Lincolnshire Co-op Customer Survey – Have You Heard of Lincolnshire Co-op? Are you a Lincolnshire Co-op member? Do you still have your Lincolnshire Co-op purchase receipt in hand? My friend, in that case, I have good news.

Win a 50-pound gift voucher if you own a smartphone or computer with an active internet connection. This incredible opportunity is available to you.

Keep reading and I’ll tell you everything.

Lincolnshire Co-op Survey

Purpose of the Survey

It is simple. Lincolnshire Co-op conducts customer feedback surveys. Customers’ unique insights can be used to benefit any business or organization.

The company will be able to obtain information about product quality, cleanliness, checkout speed, and the arrangement of the store. It will also have access to the knowledge and guidance of staff.

Customers are not expected or required to assist businesses in return for information. As a reward, customers are often given coupons or vouchers.

Customers are rewarded and the company gains valuable information. It’s a win-win situation! Right?

Lincolnshire Co-op Your Say Survey Survey Reward

If you complete the Lincolnshire Co-op You Say Survey, you may be eligible to win a Lincolnshire Co-op gift certificate worth £50.

  • Each month, five prizes are up for grabs.
  • Each prize draw for the Month is Limited to 1 Prize Per Winner.
  • Each winner will receive £50 Lincolnshire Co-op vouchers.
  • The Lincolnshire Co-op reserves the right to replace or amend rewards if necessary.
  • There is no cash alternative.

Lincolnshire Coop Customer Feedback Rules and Requirements

Below are the rules and regulations you must follow in order to take part in Lincolnshire’s Your Say Coop Survey.

  • To participate in the Coop Feedback Survey, You Must Be A Resident Of the United Kingdom.
  • This promotion is not open to employees of Lincolnshire Co-op or any of its group companies or agencies who are directly involved with the design and administration.
  • Winners may need to provide evidence of their age.
  • You must complete the survey at between each month’s opening and closing dates in order to be eligible for the prize draw.
  • To complete the survey and be eligible for the Lincolnshire Co-op Your Say Survey prize drawing, you must have a valid email id.
  • The random computer procedure will select the winners within seven working days.
  • Upon selection of the winner, an E-mail Will Be sent to the E-mail Address Provided in Your survey. This email Will be sent within Seven Days.

Quicksteps to Win £50 Lincolnshire Co-op Vouchers

  1. Go to using a web browser. Click “Continue.”
  2. Enter your invitation card or receipt details to choose if you wish to participate in the survey.
  3. Please provide details about your date, time, and shop number.
  4. Respond to the survey questions and share your satisfaction with their services.
  5. To enter the prize draw, choose “Yes”. to provide your contact details.
  6. Send the survey.

How to Do the Lincolnshire Yoursay Survey at – Detailed Guide

You can also take part in the survey in Lincolnshire by following the steps below.

  1. Turn on Your smart device, Connect it to the internet, Then Open Your web browser, go to, and click the Continue button.

Lincolnshire Co-op Survey

2. You will now have Two Options For Participating in the survey.

3. Enter your receipt details and information about your invitation card to choose if you wish to take part in the survey.

4. Once you have selected the receipt, you will need to enter the following information: till number, till number, and date.

5. Enter the following information if you’re taking part in the Your Say Coop Survey via the invitation card: the date and time of your visit, as well as the store number.

6. You will now be Asked To Complete the Survey. Answer all survey questions honestly.

7. After you have answered all questions, please indicate your gender and age. This is optional.

8. Next, click “Yes” and you will be entered into the Lincolnshire Co-op Your Say Survey prize draw.

9. Your Personal Contact Information will be Required, Including Your email address and number.

10. Once you’re done, you can submit your Lincolnshire customer satisfaction survey and be entered into the monthly prize draw.

About Lincolnshire Co-op

The Lincolnshire Co-op, a co-operative owned by users, operates in central England, Newark, Nottinghamshire, and in a Norfolk pharmacy, United Kingdom.

The Lincolnshire Co-op’s main Objective is To Empower Local Residents By giving them the resources they need to grow their economy, Develop their communities, And Provide affordable, High-Quality Health Care.

Co-ops are managed by elected boards that consist of a rotating membership. This allows for the Co-ops to maintain a long-term relationship and develop a new member base.

According to reports, The average age of people who live in A Lincolnshire Co-op was 40 Years.

It operates around 215 businesses. The majority are travel agencies, florists, and pharmacies. The Lincolnshire Co-op will participate in a variety of projects, including but not limited to providing IT equipment to local colleges, supporting local food banks, furnishing furniture to local leisure centers, and helping to plant the community garden.

The official website has information about how to join the Co-ops as well as how to get assistance.

If you would like to share Your Experiences with the Lincolnshire Co-op, Please Contact The Board. This information is used to create reports and conduct surveys.

Final Words

As I did in the beginning, I am now going to tell you about Lincolnshire’s customer feedback survey. Why wait?

Take part in the survey by going to Lincolnshire’s Co-op survey webpage

Best of luck.

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