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Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper Price in India, Specifications, Mileage, Features, Review, Overview

Guys!! Are you planning to buy Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper? And do you know about the Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper On-road price, Technical Specifications, Mileage, and Key features? If you don’t know then don’t worry my friends Here in this article of mine I am going to introduce the Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper information in detail, I hope it helps you for buying all sell this model tipper because all kinds of information are genuine and reliable. Ok so let’s go for that my friends.

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Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper Price in India

Bharat Benz 1217C

Price: Rs.13 Lakh.

Bharat Benz 1217C tipper Mileage


Bharat Benz 1217C tipper Key Facts

  • Engine Type: 4D34i
  • Horsepower: 170hp
  • Displacement: 3907 cc
  • Gearbox: G 85 – 6F+1 R, Mechanical, Synchromesh gears
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 200 litres
  • Maximum Geared Speed: 60 km/h
  • Capacity: 171 litres

Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper Features

  • Emission Compliance
  • Full Floating
  • Hydraulic Control Gears
  • Clutch Type Gearbox
  • Maximum Torque
  • Maximum Power

Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper Specifications


Model  4D34i
Maximum Power  125 kW (170 hp) @ 2500 rpm
Maximum Torque  520 Nm @ 1500 – 2000 rpm
No. of Cylinders, Displacement  4 Nos., 3907 cc
Emission Compliance BSIV


Gearbox Model & Type G 85 – 6F+1 R, Mechanical, Synchromesh gears
Clutch Type, Diameter Single dry plate, Hydraulic control with a clutch booster, 362 mm


Front Axle Model, Type IF 5.0, Reverse Elliot
Rear Axle Model, Type AAM 10.22, Full floating, Hypoid gears
Differential Ratio 6.33


Chassis Type Ladder-type channel section with a cross member
Depth x Flange Width x Thickness 230 mm x 80 mm x 7 mm
Front Suspension Semi-elliptic leaf spring with shock absorbers
Rear Suspension Semi-elliptic laminated leaf spring
Anti-roll Bar In front & rear


Service Brake Pneumatic, Foot-operated, Dual line with ABS
Parking Brake The pneumatically operated spring brake
Wheel Rims & Tyres 6.50 x 20 & 8.25 R 20 — 16 PR


Steering Type Hydraulic Power-assisted
Cabin Day cabin, Tiltable


Fuel Tank 200 litres
Ad-Blue Tank 27 litres
Voltage 24 V Electrical System
Battery Capacity 2 x 12 V, 75 Ah


Maximum Gradeability 33.8%
Maximum Geared Speed 60 km/h
Minimum Turning Circle Diameter 12.8/14.5m


Standard Fully Built 6.5 CuM Box Tipper
Optional Cabin & Chassis
Option Packs Comfort Pack (A/C)


Wheel Base 3160             |     3760
Overall Length 5435             |     6060
Overall Width 2225
Overall Height 2500
Minimum Ground Clearance 245
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)  13,000 kg

About Bharat Benz

Bharat Benz, an automobile manufacturer based in India and operated as part of Daimler AG (German) is known for producing commercial vehicles tailored specifically for the Indian market since 2012. Since 2012, they have gained significant traction within India’s commercial vehicle segment.

Bharat Benz vehicles are known for their reliability, performance, and advanced features. The company offers an array of trucks, buses, and tippers suitable for various industries like construction, mining, logistics, and transportation. Their designs ensure efficient yet cost-effective transport solutions on Indian roads.

Bharat Benz vehicles utilize cutting-edge technologies to increase safety, fuel efficiency and driver comfort. Their trucks feature powerful engines with spacious cabins for optimal driving comfort; ergonomic designs create an ergonomic driving experience; environmental sustainability is further ensured through emission norm compliance manufacturing of its vehicles.

Bharat Benz has established an expansive network of dealerships and service centres throughout India to deliver outstanding after-sales service, from maintenance, repairs, genuine spare parts provisioning and technical support for customers to providing maintenance, repairs, servicing support as well as technical expertise to enhance ownership experience further.

Bharat Benz Truck Dealer

Dhingra Trucking


Espirit Trucking Delhi

D-186, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, New Delhi



The Bharat 1217C Tipper offers many benefits to various industries. This tipper truck can handle heavy loads, navigate through difficult terrains, and has a powerful engine. The spacious cabin ensures comfort for the driver while the durable construction reduces maintenance and increases longevity.

Bharat Benz is also known for their commitment to safety and dependability, which makes the 1217C Tipper a reliable choice for companies in need of a reliable transportation solution. The Bharat 1217C Tipper, with its excellent performance and productivity, is an asset to industries like construction, mining, and transportation.

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Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper FAQ

Where can I buy the Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper?

You can purchase the Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper from authorized Bharat Benz dealerships.

Are there online platforms where I can buy the Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper?

Yes, you can explore online marketplaces and websites of authorized Bharat Benz dealers to find the tipper for sale.

How can I find the nearest Bharat Benz dealership?

Find the nearest Bharat-Benz dealership by visiting the official Bharat-Benz website.

Can I test drive the Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper before buying it?

Yes, most dealerships offer test drives for interested customers. You can schedule a test drive to experience the vehicle firsthand.

Can I finance the purchase of the Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper?

Yes, Bharat Benz dealerships often provide financing options. You can discuss the available financing plans with the dealership’s sales team.

What are the warranty options available for the Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper?

You can obtain the warranty details from your dealership. It may differ depending on where you live and what policies are in place at that dealership.

Can I customize the Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper according to my requirements?

Yes, Bharat Benz offers customization options for their vehicles. You can discuss your requirements with the dealership’s sales team to explore customization possibilities.

Are there any after-sales services provided by Bharat Benz for the tipper?

Yes, Bharat Benz has a robust after-sales service network. They offer maintenance services, genuine spare parts, and technical support through their authorized service centres.

Can I get assistance with the registration and documentation process?

The dealership’s team of sales representatives can help you with the registration process and paperwork to ensure that your purchase is a pleasant one.

How long does it take to get delivery of the Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper after booking?

The delivery time may vary depending on the availability of the specific model and customization options chosen. The dealership can provide you with an estimated delivery timeline.

What are the payment options available for purchasing the tipper?

You can pay by cash, check, bank transfer or through financing options offered by the dealership. The dealership will guide you through the process.

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