can find the M&S Make Your Marks feedback survey.


2. In the next few minutes, you’ll be able to read these terms and conditions as well as privacy policies on this page.

3. If you’ve got an authentic receipt, you’ll have chosen the ‘Yes‘ date and timing of your visit to Marks and Spencer. Marks and Spencer outlet/store.

4. If you don’t have a receipt, click “No,” and input the date of the visit. Next, click on ‘Next‘. enter your store’s location and name.

5. The next step is to answer questions regarding your shopping experiences at Marks and Spencer Outlet. The majority of questions will offer many options of which you will have to choose the answer you want to give.

6. You might also be required to answer questions that provide an area to enter your problems or thoughts. In addition, questions will be posted in which you are able to rate them on a scale of 1 to 5.

7. If you’d like to answer any additional questions about your experience, select ‘Yes‘, and proceed.

8. Enter your gender, age, as well as other specific information to be used to help you classify yourself.

9. On the next screen choose ‘Yes’, then input your email address.

10. After that, click ‘Signup to be a part of the draw’ to be entered into the prize draw after you have completed the questions.

11. Hit the “Finish” button and you’ll receive a message that reads “Thank you for spending the time to take the survey .”

Tellmands UK Feedback Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Participants who participated in this Marks and Spencer Feedback Survey Prize Draw are advised to go through the list of winners here. If you happen to be fortunate enough to win, you’ll be informed by e-mail.
  • The survey participant should also give the details of their personal identification to help the chain of retail stores locate them, and also notify you quickly in the event that you’re the lucky winner of the prize draw.
  • The majority of readers also recommended keeping receipts in mind whenever they go to restaurants, retail or shops. or pharmacies.
  • The participants who cannot share Marks and Spencer Feedback at www.makeyourm&s.co.uk can share them by commenting below.
  • You can also post M&S Survey issues below and get online support from us to Tell MandS Survey successfully and be the winner of the £50 gift voucher right now.

About Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer are a huge retail Group. They have stores and outlets in more than 50 countries that includes India as well as Egypt. 

Marks and Spencer are also well-known for its premium clothing and textile items household items, as well as luxurious food items they’ve provided to customers for many years.

While Marks and Spencer have become an international brand, its origins are not as extensive as the ones that Marks and Spencer have seen in recent years. 

Their humble beginnings were in Leeds city, in the United Kingdom back in 1884. They were the only British retailer group to make more than 1 million dollars in revenue prior to tax-related charges in the year. 

Marks and Spencer’s has been an enormous success and is among the most famous and well-known stores across the country.

Presently, Marks and Spencer have over 80,000 employees in over 800 outlets and stores within the United Kingdom, including its very own flagship store located on Oxford Street in London. Oxford Street.

Final Words

This Create The M&S customer Feedback survey they’re conducting is beneficial for Marks and Spencer customers. 

Marks and Spencer do have an opportunity to improve themselves but, let’s honestly ask, which customer will enjoy the results of this improvement? Only the customers are the ones who get to benefit from these efforts, since it’s their comments and suggestions that are being taken into account and considered. It is their complaints being addressed.

So, do you believe that if already a Marks and Spencer customer, this is a win-win situation for you? 

You can either receive a £50 gift voucher and you also get to shop at a more convenient spot next time. Aren’t both of these options beneficial for you?

Why are you here? Go to www.makeyourmands.co.uk right now and win your chance to get the £50 gift voucher prize!

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