Bobcat t7x Specs & Prices 2023

The world’s first electric track loader was introduced at CES 2022. The Bobcat T7X machine is an original system that totally eliminates components, hydraulic systems emissions, and vibrations.

Doosan Bobcat just launched its new compact loader, the Bobcat T7X, on the market. While there are numerous electric loaders on the market, however, the Bobcat T7X is the first that is “all” electric that fully removes hydraulics from the old system.

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Bobcat t7x Specs

Bobcat t7x Lift Capacity

Bobcat t7x Breakout Force – Lift is 7127 lb. (3233 kg)

Bobcat t7x Specs

Power & Performance

Rated Operating Capacity (35% tipping load) 3030 lb. (1374 kg)
Tipping Load 8571 lb. (3887 kg)
Operating Weight 12,187 lb. (5528 kg)
Breakout Force – Lift 7127 lb. (3233 kg)
Breakout Force – Lift – Machine Limitation (hyd/tip) Tip
Breakout Force -Tilt 6078 lb. (2757 kg)
Breakout Force – Tilt – Machine Limitation (hyd/tip) Tip
Travel Speed – Single Speed 0.0-5.9 mph (0.0-9.5 km/hr.)
Travel Speed – 2-Speed Low 0.0-5.9 mph (0.0-9.5 kg/hr.)
Travel Speed – 2-Speed High 0.0-9.1 mph (0.0-14.6 km/hr.)
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Gross Battery Capacity 62 kWh
System Voltage 330-460 VDC
Peak Power Approx. 80 kW (107 hp)
Motor Type Permanent Magnet (Brushless)
CO2 Emissions None
Bystander Noise Level per ISO 6395 92.7 dB
Operator Position Noise Level per ISO 6396/ISO 4871 65.4 dB
Ground Pressure – Rubber Track (17.7 in.) 5.9 psi (.40 bar)

Fluid Capacities

Fuel/Cooling None
Engine Oil with Filter Change None
Engine Cooling System with Heater None
Engine Cooling System without Heater None
Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Reservoir None
Hydraulic/Hydrostatic System None
Hydrostatic Drive Motor Brake Cavity (each) None
Electronics Coolant (environmentally friendly propylene glycol) .25 gal (1 qt)
Air Conditioning Refrigerant (R-134a) 1.6 lb. (.73 kg)

Bobcat t7x Review Video

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