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Bobcat 450

Bobcat 450 Overview

The skid-steer loader Bobcat 450 features a tiny frame and a radius lift-path, making it perfect for operations in confined locations. Due to its Tier 4 2.4L Diesel engine and ultra-efficient fuel system, it starts easily and operates quietly and smoothly.

Bobcat 450 Key Features

  • Horsepower. 16.5 hp.
  • Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 600 lb.
  • Operating Weight. 2195 lb.
  • Auxiliary High Flow. 6.8 gal/min.

Bobcat 450 Price New

Price: N/A

Bobcat 450 Weight

Operating Weight: 2195 lb

Bobcat 450 Horsepower

Bobcat has a 450 2-cylinder gasoline engine that produces 16.5 horsepower.

Bobcat 450 Specifications

450 Key Specifications

Horsepower 16.5 hp
Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 600 lb
Operating Weight 2195 lb
Auxiliary High Flow 6.8 gal/min


Engine Cooling Air 
Engine Fuel Gasoline 
Horsepower 16.5 hp
Turbocharged Engine N/A 


Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 600 lb
Tipping Load 1217 lb
Operating Weight 2195 lb
Travel Speed 5.2 mph


Fuel Tank 6.5 gal

Hydraulic System

System Relief @ Quick Couplers 1,450 psi
Auxiliary High Flow 6.8 gal/min


Length 97.2 in
Length without Attachment 73.1 in
Length with Standard Bucket 97.2 in
Width 35.5 in
Width (with bucket) 35.4 in
Height 71.5 in
Height with Operator Cab 71.5 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 92.4 in
Reach @ Maximum Height 15 in
Turning Radius 56.4 in
Wheelbase 28.4 in


BICS System (Interlock) Standard 
Operating Lights Optional 
Rear Window N/A
Top Window No
Seat Belt Yes 
Two Speed Travel N/A
High Flow Option N/A
Auxiliary Hydraulics Optional 
Spark Arrestor Muffler Yes 
Bob-Tach Attachment System Optional 

Bobcat 450 Attachments

Bobcat’s 450 Skid steer model is outfitted with a universal skid-to-steer fast hookup. It permits the installation of a variety of skid steer attachments to the loader. Buckets, Grapple Buckets Bobcat 450 Skid Steer Loaders often utilise Harley rakes, 4-in-1 buckets, trenchers, pallet forks, hydraulic augers, as well as sweepers, brush cutters, stump grinders, and dozer blades.

Bobcat 450 Review

The Bobcat 450 is a skid-steer loader that is popular for its versatility, durability, and performance. It is powered by a Tier 4 diesel engine that produces 49 horsepower and 130 foot-pounds of torque. The 450 has a rated operating capacity of 2,000 pounds and a top speed of 8.6 mph.

The 450 is available in two configurations: a radius-lift-path model and a vertical-lift-path model. The radius-lift-path model is better suited for working in tight spaces, while the vertical-lift-path model is better suited for heavy lifting and truck loading.

The 450 is a popular choice for a variety of applications, including construction, landscaping, and agriculture. It is also popular with rental companies.

Full review YouTube video check here.


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FAQs – Bobcat 450

Bobcat 450

Q.1 How long does it take to clear land with a skid steer?

Skid steers are effective equipment for land clearing because of their low ground pressure and high breakout force. Skid steers are the best equipment for clearing land since it decreases the amount of time needed to tidy an area. Removal of stumps, trees, and other debris from the cleared area can be completed in a single day.

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