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Bobcat T595 Price

bobcat t595 price

Bobcat T595 Original Price: $61,535 USD 

Bobcat T595 Compact Track Loader Key Facts

  • Rated Operating Capacity (SAE):  2,200 lb
  • Horsepower: 74 hp
  • Operating Weight: 8055 lb
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 36.5 gal
  • Ground Pressure (Rubber): 5.1 psi
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 2.69 gal
  • Years Made: 2016-2022
  • Auxiliary Std Flow: 17.1 gal/min
  • Auxiliary High Flow: 26.7 gal/min
  • Joystick Control: Optional

Bobcat T595 Specs

Standard        Roller Suspension Option


Emissions Tier (EPA)  Tier 4
Engine Cooling Liquid
Engine Fuel Diesel
Horsepower 74 hp
Turbocharged Engine Optional


Rated Operating Capacity (SAE) 2,200 lb
Operating Capacity (50% of Tip) 3142 lb
Tipping Load 6285 lb
Operating Weight 8055 lb
Travel Speed 7.1 mph
Travel Speed (2-speed option) 10.4 mph
Ground Pressure (Rubber) 5.1 psi


Fuel Tank 36.5 gal


System Relief @ Quick Couplers 3,500 psi
Auxiliary Std Flow 17.1 gal/min
Auxiliary High Flow 26.7 gal/min


Length 133 in
Length without Attachment 104.6 in
Length with Standard Bucket 133 in
Width 67.1 in
Width (with bucket) 68 in
Height 77.8 in
Height with Operator Cab 77.8 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 119 in
Reach @ Maximum Height 34.9 in
Turning Radius 80 in
Length of track on ground 54.1 in
Track Width 12.6 in
Track Width – Optional 15.8 in


 Joystick Control Optional
Air Conditioning Optional
Backup Alarm Standard
BICS System (Interlock) Standard
Cab Heater Optional
Operating Lights Standard
Suspension Seat Standard
Two Speed Travel Optional
Deluxe Instrumentation Optional
Engine Shutdown Standard
Hydraulic Bucket Positioning Optional
High Flow Option Optional
Auxiliary Hydraulics Standard
Bob-Tach Attachment System Standard
Power Bob-Tach Optional
ACS (Switchable Controls) Optional
Ride Control Optional
Horn Standard

Bobcat T595 Problems With Solution

Problem: Engine starting issues.

Solution: Check the battery connections and charge or replace the battery if necessary. Inspect the fuel system for clogs or air bubbles. Ensure that the glow plugs are functioning properly.

Problem: Hydraulic system malfunctions or leaks.

Solution: Inspect hydraulic hoses and fittings for leaks or damage. Replace any faulty components and tighten connections. Check the hydraulic fluid level and add or replace fluid as needed.

Problem: Overheating of the engine.

Solution: Clean the radiator and remove any debris or dirt blocking the airflow. Check the coolant level and top up if necessary. Inspect the water pump for any leaks or malfunctions.

Problem: Track tension issues.

Solution: Check the track tension and adjust it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Inspect the undercarriage components for wear or damage and replace as needed. Lubricate the track system regularly.

Problem: Electrical system malfunctions.

Solution: Inspect the fuses and relays for any blown or faulty components. Check the wiring harness for any loose connections or damage. Consult the machine’s manual or contact a qualified technician for further troubleshooting.

