Bobcat 440B Specs, Price, Weight, Attachments, Horsepower & Review

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Bobcat 440B Specs, Weight, Price & Review

Bobcat 440B Overview

What we know thus far about the Bobcat 440B Skid Steer Loader.

It is powered by a two-cylinder gasoline engine that generates 16.5 horsepower.

This 2370-pound Bobcat 440B skid steer is pictured on the left with a general bucket attachment.

See the whole Bobcat 440B specifications below. Please scroll down to see our top Bobcat 440B Attachments.

Bobcat 440B Key Features

  • 16.5 hp (horsepower).
  • ISO 600 lb. Rated Operating Capacity
  • 2195 lb. operating weight
  • High auxiliary flow. 6.8 gallons per minute

Bobcat 440B Price New

Price: N/A

Bobcat 440B Weight

Weight: 2370 pounds

Bobcat 440B Horsepower

Bobcat has a 440B diesel engine that produces: 16.5 hp

Bobcat 440B Specifications


Engine Cooling Air
Engine Fuel Gasoline
Horsepower 16.5 hp
Turbocharged Engine N/A


Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 600 lb
Operating Weight 2195 lb
Tipping Load 1217 lb

Hydraulic system

Auxiliary High Flow 6.8 gal/min


Length 97.2 in
Width 35.5 in
Height 71.5 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 94.4 in
Reach @ Maximum Height 15 in
Wheelbase 28.4 in


BICS System (Interlock) Standard
Operating Lights Optional
Bob-Tach Attachment System Optional
Auxiliary Hydraulics Optional

Bobcat 440B Attachments

Our various excavator attachments include the following: Bobcat’s 440B Skidsteer comes standard with a universal skid steer fast hitch.

This enables you to mount a wide range of skid steer attachments to this loader. Bobcat 440B Skid Steer Loaders typically use buckets, grapple buckets,

Harley rakes, 4-in-1 buckets, trenchers, hydraulic augers, pallet forks, sweepers, brush cutters, stump grinders,

and dozer blades. Above are our recommended attachments for this skid steer that we sell on our website.

If you have a Bobcat 440B loader with the optional high flow, you can use even more powerful attachments.

Bobcat 440B Review

The Bobcat 440B is a small and flexible skid steer loader made between 1989 and 1999. People liked it because it was simple, easy to use, and didn’t cost much. Even though they don’t make it anymore, it’s still a common choice for those who want a dependable and capable skid steer loader for lighter jobs.

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FAQs – Bobcat 440B


Q.1 How much does a Bobcat 440B weigh?

Ans. It is powered by a two-cylinder gasoline engine that generates 16.5 horsepower.

This 2370-pound Bobcat 440B skid steer is pictured on the left with a general bucket attachment.

Q.2 How much does the bobcat 440B weigh?

Ans. The Bobcat 440B weighs 2370 pounds

Q.3 What is the horsepower of the bobcat 440B?

Ans. The horsepower of the Bobcat 440B is 16.5 hp

Q.4 When was the Bobcat 440b made?

Ans. The Bobcat 440b was produced from 1986-1994

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