Yanmar SV40 Specification, Weight, Horsepower, Width, Price & Review

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Yanmar SV40

Yanmar SV40 Overview

The Yanmar SV40 pushes the boundaries of performance and capabilities, redefining the micro excavator market. You’ll struggle to find a job it can’t do with its best-in-class power, digging force, and lifting capability.

The Yanmar SV40 isn’t only strong; it also comes with our innovative hydraulic quick-coupler attachment system, two-speed shift travel that automatically changes speeds, and blade float control as standard. Moreover, 4- or 6-way blade control are available as add-ons.

In addition, The sophisticated cab is equipped with innovative and user-friendly controls, An informative LCD monitoring system, and Automatic diagnostics that make it Easier to plan maintenance for less downtime and Better production.

Yanmar sv40 Price

SV40 price is USD $69,950

Yanmar SV40 Weight

SV40’s weight is 9,515 lbs.

Yanmar SV40 Horsepower

SV40 engine produces a 39 HP

Yanmar sv40 Width

SV40 width is 5 ft, 8 in

Yanmar sv40 Lifting Capacity

Yanmar sv40 Lifting Capacity is 1760 pounds (800 kilograms)

Yanmar SV40 Features

  • Best-in-class power
  • Tight tail swing
  • SmartAssist technology
  • Standard eco mode
  • Quick change attachments
  • Convenient hydraulics

Yanmar SV40 Specs


Blade Height 385 mm (15 in)
Blade Width 1740 mm (69 in)

Boom/Stick Excavator Option 1

Boom Swing – Left 43 °
Boom Swing – Right 65 °
Max Digging Depth 11.3 – 11.30 ft (3 – 3 m)


Arm digging Force 4211 lbs (1,910 kg)
Bucket digging Force – SAE 7209 lbs (3,270 kg)


Engine Model YANMAR 4TNV88C-PBV
Net Power 39 hp (29 kW)
Number of Cylinders 4

Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 14.5 gal (53 l)
Operating Weight 9206 – 9,801 lbs (4,176 – 4,446 kg)

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed 10 rpm


Ground bearing pressure (rubber tracks) 4.5 – 4.79 psi
Ground bearing pressure (steel tracks) 4.61 psi
Rubber Tracks 9206 – 9,515 lbs (4,176 – 4,316 kg)
Steel tracks 9493 – 9,801 lbs (4,306 – 4,446 kg)

Yanmar SV40 Review

The Yanmar SV40 is a 4-ton mini excavator that’s famous for its reliability, strong performance, and comfortable design. It’s a top choice for construction contractors, landscapers, and other professionals who require a powerful and versatile excavator for various tasks.

For more details check out the YouTube video

Yanmar sv40 Attachments

  1. Bucket – A bucket attachment is typically used for digging, excavating, and moving dirt, gravel, or other materials.
  2. Auger – An auger attachment can be used for drilling holes in the ground for fence posts, trees, or other purposes.
  3. Grapple – A grapple attachment can be used for picking up and moving large, bulky items such as logs, rocks, or debris.
  4. Breaker – A breaker attachment is used for breaking up concrete, asphalt, or other hard surfaces.
  5. Tilt rotator – A tilt rotator attachment allows the operator to tilt and rotate the bucket or other attachment to better reach and maneuver in tight spaces.
  6. Thumb – A thumb attachment can be used for grasping and holding onto items such as rocks or logs.


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