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The Bobcat 610 Skid Steer Loader, which was initially released in 1972 and discontinued in 1982. Collectors and those thinking of entering the construction business may be intrigued by the Bobcat 610.

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Bobcat 610 Specs

Brand Bobcat
Model 610
Type Skid steer
Years Made 1972-1982

Bobcat 610 Engine

Brand Wisconsin
Model Vh4d
Type Gasoline
No. of Cylinders 4
Compression Ratio 23:1
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Rated Speed 2800 RPM
US Metric
Gross Power 32.5 HP 24.2 kW
Net Power 30.0 HP 22.5 kW
Displacement 108 cu in. 1800 cc
Bore and Stroke 3.9×3.6 in. 9.9×9.1 cm
Max. Torque 51 ft-Ib 69.2 Nm


US Metric
Tipping Load 2090 Ibs 948 kg

Bobcat 610 Lift Capacity

US Metric
Lifting Capacity 980 Ibs 445 kg


US Metric
Reach Max. Height 18 in. 45 cm
Bucket Width 54 in. 137.1 cm
Pin Height 108 in. 237.3 cm
Wheelbase 35.2 in. 89.4 cm

Bobcat 610 Tire Size

Front 7.00-15
Front (optional) 10.16-5
Rear 7.00-15
Rear (optional) 10.16-5


US Metric
Operating Weight 1985 Ibs 900 kg

Bobcat 610 Lift Capacity

Make Bobcat
Lift Capacity at 35%
Lift Capacity at 50% 1300 lb.
Operating Weight

Bobcat 610 Attachments

When it comes to attachments, the Bobcat 610 is a highly customizable machine. It is compatible with a wide range of attachments that can be used for a variety of tasks. Some of the most popular attachments include buckets, forks, pallet forks, and blades. Buckets can be used for digging and carrying materials such as dirt, gravel, and sand. Forks are great for lifting heavy objects like logs and pallets. Blades can be used to level surfaces or push snow and debris out of the way.

The Bobcat 610 also offers different tire options depending on the type of job you are doing. The standard tires are ideal for basic jobs like landscaping or construction work, while turf tires are better suited for working on soft terrains such as lawns or fields. There are also specialty tires available that provide additional traction in wet or slippery conditions.

Finally, there are a number of other attachments available for specialized tasks such as trenchers, augers, hammers, grapples, and brush cutters. Many of these accessories can be rented from your local Bobcat dealer if you don’t need them frequently enough to justify purchasing them outright.

In summary, the Bobcat 610 is an incredibly versatile machine with many attachment options depending on your needs. From buckets to forks to specialty tires – there’s something to suit every task you might have in mind!

Bobcat 610 Review Video

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Bobcat 610 FAQ

How much horsepower is a Bobcat 610?

Bobcat 610 has a Vh4d Gasoline 4 Cylinders engine that produces 30 horsepower

How wide is a 610 bobcat?

Bobcat 610 width is 54 inches (in), or 137 centimeters (cm)