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Subway Listens Survey – Have you ever smelt the smell that comes from the Subway restaurant’s submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads? What did you think? Did the restaurant meet your expectations and needs?

Whatever you decide to answer you’re not in the least concerned, negative or good, good or bad, or negative. Your honest input is the one factor that is important for the establishment.

So take the online Subway Guest Survey at or and provide the experience you had at the restaurant.

You can express your opinion and make a complaint in accordance with your experience within Subway’s Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey. Your feedback will be reviewed and actions are taken in due course.

This Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey is only a couple of minutes and you’ll collect Subway coupons as a reward after you’ve completed it.

This post provides information about how to complete the Subway Guest Experience Survey, its terms and conditions, rewards, and the steps you need to take to complete your online Survey.

Subway Listens


Why Subway Listens Survey

Subway restaurants are always looking for ways to connect with food lovers. They would like to know whether you love or dislike food items on their Subway menus.

This questionnaire can help them create different dimensions for business.

You can provide feedback online on this Subway Listens Survey site regarding the food you have purchased at subway stations or on the internet.

It doesn’t matter if it’s excellent or not because the Subwaylistens survey generates all your reviews. You’ll receive an id number in acknowledgment upon the conclusion of the Subway guests’ satisfaction questionnaire.

Subwaylistens Feedback Survey Reward

After completing Subwaylistens Feedback Survey Subwaylistens Feedback Survey on the Subway Portal, Subway offers the possibility of receiving subway coupons.

You will be issued the Subway Promo Code after you have submitted feedback on the Subway guest Feedback Survey.

You could get complimentary cookies as well as a complimentary regular-served drink (455 milliliters) when you subway in the near future with this code.

Note Please: This Survey is always adjusted on the basis of the compensation. What you get as your “Survey Reward” will depend on the reward you receive.

Rewards will be sent out following the submission of the Survey together using the coupon code.

Subway Listens to Free Cookie Survey Rules and Requirements

  • You must have a laptop, PC or tab, or smartphone that has an internet connection.
  • You cannot take part in this Survey If you’re from the countries listed below: United Arab Emirates, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Kuwait.
  • Subway Customer Survey shall not allow employees who work in Subway restaurants to bring their immediate family members to participate.
  • You must have at least a legitimate invoice from your last Subway visit.
  • In the first 5 days of your most recent Subway excursion, the customer is required to participate in the brief survey.
  • You must be able to demonstrate basic English proficiency to be able to answer or rate questions.
  • To be eligible to participate in the Survey Participants must be 18 years old or older.
  • You must redeem the voucher before the time limit stipulated in the last section of the Survey.
  • You must write the coupon code on the front of the receipt to get the offer. Subway Listens to Rewards.

Quicksteps to Receive Discounts at Subway for Free

  1. Visit the Subway Listens to UK Feedback survey site at or
  2. Enter your email address as well as your full name.
  3. Please provide the Subway Store number along with any other pertinent information that is listed on the receipt.
  4. There are many questions regarding your experiences in the subway, by clicking on the “Begin Survey” button.
  5. Take the survey to receive your Subway Coupon.

How to Participate in the Subway Feedback Survey at – Detailed Guide

1. On your PC or smartphone, open For united kingdom residents, open

Subway Listens

2. Enter your contact information like your e-mail address and your full name. Then click on ‘Begin Survey’ .’

3. In the next window Enter the number of the subway store and date of visit, visit time, and transaction id.

4. Take the time to read the questions thoroughly and then answer them honestly and with your honest opinion. Don’t be concerned if they’re negative, since Subway employees are attentive to all the things their customers need and it’s not obvious that you’ll be able to get out of the track to be awarded the prize.

5. Review your overall satisfaction based on your impression of your experience. Answer all questions from happy to dissatisfied honestly on a scale of.

6. You’re done. You’ve completed this Subway Listens to 1-minute survey and received free drinks and cookies for you to take advantage of on your next trip to the nearest Subway restaurant.

Subway Listens to Customer Satisfaction Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Participants are advised to input their contact details carefully, such as Name, E-mail address, and contact number.
  • Remember to record coupon codes on the receipt. This will assist you in redeeming the free drinks and food on your next trip to Subway. Subway restaurant.
  • Everybody should save and collect all receipts in order when they shop, which could aid you in winning the chance to win prizes for free.
  • Make sure you submit your receipts here to receive our online survey guidelines and be eligible to win exciting prizes.
  • Furthermore, each user can leave glowing reviews of the service, staff as well as other aspects by leaving a comment in the following box.

All About Subway

Subway is among the most popular sandwich chain restaurants around the globe. Over 300,000 people work for Subway across the globe in a variety of roles including servers, food processors, and even finance.

Subway UK is situated in the Connecticut district of Milford. The menu offers a variety of sub-sandwiches. These include Meatball Marinara, Spicy Italian Bacon Ranch Melt, and Salads.

Final Words

Subway has committed to a variety of company social responsibility efforts, which include five core principles: no advertising to children, encouraging families to be active, serving nutritious food, making a positive contribution to society, as well as decreasing their carbon footprint.

On the Consumer Affairs website, Subway has a score of 3.5 from 5 reviews with 287 ratings. A portion of the feedback that is positive has been that Subway is the ideal diet food, it is clean and offers superior food handling, provides quick service, and is beautifully presented.

This post provides information about this post, which provides information on the Subway Listens Customer Survey on Subwaylistens official site. I hope that the Subway Feedback Survey helped you to get free Subway Coupons at