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Bobcat E88

Bobcat E88 Overview

With a redesigned engine, improved lift performance, and changes to the undercarriage and counterweight, you can get big performance from a small machine.

With dual-flange track rollers, an integrated counterweight, and extra machine weight, this model has the highest lift capacity and the smallest footprint.

With easy-to-use joysticks and a new hydraulic control valve, you can move every part of the machine.

The new hydraulic control valve has better metering for smooth control, natural, precise movement of the workgroup, and great feedback from the joystick.

Operators will enjoy precise and predictable operation, as well as fast cycle times, which will help them dig, level, grade, and do other work quickly and efficiently.

Add-on counterweight, the Bobcat depth-check system, a subscription to Machine IQ, a rear-view camera, a widescreen touch display, and a heated, high-back seat with a headrest are all options.

Bobcat E88 Price

Bobcat E88

E88 R2 Crawler Excavators NEW Price: USD $104,110

Bobcat E88 Weight

Operating Weight: 19,600 lb

Bobcat E88 Horsepower

Horsepower: 65 hp

Bobcat E88 Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank: 30.6 gal

Bobcat E88 Lift Capacity

E88 lift capacity: 10,020 lbs

Bobcat E88 Key Features


  • Dual-Flange Roller System
  • Integrated Rear Counterweight
  • Angle Blade
  • Integrated Lift Eye
  • Redesigned Bobcat Engine*
  • Depth Check System*
  • Add-On Counterweight


  • Low-Effort Joysticks
  • Standard Display
  • LED Lights
  • Heated High-Back Seat with Headrest

Uptime Protection:

  • Simple Machine Tie-Down
  • Rear Camera


  • Longer-Life Fuel Filter
  • Increased Engine Oil Service Intervals

Bobcat E88 Specifications

Key Specs

65 hp
Operating Weight
19,600 lb
Bucket Digging Force
15,130 lbf
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
282 in
86.6 in
Tail Swing Type


Emissions Tier (EPA)
Tier 4
Engine Fuel
Maximum Governed RPM
2,100 rpm
65 hp
Turbocharged Engine
Optional Turbocharged Engine


Operating Weight
19,600 lb
Weight Class
8 t 
Travel Speed – High
2.7 mph
Travel Speed – Low
1.6 mph
Arm Digging Force
8,620 lbf
Bucket Digging Force
15,130 lbf
Rated Lift Capacity
10020 lb
Lift Radius
118 in
Boom Swing – Left
Boom Swing – Right
Maximum Dig Depth
182.4 in
Max Dump Height
198 in
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
282 in

Hydraulic System

Auxiliary Std Flow
25.1 gal/min
Auxiliary Pressure
3,045 psi


249.6 in
Overall Length in Travel Position
Height with Operator Cab

Bobcat E88 Review

The Bobcat E88 stands out as a compact excavator renowned for its reliability, durability, and outstanding performance. It is propelled by a robust 65-horsepower Bobcat engine and is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive capability, and a vertical lift path. The E88 exhibits an impressive rated operating capacity of 8,800 pounds and can reach a lift height of 11 feet, 10 inches.

What elevates the E88’s popularity is its exceptional versatility. This compact excavator excels across a broad spectrum of tasks, including excavation, grading, demolition, and landscaping. Moreover, its compact size and remarkable maneuverability make it an ideal choice for operating in confined or tight spaces.

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Bobcat E88 Attachments

Auger – 35PH Auger – 50PH
Auger Drive Unit – 30C Auger Drive Unit – 30H
Bucket – Teeth, Pin-On, Class 3, 18″ Bucket – Teeth, Pin-On, Class 5, 24″
Bucket – Grading, Pin-On, Class 4, 36″ Hydraulic Breaker with Nail Point – HB1180
Hydraulic Breaker with Nail Point – HB1380 Hydraulic Breaker with Nail Point – HB2380


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Bobcat E88 FAQ

Q. How much does a Bobcat E88 weigh?

Ans. E88 Operating Weight; 19,600 lb

Q. How much can a Bobcat e88 Lift?

Ans. E88 lift capacity; 10,020 lbs

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