Bobcat 310 Review, Specification & Price 2022

Bobcat Company produces and sells hydraulic equipment for industrial use, such as excavators and loaders. 

The Bobcat Model 310 (or M310) is a skid steer loader. The unit is equipped with counter-rotating wheels that allow it to “skid” to the left or right.

This is similar to a military tank. The front hydraulic arms of the 310 can be connected to many attachments. 

These arms can be connected to buckets, augers, and scoops to allow the 310 to do a variety of difficult jobs.

Bobcat 310

Bobcat 310 Overview

Manufacturer Bobcat
Model 310
Type Skid steer loader
Lift Design Vertical
Years Made 1976-1983

Bobcat 310 Specification

Operating Specifications

US Metric
Horsepower 16.2 HP 12.1 kW
Lifting Capacity (35% Tipping) 440 lbs 199.6 kg
Lifting Capacity (50% Tipping) 675 lbs 306.2 kg
Operating Weight 1800 lbs 816.5 kg
Tipping Load 1338 lbs 606.9 kg
Lift Breakout Force 500 lbs 226.8 kg
Tilt Breakout Force 520 lbs 235.9 kg
Max. Travel Speed 4.6 mph 7.4 km

Hydraulic System

US Metric
Pump Flow 3.8 GPM 14.4 LPM
Relief Pressure 1200 psi 82.7 Bar
Optional Flow N/A
Hydraulic Capacity 4.5 gal 17.0 L

Cycle Time

Raise Lift Arms 4.9 sec.
Lower Lift Arms 3.8 sec.
Bucket Rollback 2.4 sec.
Bucket Dump 3.1 sec.

Engine Specs

Manufacturer Kohler
Model CH680
Type Gasoline
Cylinders 2
Emissions N/A
Rated Speed 3000 RPM
Torque Power 2300 RPM
Compression Ratio
Firing Order
US Metric
Gross Power 17.5 HP 13.0 kW
Net Power 16.2 HP 12.1 kW
Displacement 46 cu. in. 747 cc
Bore 3.3 in. 8.3 cm
Stroke 2.7 in. 6.9 cm
Peak Torque
Coolant Capacity
Engine Oil Capacity 0.5 gal 1.8 L
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5 gal 24.5 L


US Metric
Height 72.3 in. 183.7 cm
Bucket Hinge Pin 90.2 in. 229.0 cm
Width 35.1 in. 89.2 cm
Lenght 95.6 in. 242.7 cm
Dump Height 73.3 in. 186.1 cm
Dump Reach 16.8 in. 42.7 cm
Ground Clearance 5.8 in. 14.8 cm
Dump Angle 28°
Rollback Angle 23°
Departure Angle 27°
Front 5.70 x 15
Rear 5.70 x 15

Bobcat 310 Weight

Bobcat 310 weight is 1800 pounds

Bobcat 310 Attachments

Bobcat’s 310 Skidsteer comes with a universal skid steer quick hook. This allows you to attach a variety of skid steer attachments. 

Bobcat 310 Skid Steer Loaders can be used with buckets, grapple buckets (Harley rakes), 4 in 1 bucket (4 in 1), trenchers, hydraulic augers, and pallet forks. sweepers, brush cutters stump grinders, and dozer knives.

Below are the recommended attachments we have for this skid steer. You can also extend the skid steer loader by purchasing a Bobcat 310 loader that has the optional high flow.


Similar to its brothers the Bobcat 310 does more than making its performance up for the speed it is lacking. 

Additionally, its numerous accessories and features that are foolproof will make yard work easy all week. For the person who is practical, it’s not an issue.