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YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter Price In India, Specs, Images Overview

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YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter 1

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Yamaha Thailand recently launched its most recent Automatic Scooter. Yamaha has installed one of its kind of engines which runs Yamaha Qbix. It has a Blue Core 125cc engine that helps it to become a fuel-economical scooter.

Discover the stylish and fuel-efficient Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter with its innovative features and performance. Unveil its expected prices, specifications, and key features in our comprehensive overview

Qbix 125 is accessible in three variations: 

  1. Qbix 125
  2. Qbix 125 S
  3. Qbix 125 ABS

Yamaha Qbix is available in two colors

  1. Dark brown blue and
  2. Red and Black shades.

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Key Point

  • Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter: Stylish and fuel-efficient commuter scooter available in three variations.
  • Price: Expected to range from Rs. 103,000 to Rs. 113,000 in India.
  • Features: Blue Core 125cc engine, LED headlamps and tail lights, digital meter, mobile charging point, and unique design elements.
  • Specifications: 125cc water-cooled engine, 775mm seat height, 4.2L fuel tank capacity, ABS brakes available, and top speed around 95 km/h.

YAMAHA QBIX 125 Review

The Yamaha QBIX 125 is a stylish and affordable scooter that is perfect for commuting or riding around town. It is powered by a 125cc engine that produces 9.5 horsepower and 9.8 lb-ft of torque. The QBIX 125 also features a CVT transmission and a belt final drive, making it easy to ride and maintain.

Full review YouTube video check here. 

YAMAHA QBIX 125 Price 

YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter price

Price in India Expected

  • Standard- Rs.103000
  • S Variant- Rs.105000
  • ABS Variant- Rs.113000

YAMAHA QBIX 125 Key Features

YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter engine
  • The Blue Core 125cc engine helps to Optimize fuel combustion, Reduce power losses, Increase performance, and Helps in reducing pollution.
  • Yamaha QBIX has a current design that is cutting edge, frame boxes like a bag make it extraordinary.
YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter head light
  • LED headlamps in front
YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter tail LED Light
  • Tails lights are also LED type
YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter digital meter
  • A speedometer is on LCD.
YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter mobile charging point
  • Yamaha Qbix has a Mobile charging point too
YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter tire
  • On the backside also the design is so unique which makes it like a machine from the future.
YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter fuel tank
  • Qbix 125 is accessible in three variations: Qbix 125, Qbix 125 S, and Qbix 125 ABS.
YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter 4
  • Yamaha Qbix is available in two colours dark brown blue and Red Black shades.
YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter specs
  • QBIX additionally has a large storage space with a limit of 22.5 litres.

YAMAHA QBIX 125 Specifications

YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter
TypeWater-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, Single cylinder
Diameter X Steps52,4 mm x 57,9 mm
The Compression Ratio9,5: 1
IgnitionTCI (Transistor Control Ignition)
Fuel SystemFuel injection (Blue Core)
StarterElectric & Kickstarter
TransmitDry, Centrifugal automatic V-belt automatic
P x L x T1860mm X 710mm (standard), 740mm (S &ABS) X 1066mm
The Weight Of The Contents– QBIX Standard 103 kg
– QBIX S 106 kg
– QBIX ABS 108 kg
Seat Height775mm
The Lowest distance to the Ground135mm
Wheelbase1280 mm
Tank capacity4.2 L
Frame and Legs
Front suspensionTelescopic
Rear suspensionUnit Swing
Front Tire100/90 (standard), 110/90 (S&ABS)
Rear Tire130/70 (standard), 140/70-12 (S&ABS)
Front BrakeDisc – ABS
Rear BrakeDrum
YAMAHA QBIX 125 Scooter

YAMAHA QBIX 125 Top Speed 

The Yamaha QBIX 125 has a top speed of approximately 95 km/h (59 mph).

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What are the key features and specifications of the Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter?

The Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter boasts a fuel-efficient Blue Core 125cc engine, LED headlamps, and tail lights, along with a digital meter and mobile charging point. With variations in design and specifications, it offers versatility to riders. Prices range from Rs. 103,000 to Rs. 113,000 in India.

What is the price of a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter?

Price for a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter can depend on its location and seller; estimates in international markets may range up to Rs. 1,055,000 while an estimate for India may come out closer to Rs. 70,000.

Where can I buy a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter?

Purchase of the Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter can be done from authorized Yamaha dealers, online marketplaces or private sellers – check Yamaha’s official website to locate an agent near you.

Can I buy a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter online?

Yes, you can purchase a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter online via various marketplaces like Alibaba, Amazon and Bikes4Sale.

Is it safe to buy a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter online?

As with any purchase online, purchasing the Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter from authorized dealers or trusted marketplaces such as Alibaba, Amazon or Bikes4Sale should generally be safe. As always though, do your research carefully before making your final purchase decision and only trust trustworthy sellers with your business.

What is the warranty on a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter?

Warranty details on a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter may differ depending on its location and seller; for more information regarding coverage and terms please contact your local dealer or seller directly.

Can I negotiate the price of a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter?

Price can sometimes be negotiable when purchasing a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter; be sure to contact the seller or dealer beforehand to see if they’re willing to negotiate on price.

What are the color options for a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter?

Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooters may vary in their color options depending on your location and seller, so it’s wise to consult them on available colors before making your selection. When in doubt, reach out directly to them for the latest available choices.

Is financing available for a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter?

Financing options for a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter may differ depending on your location and seller; for the best financing solutions it is advisable to contact them directly.

What are the specifications of a Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooter?

Yamaha QBIX 125 Scooters boast a 125cc engine, ABS brakes, LED lights, and a fuel tank capacity of 4.2 liters.

Can I buy a used Yamaha QBIX 125 scooter?

Yes, used Yamaha QBIX 125 scooters may be available for sale through authorized Yamaha dealerships or pre-owned vehicle dealerships. To find one in good condition for less money than new, check your options with these sources.

Are there authorized service centers for the Yamaha QBIX 125 scooter?

Yamaha provides authorized service centers where you can obtain maintenance and repairs for the Yamaha QBIX 125 scooter. To find one near you, contact your local dealership for information about service center locations.

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