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Kubota LA525

The Kubota LA525 loader was developed to work with Kubota L2501 and L3901 tractors. It has double-acting hydraulic cylinders for the boom and buckets.

The loader can reach a maximum lift height of 2394 millimeters (94.3 inches) at the pin and clearance with a bucket dump of 36 mm (76.2 inches).

The lifting capacity at the maximum height is 491 kilograms (1082 pounds) in the case of the L2501 tractor or 513 kilograms (1131 pounds) on the L3301, and L3901 tractors and the force of breakout (bucket on the ground) is 1079 kilograms (2373 pounds) in the case of L2501 tractor. 1120 kg (2462 pounds) for L3301 and L3901 tractors.

The time to raise the boom can be as high as 4.1 (for L2501) or 3.5 (for L3301 and L3901) seconds. from the ground line up to full height.

The time for dumping is two (for L2501) or 1.7 (for L3301 or L3901) seconds. The buckets that are compatible with L3301, L3901, and the Kubota LA525 loader are 60″ buckets with a nominal heaped capacity of 0.26 m3 (9.2 cu.ft), or 66″ bucket that has a capacity of 0.28 m3 (9.9 cu.ft).

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Kubota LA525

Kubota LA525 Price


Kubota la525 used price is USD $17,000

Kubota LA525 Loader For Sale

There are several listings for Kubota LA525 for sale, with varying prices.

  • 2020 Kubota LA525 with 100 hours: $20,000
  • 2019 Kubota LA525 with 200 hours: $18,000
  • 2018 Kubota LA525 with 300 hours: $16,000
  • Used 2022 Kubota L3901 with LA525 loader and QA 72″ bucket for $27,999

Kubota la525 hp

Hp of Kubota la525  is 1131 lbs

Kubota la525 weight

Weight of Kubota la525 is 1131 lbs

Kubota la525 lift capacity

 la525 lift capacity is 1131 lbs

Kubota LA525 Features

  • LA525 Front Loader Maximum lift capacity (pivot pin) is 1131 lbs.
  • Rear Rotary Cutter max. cutting width 60″
  • Rear Snow Blower
  • Rotary Tiller, Rear Blade, and more

Kubota LA525 loader Specifications


Loader model Kubota LA525
Net weight, kg (lbs) 365 (805)
Boom cylinder bore, mm (in) 45 (1.77)
Boom cylinder stroke, mm (in) 476 (18.7)
Bucket cylinder bore, mm (in) 45 (1.77)
Bucket cylinder stroke, mm (in) 476 (18.7)


Bucket Type Pin-on
Width, mm (in) 1525 (60)
Depth, mm (in) 463 (18.2)
Height, mm (in) 559 (22)
Length, mm (in) 511 (20.1)
Bucket Capacity (Struck), m3 (cu.ft.) 0.22 (7.8)
Bucket Capacity (Heaped), m3 (cu.ft.) 0.26 (9.2)
Weight, kg (lbs) 82 (181)


Bucket Type Quick Attach
Width, mm (in) 1675 (66)
Depth, mm (in) 458 (18)
Height, mm (in) 562 (22.1)
Length, mm (in) 544 (21.4)
Bucket Capacity (Struck), m3 (cu.ft.) 0.23 (8.1)
Bucket Capacity (Heaped), m3 (cu.ft.) 0.28 (9.9)
Weight, kg (lbs) 120 (265)

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Max. lift height (To bucket pivot pin), mm (in) 2394 (94.3)
Max. lift height under a level bucket, mm (in) 2224 (87.6)
Clearance with bucket dumped, mm (in) 1936 (76.2)
Reach at max. lift height (Dumping reach), mm (in) 645 (25.4)
Max. dump angle, deg 40
Reach with a bucket on the ground, mm (in) 1618 (63.7)
Bucket roll-back angle, deg 31
Digging depth, mm (in) 176 (6.9)
Overall height in carrying position, mm (in) 1302 (51.3)


