Deichmann Feedback Survey 2022 @ for a Chance to Win £300 Survey – Footwear is an essential part of any outfit. No matter what footwear we choose, they complete the look. 

For a long time, we have divided our footwear choices into different outfits. You can have a shoe for your wedding, a shoe for your golf day, or a shoe for your party.

Deichmann SE offers a wide range of affordable footwear for everyone. They have now created a feedback survey to get insight into the thoughts of their customers. 

They love to hear what you think. They want you back to the shop again and again.

This article contains all information regarding the Deichmann SE customer experience survey. The survey prize, rules, regulations, step-by-step guide, and customer contact information have been included. 

If you’re eligible, read this article and then complete the survey. Let’s not get too excited!

Deichmann Feedback Survey

Purpose of the Deichmann Feedback Survey

Each feedback survey has a purpose. It is usually to learn about the positive and negative aspects of company strategies. 

The company needs to understand what customers think about them. Their opinions, likes and dislikes, favorite products, and any other information they can gather.

They want to find out what parts of their strategies make them successful and what makes them fall short. 

Once the survey has been completed, the data can be used to analyze and understand the results.

They can learn to accept their mistakes and improve each day so they don’t have to make the same mistakes again. 

Customers will return to services and products that are better than theirs, and they will also recommend them to others, increasing their sales. Survey Reward

You will be entered into a raffle for a £300 voucher if you have completed the Deichmann SE customer experience survey. This coupon is valid in all Deichmann SE stores in the United Kingdom.

Sponsors may end the promotion at any time they wish without prior notice.

Deichmann Feetback UK Survey Rules And Requirements

  • You must be a legal resident in the United Kingdom to be eligible.
  • To participate in the Deichmann feedback survey, entrants must be at least 16.
  • Employees of Deichmann SE and their families (mother, fathers, siblings, children, and spouse), representatives from the company, promoters, or anyone else related to the company cannot participate in the survey.
  • A single entry by an individual is acceptable for the monthly sweepstakes. Multiple entries will be rejected and filtered out of the Feetback prize draw.
  • To be eligible, the entrants must provide their full names, e-mail addresses, and postcode accurately.
  • Without prior notice, the promotion may be modified or stopped entirely at any moment. Promoters reserve the right to remove entries or disqualify them.
  • For a chance to win £300, the Feetback survey must be completed through the Deichmann Customer Satisfaction Studyat
  • All entries must be received by the closing date. All entries received after the closing date will not be considered.
  • The first week of the next month will be the draw.
  • The informed winner will be chosen on or before the 10 th month.
  • If the winner does not claim their reward within 12 calendar days after the notification, the company can choose an alternate winner.
  • Only UK shops can redeem the prize.
  • Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash. The prize cannot be transferred.
  • Participation in the Deichmann feedback survey requires a laptop/smartphone, or another device that has an internet connection.

Quicksteps to Do the Survey at for A Chance to Win £300

  1. Visit the site, which is designed for survey purposes.
  2. From your receipt, enter the store numbers, date of visit, hour, and transaction number.
  3. Your overall experience with the store. Answer all questions honestly and you will be asked questions about the store.
  4. To win £300, select ‘Yes ‘ by answering the feedback question.
  5. Answer all questions and then add your personal details such as your full name, e-mail address or contact number, and postcode.
  6. You are done with the survey.

Step by Step Instructions to Complete the Deichmann Feedback Survey at

1. To participate in the Deichmann Feedback Survey, visit

Deichmann Feedback Survey

2. Please read the Privacy Policies for the Prize Draw, which are available on the Opening Page. Check that you are eligible to participate in the survey. If you are sure, click ‘Continue

3. To start the survey, add the following information to your most recent purchase receipt: store code, date and time, transaction number, and transaction number.

4. You can rate the overall experience at the Deichmann store. It can be rated from extremely satisfied to very dissatisfied.

5. Be honest and direct in your responses. They want to hear your raw feedback so they can make improvements.

6. They can ask you questions about the visit, and what problems were encountered.

7. For classification purposes, please enter your gender and age. Click ‘Next ‘.

8. Next, click ‘Yes’ on the page to enter the Deichmann Feedback Prize Draw.

9. Next, enter your full name, telephone number, e-mail address, and postal code.

10. You can submit your feedback survey to be eligible for a £300 gift certificate

Feetback Customer Experience Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Within 10 days of the closing date, the winner of the Deichmann feedback survey will be notified by phone or email.
  • Always enter your correct contact information. If you don’t, you won’t be notified by the company that you have been selected as the sweepstakes winner.
  • All purchase receipts must be kept safe. This survey reward can be yours for free.

About Deichmann

Deichmann is one of the best and most affordable. You can find it wherever you go. Deichmann SE, the largest European footwear retailer, is headquartered in Germany. 

It is a family-owned business, also known as Dosenbach in Switzerland and Van Haren in the Netherlands.

Heinrich Deichmann, a 25-year-old German man, founded the shop in 1913. The shop was originally called Schuhreparatur Elektra. Deichmann purchases shoe more than he manufactures them. Asia is their main market.

Final Words

All the survey information required to win the Deichmann Gift Certificate has been provided. All you need to do now is to remember the instructions and grab your receipt.

If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends and family.

All the best!