Bobcat T595 Attachments

  1. Bucket: A standard bucket attachment is commonly used for digging, scooping, and moving materials such as soil, gravel, and debris.
  2. Grapple Bucket: This attachment features grapple arms that provide additional control and gripping ability when handling loose or bulky materials.
  3. Pallet Forks: Pallet forks allow the operator to lift and move palletized materials, such as boxes, lumber, or other heavy objects.
  4. Auger: An auger attachment is used for drilling holes in the ground, ideal for tasks like fence installation, tree planting, or foundation work.
  5. Trencher: The trencher attachment is designed for digging narrow trenches quickly and efficiently, commonly used for utility line installation or irrigation projects.
  6. Brush Cutter: This attachment is used for clearing dense vegetation, small trees, and brush. It is commonly used in land clearing or landscaping applications.
  7. Landscape Rake: A landscape rake attachment helps level or remove debris from soil surfaces, making it useful for preparing seedbeds or clearing away rocks and debris.
  8. Snow Blade: A snow-blade attachment is ideal for clearing snow from roads, parking lots, and driveways. It allows for easy snow-pushing and maneuverability.
  9. Snowblower: The snowblower attachment is used to effectively clear snow by throwing it aside or into a designated area, suitable for heavier snowfall or larger areas.
  10. Sweeper: A sweeper attachment is used for sweeping and collecting debris, leaves, or dirt from paved surfaces such as parking lots or sidewalks.
  11. Mulcher: The mulcher attachment is designed to grind and mulch vegetation, making it useful for land clearing, forestry, or vegetation management projects.
  12. Soil Conditioner: This attachment helps prepare the soil for planting or landscaping by breaking up and leveling the soil, ideal for seedbed preparation or soil improvement.

Bobcat T595 Overview

The 70-hp Bobcat T595 compact track loader is designed to deliver more usable horsepower, so you can work quicker, lift more and outperform the competition.

Get all the productivity-enhancing features your projects demand, including rapid cycle times, powerful breakout forces, and a wider range of power thanks to the Bobcat Tier 4 engine and powerful hydraulic system.

The optional Automatic Ride Control detects when you’re carrying material and cushions the load to reduce spillage and increase operator comfort. The system works at any speed. Operators can flip a switch to turn it off for back dragging or other tasks.

Bobcat T595 Compact Track Loader Review

The Bobcat T595 is a well-liked compact track loader (CTL) known for being tough, versatile, and powerful. It has a 70-horsepower Tier 4 diesel engine and can handle up to 2,200 pounds of weight. The T595 also has various useful features.

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Bobcat T595 FAQs

What is the horsepower of the Bobcat T595?

The Bobcat T595 is equipped with a 74 horsepower (55 kW) engine, providing ample power for various tasks and attachments.

What is the maximum lift height of the Bobcat T595?

The maximum lift height of the Bobcat T595 is approximately 10 feet (3 meters), allowing for efficient loading and unloading of materials.Does the Bobcat T595 have an enclosed cab?
Yes, the Bobcat T595 offers an enclosed cab option that provides protection from the elements and enhances operator comfort. It features heating and air conditioning for all-weather operation.

How much does the Bobcat T595 weigh?

The operating weight of the Bobcat T595 without any attachments is around 8,345 pounds (3,784 kilograms). However, this weight may vary depending on the specific configuration and attachments.

What is the maximum travel speed of the Bobcat T595?

The Bobcat T595 has a maximum travel speed of approximately 7.3 miles per hour (11.7 kilometers per hour), allowing for efficient movement around the work site.

Can the Bobcat T595 operate on uneven or rough terrain?

Yes, the Bobcat T595 is equipped with a durable rubber track undercarriage, enabling it to operate smoothly on uneven or rough terrain without damaging the ground surface.

How wide is the Bobcat T595?

The width of the Bobcat T595 is approximately 68 inches (1.73 meters), allowing it to access tight spaces and navigate narrow pathways.

What type of attachments are compatible with the Bobcat T595?

The Bobcat T595 is compatible with a wide range of attachments, including buckets, grapple buckets, pallet forks, augers, trenchers, brush cutters, snow blades, sweepers, mulchers, and more. The attachment system allows for quick and easy switching between different implements.

Can the Bobcat T595 be operated by anyone?

The Bobcat T595 should only be operated by trained and authorized personnel. Operating heavy machinery like the T595 requires proper training to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Can the Bobcat T595 be used for snow removal?

Yes, the Bobcat T595 is well-suited for snow removal tasks with attachments such as a snow blade or snowblower. It can efficiently clear snow from driveways, parking lots, and other areas.

How fuel-efficient is the Bobcat T595?

The Bobcat T595 is designed to be fuel-efficient, thanks to its advanced engine technology and optimal performance. The fuel consumption will vary based on the workload and operating conditions.

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