Lift capacity (Bucket pivot pin, max. height), kg (lbs) 491 (1082)
Lift capacity (500 mm forward, max. height), kg (lbs) 372 (820)
Lift capacity (Bucket pivot pin, 1500 mm (59″) height), kg (lbs) 649 (1431)
Lift capacity (500 mm forward, 1500 mm height), kg (lbs) 515 (1135)
Breakout force (Bucket pivot pin), kg (lbs) 1079 (2373)
Breakout force (500 mm forward), kg (lbs) 820 (1806)
Bucket rollback force at max. height, kg (lbs) 960 (2114)
Bucket rollback force at 1.5m (5.9 in.), kg (lbs) 1190 (2618)
Bucket rollback force at ground level, kg (lbs) 975 (2146)


Raising time, sec. 4.1 / 3.5
Lowering time, sec. 2.4 / 2.3
Bucket dumping time, sec. 2.0 / 1.7
Bucket rollback time, sec. 2.6 / 2.2

Kubota LA525 Review

The LA525 is a front loader attachment that is designed to be used with Kubota L-Series tractors. It is a popular choice for homeowners and farmers alike, as it is versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as loading and unloading materials, clearing snow, and grading land.

The LA525 has a maximum lift capacity of 1131 lbs and a lift height of 100 inches. It also has a reach of 39 inches, which allows it to reach over obstacles and load materials into high places. The LA525 is equipped with a bucket that is 66 inches wide, which makes it ideal for moving large quantities of materials.

The LA525 is a well-built and durable loader. It is made with high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The LA525 is also relatively easy to operate and maintain.

Full review YouTube video check here. 

Kubota la525 Loader Attachments

Here are some of the most popular Kubota LA525 Attachments:

  1. Bucket – A standard bucket attachment is available in various sizes to suit different needs.

  2. Pallet Forks – Pallet forks can be attached to the loader to help move palletized materials.

  3. Bale Spear – A bale spear attachment can be used for lifting and transporting round bales.

  4. Grapple – A grapple attachment can be used for moving and handling various materials, such as logs, rocks, and brushes.

  5. Snow Blade – A snow blade attachment can be used for plowing snow, as well as moving other loose materials.

  6. Landscape Rake – A landscape rake attachment can be used for leveling and grading soil, as well as removing debris.

  7. Auger – An auger attachment can be used for digging holes, such as for planting trees or fence posts.

Kubota LA525 Backhoe Attachment

Kubota LA525 Backhoe Attachment

The LA525 Backhoe Attachment is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, including digging, loading, and unloading. It is easy to attach and detach, and it is compatible with a variety of Kubota tractors.

For a full review, please check this YouTube video.

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What is included in a Kubota LA525 package?

A LA525 package typically includes the tractor, a front loader, a backhoe, and a variety of attachments. The exact contents of the package may vary depending on the dealer, but most packages will include everything you need to get started with your new tractor.

Where can I find Kubota LA525 parts?

You can find LA525 parts on various websites such as,, and

Where can I find the Kubota LA525 manual?

The LA525 manual can be found online at the Kubota website. The manual includes information on the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the tractor.

What is the lifting capacity of the LA525 loader?

The Kubota LA525 loader has a maximum lifting capacity of 1,129 pounds at ground level and a maximum lift height of 94.3 inches.

What is the weight of the Kubota LA525 loader?

The weight of the LA525 loader without a bucket attached is approximately 480 pounds.

What is the bucket capacity of the LA525 loader?

The bucket capacity of the Kubota LA525 loader varies depending on the specific bucket attachment being used. However, Kubota offers a range of bucket sizes from 48 inches to 72 inches.

What is the hydraulic flow rate of the Kubota LA525 loader?

The hydraulic flow rate of the Kubota LA525 loader is 7.8 gallons per minute.

What is the horsepower requirement for the Kubota LA525 loader?

The horsepower requirement for the Kubota LA525 loader is 18-30 horsepower.

What is the maximum dump angle of the LA525 loader?

The maximum dump angle of the LA525 loader is 45 degrees.
Can the LA525 loader be used with different tractor models?
Yes, theLA525 loader can be used with a variety of Kubota tractor models, including the L2501, L3301, and L3901.

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